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Sup Veeky Forums It's user again from the central valley of California. I'm doing an update for all those who are following. Currently I have in mind a Marsanne Roussanne blend that more along the lines of sparkling semi sweet wine. My brother owns the winery who made this and is trying to sell it to me for 5$ a gallon at 900 gallons~ $4,500. 900 gallons=370 cases a 12 bottles a case. Total costs including label, cork, foil and wine is about 32.16 per case. Total cost would be around $11,899.2 for 370 cases and if sold at 10 per bottle 120 per case x 370= 44,400 dollars in gross revenue. Net sales would be at 32,100.8 thats about 269% return. The question is, How do I trigger people into drinking wine like how cigarettes do to smokers? How do I build that habit to get people to buy "MY WINE"? Would do you think is a result of drinking good wine?

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(559) bro?

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Yes, nice dubs

Ask yourself this: what do normies like? Right now it's social justice and other leftist nonsense. Create a good wine and then mask it in meme shit. Like use a quirky cat with glasses as a logo on the wine and then say you donate 5% of proceeds to some nig charity. Market online. When the trends change, move with them.

Another one

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Does a Meme cat make you think, "hey, I wanna get blasted on some krunk juice?'

For normie Millennials, I'd say yes. The only thing that'd be tough is your price point. If you want them to get blasted you gotta be shooting for the $10 range desu.

What price are you ok with buying some wine at?

>semi-sweet sparkling
>marsanne-rousanne from central valley
Okay holy shit this is bad, do you have any saying in what your brother does in the winery? Because this stuff sounds like the most unsellable stuff he just wants to dump on you. Because no matter how good your marketing is, if the wine is shit (and holy FUCK this sounds bad), it won't work in the long run. Because the wine is one of those rare businesses, where honesty pays.

It's actually from the yosemite foothills. The ranch is called Love ranch.

Personally, usually spend between $20-40/bottle when we go to a wine store. This is typically for Pinot Noirs, Merlots and other reds. That being said, I'm not a fucking 21 yo normie who's looking to get blasted on wine. I think you're asking way too much for your krunk juice target audience.

Lol we do the same shit to rich white people travelling abroad
Unreal how it's the same shit everywhere people take advantage of others whenever they can

Ok so we change the target audience. mid 30's probably older wealthy individuals. How do you attract them? What is attractive in wine?

you could always fortify the wine with an addictive stimulant, such as caffeine, or perhaps cocaine

I would love to put cocaine in it but that's not possible.

I will never understand the point of wine when you have liqour and the point of liqour when we have syrup.

It's like enjoying beer, quit that shit out. It's awful. It's like being a sports fan.

Wine turns too easily into vinegar and the end result isn't worth it.

How do I sell to rich Chinese?

Well in that market, I think the pic relateds you posted earlier are pretty good advice. Networking is going to be the most important at that point. Sweet-talk some local wine shop people and see if they can start pushing your wine for you. Give them an incentive structure where if they sell a certain # of your wines they get a cash prize or something. Not sure if that's legal desu but you're gonna have to grease the wheels a bit. Also go to local wine competitions and conferences.

Dude. This is NOT attractive. No one in their right mind pays 20 bucks for some shit like that. Period. Or maybe you can sell the first few crates but it won't work in the long run. Again. Do you have any saying in what comes out of the winery?

By making good wine. If someone, then the Chinese consumer is even more picky than the American. In America, it's just a women's drink. You can sell it there. In China, you don't stand a chance.

Hey again, i have been in your last thread, as i said to you already, story, family, SCARCITY, high price, quality, story, family, SCARCITY. It is really easy, trust me. Do not lower your price if you do not sell, instead, pump it and network more and better the right people.

It is good wine. i just need to submit it in competitions. I guess wine from the central valley doesn't sound to attractive. BUT Paso Robles wasn't that popular back in the day and neither was Lodi

Okie user. I'll work on it!

