White Women > Asian Women

Prove me wrong you cucks. I doubt your anime loving fat ass can't even get a white woman. It's expected that an asian girl dates an ugly white guy or an okay asian guy but the white women will always go for the alpha.

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I'm an asian guy with a white girlfriend.

we know but let the virging ricesteamers believe whatever they want

White women.

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This isn't crypto related but no shit sherlock

Asian women are fucking ugly and get surgery to hide it

Also NEET incel virgins on here only like Asian women because they're "introverted" types like virgin incels Lmao

Having fun r/asianmasc? Enjoy your stay

>Won't post gf cause she's an low-tier white bitch for dating an asian

Asian "women"


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It's only the lowest tier males who get Asian/non-white gfs, ironically

Sad as fuck because they can't get a gf in the west so they run off to asia where gook bitches love them and the potential they offer

Fug, Im white with an asian gf/fiancee because I cant get a white woman. Oh well, what do I do now OP?

physically yeah, enjoy your infidelity

Both suck, it's all about the latinas.

You know what's weird about all the porn flying around with black guys fucking white girls? There's always a point where the black guy stops and turns around and the white girl eats his ass.

Asian "women" part 2


People have no idea how SUPERIOR white women actually are compared to the subhuman beasts asian ""women"" are

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Live out your numbered days as the white man's bitch until you finally get those balls you never had to kill yourself

They want the slants because they think they're going to act like they do in their faggoty cartoons

>always lower tier white male who always get Asian wife

Mark Zuckerberg.


>Zucc's wife makes him spend time with him as some kind of weird contract

Zucc the Cucc

moar of this chick OP

Jewish women are okay too.

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Ill probably just keep running my business though and buy a 3rd house before the year is over before retiring. Maybe one day Ill get the courage to off myself from the shame though. Thanks OP.


Jewish and White women are TOP tier. Yet virgin beta faggots only worship subhuman asians.

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Jewish women are prime if you are not already Jewish. Gotta get your foot in with the wealthy intellectuals somehow.


As an asian guy, I agree that white women are better than asian women in many ways. But white women frames are just too big for my smaller boyish features. So its either I settle for a smaller white woman, a hafu, or an asian woman.

I want both


Nothing better than a set big khazar milkers

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this. Only problem is that ashkenazi jews have a high risk factor for a slew of degenerative genetic conditions. Askenazi jews regularly receive special counseling before they have children because of the risk of these diseases.

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>Business & Finance

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white women

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did somebody say "khazar milkers"?

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Jewesses are ugly demonesses and should be avoided at all costs.

Asian men and White men love women who are built like pre pubescent boys. The darker shades >

Link $100 EOY

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non-chinese/east-asian girl

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The darker shades can't even finish their sentences.

nice FUD

Oh yeah el goblino is so hot kek

BTW for anyone puzzled by such a retarded thread, r/asianmasc is a subreddit filled with beta incels of the asian variety, and they take offence to the fact that a place filled with "toxic white boys" find asian girls (along with all other girls) attractive

they feel like they have an entitlement to asian women, despite living in white countries

perhaps if they werent such little bitches prone to spend their lives in front of a screen raging at people getting laid, they wouldnt be rejected so much

most of them just want to fuck their sister to begin with

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It's actually depends on what you're in the mood for

If I want a cute docile minx: asian girl

If I want big tiddies and a personality: white girl

>"nao nigguh wat u sayin gurl? ion car if u FOCKIN !!"

Nigger speak is disgusting.
Nigger intelligence is disgusting.

The obesity problem is far worse.

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For some reason I always see that shop as Jeff Gordon, I know it's Ben but I just can't unsee it.

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>and a personality
please now user

>tfw no belly gf

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hmm, I wonder who could be behind these posts.

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jfc..black bitches are fat as fuck
i guess all that popeyes, KFC and koolaid are finally catching up with them.
no wonder niggers go for white bitches so much


all modern women are shit
accept it and get a dog

This is the loudest I've laughed at a Veeky Forums post this month

That "personality" is the white girl telling you not to judge her for stuffing her face with two bags of chips the day after taking 8 tequila shots with her slutty friends

Most white women are plain/ugly/fat/big boned/hairy/bad skin/age badly though, maybe only 10% are actually attractive,

There seems to be a higher percentage of attractive asian women walking around where I'm at compared with whites. It's a shame.

Most guys with white gf/wives are dating down due to desperation.

TFW 1/10 white girls on tinder swipe left on average looking guys.

White women are overrated big time, just go outside and look at the state of them objectively.

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>most people are average
>only 10% are top
wew lad you're really bright

But like 25% of asian women are attractive vs only 10% of white women.

