If you could destroy one coin, to 0, which coin and why?

If you could destroy one coin, to 0, which coin and why?

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Bitcoin, so that the inevitable is over and the others coins can frolic on the market freely without a fear of BTC being randomly dumped.

USD, just for the laughs to be honest

2nd choice: Bitcoin Cash . Why ? Because Roger Ver is a faggot.

1st Choice: Chainlink. Why? To watch all the faggots on /biz realize what a bad investment they have made.

However. Chainlink can not be the #1 decision because it actually will crash to .000001 satoshis by default because its a hoax.

Lets be honest, the fake messiah

If her pusi was a coin I'd destroy it.

who's this babe

I bought like 100 with some dust I had on an exchange. 1 Lsk was sub 1$ back then.
I wasnt around when btc was dirt cheap.
I wasnt around when eth was dirt cheap.
But I was around whem lisk was dirt cheap.
I cant live with regret

LTC. In a way it's the mother of all crypto scams.

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kys fucking pedos degenerates

1. Bcash because Roger Ver is a literal faggot with an army of paid shills and useful idiots. The coin survives purely off of FUD.

2. Chainlink because the joke isn't funny anymore.

3. Ripple for obvious reasons.

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Bitcoin Cash because RogerVer is a stupid fucktard.

I probabaly would accept this coin but Roger killed it..... How the fuck I cant describe it

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Are you saying you wouldn't?

Bancor, it made me win literally 0 in the span of 1 year.

lol faggot

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Ripple. So the useless banker coin and it’s shillers can go fuck themself


Bcash or tether
Shit gives btc a bad name

Everyone memes about xrp being the evil Jew but ignore tether and bcash, things that are actually destroying btc

>However. Chainlink can not be the #1 decision because it actually will crash to .000001 satoshis by default because its a hoax
all crypto is a hoax

>Banker coin

where's your money faggot ? under your mattress ?

Oh wait, you're poor so that's not a problem for you

Bit coin, obviously.

Bit-cone maximalists have grown so smug and stubborn it's disgusting. There is nothing in this world that will get them as much as entertain the idea of altering their views except the destruction of corn they hold dear.

I don't care if it meant undermining this whole space, they've become simply too smug.

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Those pieces of shit are trying to kill ETH

I would love to say link because I hate those faggots for shitting up the board but I have to say ripple because its (((evil)))

You lust for chainlink. It haunts your dreams.
Just give in already. Why resist?

>rent free

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Wow look at all these salty core fanboys. Or are they just more of Blockstream's sockpuppets that say the same tired shit in every social media channel? Its too funny watching them attempt to attack one guy's character because they literally can't find a single other argument in their favor.

Should have invested in Yobitcoin.

Bitcoin. That way alts can finally move independently.

Bitcoin Core

For chaos. And to drink the tears of retarded arrogant corecucks like "muh roger ver"

Of course we are. What are you, a normie?

She isnt underage at least not in my country

Spotted the cashie

My keks. Even google knows the truth.

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