COSS - Get ready for the ultimate FUD in 5 days

Hi fags, in 5 days I'll unleash the best insider news ever. Price will drop significantly, so I can pick up sweet COSS just right before new UI launch and Fiat.

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Did you forget your trip?

Get ready :)

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What a sloppy made ui... just look at the text on the buttons are we going to trust them with our money when they cant even make a proper button.

This, wtf. I can write better code than this and I majored in English.

>The power of devs that do it for free

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Yes Yes I see it's working.

$15 EOY

>terrible name
>no volume
>can't code a fucking button

See you guys at 1 cent.

>but muh dividends


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Also here is a partial list of exchanges that have more volume than COSS:

Independent Reserve
Mercado Bitcoin

Plus if someone sells 150 bitcoins otc they will have produced more volume than this fucking shit exchange.

>but muh fiat pairs

lmao good luck with the 200 users on the platform.

What's with exchange sites and their promos and giveaways?

Makes it feel even more scammy.

Also a shit exchange, but they also have 30x the volume, and they probably peaked closer to 100x the volume a couple months ago.

>guys where can I buy this LINK and OMG stuff with a credit card?
>you have to go to coinbase and buy eth and pay fees for the transaction and wait for it to arrive and then pay more fees to send it to binance and then wait for it to arrive and then you can buy LINK or OMG and the like and you'll have to pay more fees

>guys where can I buy this LINK and OMG stuff with a credit card?
>just to

Sure just go to COSS with its 189 dollars of LINK volume. I'm sure it'll have a representative pricepoint.

Nah whalebro already made his thread today
Idk what the fug op is on about

Idiot. When COSS proves fiat works. People will start using it, especially when USDT scam will fail very soon. People want real fiat and not fake fiat like USDT

Whalebro knows some good news, I know some bad stuff. Which will destroy the price in a couple of seconds.

Kucoin makes their UI design with WordArt

Last time I give heads up to my fellow 4channers. Don't cry when you miss the next TRX moonshot.

Thanks for heads up.

I hold lots of COSS. Are you saying there will be a massive drop followed by a massive rebound? Any hints?

I don't own any COSS, but I have a thought.

Remember the whole KCS craziness some months ago? We shilled the shit out of it, started using, and made a killing. I mean, why don't we just all collaborate to do the same to COSS?

Plan is simple, buy up some cheap COSS. (Whatever you're comfortable with or whatever), we all start using COSS for our exchange needs (when possible) and we just shill the fuck out of it like KCS. Just seems like a win-win for all of us really. I mean even if you hate COSS for whatever reason we may as well just work together and make a bunch of money.

Are you fucking talking to yourself you fucking low IQ nigger.

Please intrigue me with this FUD inside info, obviously a person of your caliber who fucking TALKS TO REPLIES TO HIS OWN THREADS could have such knowledge of information.

Yes. Be ready. Can't say more.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA don't cry if you miss this opportunity in 5 days.