>1/10 white girls on tinder swipe left on average looking guys
Try 9/10, go to the gym faggot

The most attractive women in the world are half-White half-Asians.

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>25% chinks attractive
kek that's how I know you never leave home let alone travel

>There seems to be a higher percentage of attractive asian women walking around where I'm at compared with whites. It's a shame.


Google "Japanese school picture" and look at every picture. If you manage to find 1 real unaltered picture with JUST ONE attractive person in the picture you win.

Only one in a million asian women are actually above a 5/10. while 50% of white women are 5/10 or above.

White women have the highest ratio of attractive specimen. Don't be retarded.

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I disagree, I think all chinks are ugly. They have such small fucking eyes


I run off to eastern Europe where white bitches love me even though I'm not white.

However white guys going there aren't special, If they were so great they could get a white girl at home and eastern Europeans know that.

FEH!!! GOYIM!!!!

>50% of white women are 5/10 or above
there must be something wrong with your eyes user. or just your standards

Travel? I lived in Thailand for 2 years.

TFW passive income from dividends allows you to retire early and move overseas to live like a king.

>Most white women are plain/ugly/fat/big boned/hairy/bad skin/age badly though, maybe only 10% are actually attractive,

White women are fucking disgusting & they have the worst fucking personalities. Not to mention modern white women make horrible mothers.

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You are larping. I can tell because what you described is every pathetic white males dream


Please answer my post here You still have to admit that Asians are subhuman troglodytes that should be genocided for being such unholy ugly creatures .

Damn half those girls look like styxhexenhammer

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90% of ALL races are ugly.

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Complicated issue
Most western men including me feel disgusted by western women
Betas go to Asian countries because they know it doesn't matter how autistic they are
Finding a good women in the west is not going to happen unless you're creme of the crop and get lucky at the same time

Unless they settle, in which case end up with some ex amateur porn-star with 3 STD's, no eggs, and the mind of a 16 year old

But the ">white women" meme is stupid, it should just be ">women" in general

Women are dumb cunts and that's why we fuck them and they don't fuck us

>30k link bag
>no gf
I ain't gonna make it

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If they're white, they're ALRIGHT!!!

This. Fuck you virgin weebs

The "ugly" women in your picture look between 4/10 and 6/10. Meanwhile the asians I posted all look 3/10 or lower and some of them would be even considered "pretty" by Japanese standards.

Asian women look like fucking shit. White and Jewish women are the only ones that actually look attractive on a regular bases.

I disagree. I have been to Bangkok several times. I would like to say 6/10 but yet again, beauty is subjective

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10/10 Asian girls > 10/10 white/Jewish girls

If you disagree you're horribly inexperienced

how are these not average compared to the pics I posted?

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Not inexperienced. In fact I speak 日本語.

10/10 asian girls would be 7/10 white girls.

I consider the redhead on the right here to be a 10/10 in a "pretty" kind of way. How can an asian even compete with that.

Having been an English teacher in Japan for over 3 years I've never seen someone in real life that came even close to a 7/10 let alone a 10/10 white girl.

What year is the b&w yearbook?

I have the opposite experience. I live in the states and while I did say many cute basic bitches it wasn't until I went to Shanghai that I started falling in love with 10/10s on the streets daily.

It's all subjective to personal taste.

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>no regret to only fish in the Nordic's pool.

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>Living in Japan

Found your problem.

Take a weekend trip to Taiwan

Also, you've been so overexposed to Asian girls there that you've forgot what it's like being in a majority white country

Does it matter? We live in the fakest age imagineable, especially if you live in the city. Go to any rural part of america where people aren't all secretly done up and you'll see plenty of uggos.


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>white girls need to step up their under the knife game

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Here;s a photo of my passport i just took

You mad

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Gl finding a nordic that isn't a complete whore.

White women just need to stop aging like milk and they'd be fine.

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OMG she's an angel.
No one can argue with your prefernce now.

I don't know why but large jaws look good on white women but bad on asians

that is a visa you fucking larp

Didn't realize that this was photoshopped until I saw the chin lol

because asian women are expected to look more feminine whereas white women being masculine is the norm.

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now hold on a second...
white women age pretty normally and pace themselves..
asain women look young up until 40 then suddenly they look 90

If longevity is your argument, go for black woman

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>t. insecure gook

>Photo of my passport
>tourist visa for 6 months stay

Come on man put some effort into your larp.

> Someone questions story about living in Thaiand
> Provide photo of my passport with valid visa entitling me to live in Thailand for a year
> Still says I'm larping

black women look like dogshit from birth though. At least asians have the best of both worlds.

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