Hahaha... Coinmetro extending token sale! Scam!


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told you all that this georgian shit is a scam. This much affiliate and bonus shit is always a red flag.

what the FUCK??? got all my money in this shitfuck

You have to be a special kind of retard to invest in this piece of shit.

Bang on. Affiliate + stupid amount of bonus = major red flag.

Fuckoff, are they really? I don't have a dog in this either way but that would be funny as fuck. Assblaster btfo

First they extend the sale. Then they will delay the website. Then you'll hear from them less and less. So obvious.

Coinmetro is a guaranteed 100x, use coinmetro.site/ and you'll get +2.5%

You're going to lose all your money. Ask yourself this, if they are supposed to have the website up in a couple of weeks -- where are the screenshots? Where is any mockups? There's nothing

Maybe I'm dense but why would that mean scam?

They will burn over 150M token, half of their hardcap. Easy 10x

Why do they need more money? They provided a date for the main sale, and they aren't sticking to it. Red flag.

any ico thats been active for this long is a guaranteed loss, why would anyone buy on exchanges when they can participate in the ico that keeps getting extended?

once the early buyers realise this they'll dump hard on you fucking bagholders

Confirmed BETA website no longer going live in March as per whitepaper!

they are extending due to the bear market so they dont have a huge selloff. They are also presenting in China at the end of the month etc. Not sure its a scam but they are definitely going for more loot.

They've had 4 months to build a website - even produce screenmocks, they haven't done anything. It's going to be missed deadline after missed deadline and before you know it *poof* they're gone

Wow I can't believe an ICO that was shilled for a month straight here is a scam. Imagine that, an anonymous message board with no barrier to post is able to be manipulated.

so far they have an app.....lets be honest, why would a company that already runs a successful forex trading site vanish? Are you neets seriously this stupid?

I don't think it's a scam, but if you buy in now, you will be buying at least at 28% premium compared to the average price. Good luck with that.

As a heavy 'investor' on coinmetro I'm quite worried, I don't like this in the slightest.
One fucking month is a lot on crypto and we are gonna be left-out of the alt bullrun plus the other new exchanges are going to step hard...
Kevin, fuck you.

They aren't extending it a month brainlet. Yes, the roadmap was delayed but they are working their asses off. Kevin is talking in the telegram right now and we should get UI mockups in a week. He's also going to speak at two conferences in Asia which is why he's extending the token sale a week. Kevin is a fucking genius and if you don't believe in him you don't deserve to buy into this project

a month? jesus nigger christ. i thought maybe 2 weeks. i got a big chunk of my stack in this too.

Hear, hear. A voice of reason. How do you stay so positive is this bear shitstorm?

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Whatever cult believer, they failed to deliver everything they said to the dates they said.
That's a huge redflag, trust is not something that you can easily recover, much less in crypto.

>Can't even deliver UI mockups on time
Oh for fucks sake, how blind are you? It's a confirmed shitcoin.

>they failed to deliver everything they said to the dates they said
Like what? The sale is extended a week, calm the fuck down. The exchange beta is gonna come out in April, road maps change. You stupid fucks act like a project has never delayed a roadmap before, jesus


Want to make a bet they deliver? We can put up some eth to make it interesting. :)

At the end of the day, the ICO just didn't make enough. At the current rate they have only about $8 million to launch an entire fucking exchange, including liquidity for leverage trading, ETFs, regulatory licensing in as many countries as possible, hiring tons of devs, etc...

The way you write sounds very typical of a hoodwinked goy who's in denial. I have 2k COIN myself but I'm glad I didn't invest more now. This is a red flag. I still have some hope but it's not a good sign.

Kinda sad that he's having to do this desu. He sounds like a cowboy.

Not good

The fuck are you talking about they raised $17mil euro

They raised '11.7' mil euro according to the site, but at the current rate of ETH, BTC, etc it's likely half that

which is worth half of that now. the value in ethet and btc has dropped a shitload since they received it.

Oh no another crypto missed a deadline. This is a massive fucking red flag here boys


Got nearly 200k XCM. I'm not worried in the slightest. As a software architect, i know delays will happen. They are doing far more on the legal side and they need money. I don't know how they they're going to magic up more investment in a futher 2 weeks however, but god speed to them. I'd much rather have more users on the exchange than token burn and low cash in their bank.

You don't want an ICO to go live in a Bear market either.

Crypto with the best due diligence is still gambling. You don't see people moaning at the roulette table do you? Shut up you moaning little bitches, no ones interested in your 0.1Eth investment.

>200k XCM
user, I...

And you fucks have the nerve to fud coss

...am jealous that you're going to be a millionaire EOY

scam is the most abused word on Veeky Forums

This ICO is perfect because of it. All the tards on Veeky Forums who think it's a "scam" because of the referral shilling will be filtered out. It's like they planned this.

Richfag and large XCM holder here, everyone who says that an extension is a scam is a fucking retard.
>Kevin is meeting with Chinese hedge funds next week
>Kevin is attending a large crypto conference as well
>We are in a bear market
These three things mean that there is a significant chance to raise additional capital if they extend the token sale.
>muh token burn
You're an idiot. more funds = more money can be spent on marketing, more money to get licensed in more jurisdictions etc.
Simply put, the more money they raise, the higher the chance of success, personally I would rather that than a token burn.

All these fucking retards running around screaming red flag need to think for 2 fucking seconds.

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Im actually happy as fuck because my eth was worth shit after the crashening. Now i can wait for the recovery and buy even more.

>he waits for the recovery
>crash it for another month

Poorfag who's still excited, I don't expect 1.5k XCM to make it (even if it is my smallest bag), but man o man it's the "surest thing" right now.

Too bad the mods here are cracking down on the ref shills, or I'd be spamming mine and helping anons again.

forgot to add, I created a spreadsheet calculates which calculates XCM price depending on volume


Hes also going to japan. Hope he can score some deal with the whales.

They adjust the ETH/BTC rate minute by minute, each token always costs 0.14$ at this current tier.

So unless there's a lot of delay between them getting the payment and conversion to fiat, it's quite likely over 11M they've raised.

Friendly reminder to those buying in hoping for a moon. People actually need to use the site when it goes live, so take advantage of those 25% fee reductions and start trading on the site. If you hold XCM and keep trading on Binance you deserve to loose your money.