Is that weird white buttery wine they made a crappy movie about really worth getting?

bottle shock?

Yeah, that's the one. I know wines are either syrupy or liquidy, definitely not creamy like a yogurt or pudding.

Legalization of pot in Canada already has people working on infused wines/beers/spirits. If this is in cali (is it legal there?) that might be an option, would be easier to do than Canada because we have the gov. up our ass in everything

Ok. Then you should heedthis, and then, when, your wine (the red) is selling well enough, instead of making it more expensive, you should introduce a "selection". Premium bottles, higher price, only the best barrels. This is how you make it.

Work on packaging too. Wealthy people love it.

>I will never understand the point of wine when you have liqour and the point of liqour when we have syrup.
>It's like enjoying beer, quit that shit out. It's awful. It's like being a sports fan.
>Wine turns too easily into vinegar and the end result isn't worth it.


You're a projecting faggooOt.

Im visalia. Wbu? Selma?

Btw cool to see another wine bro OP

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Fairtrade charity wine sounds good

>You're a projecting faggooOt.

gay autism

False scarcity. Take a note from craft breweries here.
Chinese don't care too much about the taste of wine, they just love the idea of it. Spending $100 to feel good, feels good.

Idk shit about wine, but maybe if you could build hype around a "seasonal/limited, small batch, gotta wait in line for 3 hours to buy" bottle, people will start taking note.

Product has to be just good enough though to make the scarcity worth it.

As i also said this. Put it in your labels too, for examples "x bottles produced, this is the y th.". Maybe handwritten or others similar shit.

False scarcity

Scary close

Hey there biz winemaker. I work with a distributor on the east coast, managing a team of sales reps. Been doing this forever, I know the sales environment quite well... so here are a few responses to your OP.

>get people to drink wine like smokers to cigarettes
Customers as a whole don't like additives. A good third of the populace still think they're allergic to sulfites and a hundred percent of that group think foreign wine has none, including the naturally occurring ones. Organic wines are still a big category for us... I think this is barking up the wrong vine.

>how would I build a habit to buying "my wine"
Marketing, packaging, finding the right balance between quality and kitschy. Also make your brand a one syllable, simple, and easy to remember name because most people are fucking idiots. Which brings me to your blend...

>marsanne roussanne blend
If you absolutely must use these varietals, I guess you're out of luck. But don't bother putting the varietals on the label, at least not on the front, because people aren't really aware of these and will raise confusion, plus Rhone varietals as a whole aren't popular in the US (at least not on east coast)

Tread lightly, breakage will be an issue, and the cases will be heavier cuz of the thicker glass. Plus you'll need a special box (bigger, stronger, etc) and for the love of god don't use dark glass... show off the color, very few producers are doing so and people like that shit

This might be what sinks you. I know you want to sell it at $10/bt, but on average the consumer for semi-sweet wines, sparkling or not, would much prefer paying less than $10. These are the bottom feeding individuals that will complain to a store owner about a dollar. Furthermore, the only sweet CA white to actually make it was Conundrum and now even that's crap. Stupid hard market segment because it caters to a narrow audience.

Hope it helps, ask me something if you want

I'll add, I know you're only talking 370 cases which as you know is incredibly small, so some of what I've said is a little overkill... but if it's good the demand will increase and in reality the big money is in brand building with a decent, consistent product

Put a sticker on it that says "made in france" or "made in italy"

I'm sure I can't put that since I'm producing in USA

I liked the sonoma winery lands, very comfy

Nice I grew up in that shithole

Well what you can do is put “Le Vin Du France” and write how it’s “handcrafted in the French tradition” that’s what all the shitty american cheesemakers do

Surprised Australia and Chile are so high up on the list, thought Italy and USA would be higher. France is obvious, the Chinese love their Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Gotta ask though, did you share this article at me to insinuate you plan on dumping your wine in China, or that France is just #1 in a country


>Le Vin Du France
Rhône français forme de vin

Le vin du france sounds good desu