I cant get over her

I cant get over her

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shes a woman

guarantee she had no personality worth talking about, no long term goals other than get some money

fuck you

Lol yes you will
Chin up bro


she's a cutie. sorry it didn't work out

Been there, felt that.
6 years of relationship, already talking about moving in together and blabla, but she cheated on me so life goes on my dude.

You are better than this, self pity will get you nowhere, improve yourself, no porn, no fap, lift, eat healthy and sleep 8 hours.

Girls come and go, but you stay with you until the day you die.

OP can we get some more pix to make an informed decision on her?

try a ladder

>having oneitis over a 6/10

If you're gonna crush on someone at least make sure they look good

Ladder or run and jump

She's probably taking new dicks every weekend, while you are nothing more than a distant memory. Maybe, just maybe, she will think about you whilst taking a thick veiny cock, but only as a short flash of memory to remind herself why she dumped you in the first place. Peace.

is it true hispanic braps smell like bean & cheese with a hint of sour cream?

unironically kys

atleast you had the chance to experience love, if you can call it that

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Its kinda fucked up how many girls this describes


yea this. if you completely and fully invested in yourself, in 2 years minimum you wouldn't even consider your current oneitis

Where you from OP

Think I fucked this chick over the weekend

Not OP but reading comments like these pains me. But the truth behind them hurts even more so.

Sorry to break it to you, but that is a he.

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Some obese 4/10 Mexican, sort yourself out m8

her new bf

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you got dumped by a fucking indian

both of you deserves the rope for particating in near race mixing

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The level to which her skull shape is fucked is only surpassed by his holy shit.

They should be happy they didnt conceive and produce pic related

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hi bigfoot

i do all that stuf but i enjoy jerking off to 2D and it is a pleasure a girld could never give me

How the hell do you guys find attractive girls that are not pale?
For me not white = not worth looking.

stupid thot

her fucking nose is gross. i bet her pussy smelled like shit.

Dude, get a fucking step ladder, she isn't that tall. Or just knock her down.

white girls wants bbc, if you aint got that, you have settle with poo in loos or mohammed's ugly sister

Clearly since you post this 3 times a day. I’m gonna fuckmher justvto spite you.

I’ll let you smell my dick after...


partaking? you are one dumb motherfucker

I thought Indian girls were supposed to have big boobs.


Usually just the overweight ones have big bobs

cant deny the truth


awww did i get u right in the feefees?
english isnt a strongpoint for you is it.
stupid fucking faggot

go post in R9K faggot.

Nice thread ugly faggot op

She obviously traded you for a real man

That scarf in the first pic...

She kinda cute OP

Props on realizing light brown is the truth

already moving in? Another 15 years after that and u might start thinking about marriage?

Post your ugly mug

light brown is the truth of what?
what that they smell like shit and have hairy assholes? these chicks smell like fucking butthole and curry. i know from personal experience. would bang a straight slut with light skinned over the finest shit skinned bitch out there.. just so my dick doesnt smell like shit when i pull it out

He looks like you, man.

hes the guy in the OP. i dont look like him

cope 10/10

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Harsh truth. Hairy anuses are the worst. Smelly anuses are not nice either.

She's fucking cute, she's out of your league brah

Hahaha she traded you for a same looking guy wallahi he looks exactly like you but arab haha mashallah

stop larping pls

That describes half of Veeky Forums too

ive already said both pics are with him. she deleted all pics of me on instagram

how else am I supposed to post instagram pics?

You were actually fucking my ass I tricked you

>wanting a boring pale girl in 2018

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Tiny ass tiny tits. Meh op you’ll start to resent her small assets

T. Dating similar body

>she deleted all pics of me on instagram
that hurts the most

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Brah, there are a million other girls who look just like her in Toronto.

Ima keep it real with you chief

Start taking steroids whatever it takes to get into the best shape of your life, get fucking sexy as fuck then go somewhere you know she'll be make sure she sees you seeing her and then don't even give her an iota of attention just flirt with the other girls there. Wreck that bitches self esteem so in a few days she contacts you telling you she misses you then you tell her "Who is this?"

thats the only way you can win after she starts taking dick from some faggot

This is a must bro its a must for your own self worth

And how do I meet these girls? I cant meet anyone

My ex wife left me..she lives in Toronto too..bitch didn't forgive me for having a 4 some in Vegas...ITS VEGAS YOU BITCH

>A fucking pajeeta

go to eastern europe

Toronto is worst place to find gf in the wrld. Not even memeing rn

you don't need to screenshot to save pics from insta lul

btw im sorry for you nothing hurts more than loosing the one gf
but beeing whiney doesn't help in any way
you have to distract yourself permanently
i gone through this shit too
after 3,5 years she called me and want to know how i am
this only works if she doesnt left you for this guy on the pic or cheated on you
if so
slap them both


mod club, cn tower, real jerk
eaton center
king st
church st if u get down like that
lake shore strip

Work, volunteer, rec sports, going out and approaching them in non autistic ways

after 3.5 years she called you huh

interesting..coming up on 3.5 for me now and the whole time she sends me subliminal's through her whatsapp profile

If you're not larping. How did you meet her?

high school.

im 23 now

hey faggot I told you what to do don't ignore it I was dead serious..if you don't have the type of dedication necessary to pull that off then you may as well forget her because thats the level of determination it takes to win your girl back after shit like this.

I cant afford steroids.

>win her back
Cuck kys she might as well have evaporated the moment she broke up with op. If he’s a man that is. Never crawl back to a bitch

See + Also, stop being that dude. You're 23 now, time to move on from the highschool days.

i recommend to take your time and free your mind.
for sure it depends on the situation how your relationship broke.
i deleted everything i can get information about her a couple weeks after the break up. she took her time, i took my time to think about all the stuff i did fucking wrong. and now we can talk again. don't know whats coming up next.

yes you can and even if you couldnt get your soyboy ass in the gym and live there..if youre giving me excuses on the net how the fuck are you going to make her see she fucked up irl??
look up sarms or crazy-bulks if you cant afford steroids

t. virgin

Read the thread fag, I said when she crawls back don't take her back but thats besides the point..he obviously does not intend to move on so that means has to get her to crawl back and enjoy the taste of victory from her realizing she fucked up, whatever he does then is up to him


we met in highschool i dont see how thsts me not moving on from my hs days. i barely even remember hs

unless you were caught cheating or something like that a woman is only going to leave because she took note of what you were and she extrapolated what you would become and to her it wasnt enough

that means if you want to change things you have to dramatically detour from the path she envisioned for you..the easiest ways to do that are to 1. Get rich 2. Dramatically change physically
or you could wait till shes used up and no one wants her but you OR you could move on. Pick something and do it

i do not get it. looks like that one couple from that shitty youtube video posted earlier.

you look a bit like me..except you have no hair and your head is a weird shape

she is pretty butters ..move on

Oh well just think op.. next time your tucking into a chicken vindaloo.. you will get flashbacks of noshing her out

Daily reminder

>6 years of relationship
>already talking about moving in together


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