I have quickly picked a bunch of projects with potential for mooning...

I have quickly picked a bunch of projects with potential for mooning. My questions is: do you recognize a project which could really moon and why is that so?

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The only thing you're missing is LINK and then you'll have the ultimate shitcoin list.

Where the fuck are Pearl, Qtum, and Ambrosus

How is Nucleus vision and LiveEdu shitcoins?

Those projects in the list are relatively new. I am trying to find the gem before it shines.


DYOR on Ambrosus's team and ties. Ignore the Veeky Forumslet buy high sell low tendencies and braindead fud.

>No M0rkCoin

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You're falling for the gem meme.

At least 1 of the project in the list must be legit. Help me out here Veeky Forums

What the fuck are any of those? What the fuck is SW2X doing there?

thats a retarded ass list, you could have put ur $$ in pretty much any top 100 coin and been up 15% by the time it took you to compile this street shitter line up

This list contains relatively new coins which at first glance were worth for me to check out in depth later. Now, maybe somebody has done a deep research on any of these and can save our time by providing quick info to check out.

It is a list of coins I looked into for no more than 10 minutes. This is just a place where I am starting to do deeper research. Read my previous post.

dogshit list, you have a lot to learn

drop everything that isn't a full ico platform. go on their websites, check the team members, are they superstars? yes? keep going. is their idea/tech good/game changing? keep going. while you're reading, think, how hard can i shill this to myself? if very hard, keep going. now go under the surface, look for the groups behind them, whose backing, whether they can penetrade chan, reddit, twittter, western, wechat, etc. are they raising enough in ico for exchanges. do they have government ties. how is their twitter personality thus far

after all of this, you will end up winding that entire list down to matrix and loom.

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Expert shill level.

don't ask for help and then call me a shill cunt

i'm literally a crypto researcher for a VC

+bonus shill

I do not see shillers in bad light at all. I see them as simple advertisers.

Whats your thoughts on TRON, Nex and Factom?

What is the utility for the Loom Network token?

elastos for sure. nucleus yeah but the rest... i don't know

Literally all garbage. Do you clowns even know why alts mooned last year? It wasn't because they were good investments.

What about Loom Network, Matrix and Nucleus?

Why Nucleus? Their video of the profuct is just a prototype.