Hello everyone

I just want to tell you that btc is about to get bullish as fuck, we will see a run to +12k probably, alts may follow too. It will start in 2-3 days after macd crosses and trend solidifies.
Screencap me please

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how about the fact that nobody is buying, and the prices are all propped as fuck right now

how about the fact that the general consensus on crypto to normies is that it's a scam that will evaporate your money

fucking this

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if you can see the future, where the fuck were you on 9/11?

>run to 12k probably
>screencap me
I'm not understanding. You sound wishy washy as fuck and aren't saying anything will happen for certain, but still want people to screencap your post. How about you grow a pair and tell us what you think will definitely happen.

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All I am seeing is a bull trap and imminent death cross.

Take your bull goggles off and don't play yourself.

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thats why I tell you to screencap

at 11600 it will either triple top and burn or break the resistance and keep growing

When normies think it's a scam you buy,
When normies think it's the next gold you sell

the macd cross literally never lies

but the death cross disagrees

tell that to the weekly MACD

true, I am not buying until the MA cross resistance is broken. That will probably happen in a couple days though

ok i see you're point but the 1day chart is remarkably accurate. that shit'll make you money 350 days a year rolling with the daily macd.

>Technical analysis is true cause investopedia said so and it applirs eveb better to a fuckung coin

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Tether just printed 300M thats why its mooning

no, bitcoin mooned, then tether printed 300m.

this guy gets it

Seems like similar thing happened before february yet it still dropped as a rock.

We got goxed

fuck it
pump it all the way to 12k and then dump it
without any support it ill just go 7th floor 6th floor 5th floor
100x short stop loss none take profit 4900 f lambo
amd insta pump back to 12 and f sideways for 3 months