>Tfw a trap i met makes 6 digits at 20

>Be me
>come from a poor family in some nondescript european country
>mom always emphasized education and spent a great chunk of the family budget on schooling the kids
>went to decent schools, always performed very well
>got into a nice university studying chem engineering
>senior year now
>market doesn't look too good, none of last year's graduates landed very high-paying/promising jobs.
>mfw I'd be an outlier to land a position for 40k/year straight out of college
>fast forward this weekend
>went out with a couple of degenerate buddies from the arts department, one of them brings this trap along
>he/she is undoubtedly beautiful. didn't fucking believe it at first when they said it was a dude. easily a 9/10 girl, except even more feminine because he/she tries his hardest to be girly, and was succeeds
>we all get drunk and he confesses he/she'd been avoiding the kneepads for a long while because guys would always offer money to fuck him/her, but had gotten fired from his job as a makeup salesmanwoman at the mall some 4 months earlier and decided to give it a whirl
>mfw he/she says it's actually amazing
>gets to pick and choose clients and meeting times, doesn't even need creepy old men or neckbeards because there's so much demand
>while some go straight for the ass, lots of doctors, engineers, and other educated men take him/her out on fun dates, wine and dine him/her before actually getting to business
>charging $200 an hour
>is 20 years old and made over 20k this month alone because he/she always wanted to get implants but couldn't afford them and is "working" like crazy to get those boosts
>will probably get to charge $300 or more after that
>mfw the kneepads meme actually checks out
>mfw i can't see myself making 20k in a single month anytime soon, if ever
>mfw haven't felt this depressed in as long as i can remember

Hold me Veeky Forums, I feel memed. I did what they told me good kids do, and here I am, outvalued by a man dressed as a woman working as a whore.

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If you seriously envy a tranny sex slave you are beyond retardation and I urge you to never post in this board again.

I don't make 20k a month yet I don't see how can you envy such pitiful creature in the first place, you truly are pathetic.

post pic of xher

let's be realistic here; this trap be a fucking monstrosity in a few years. The human body won't respond well to that kind of trickery long term.
At least so i'd assume. I guess we will find out as more time passes

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He will be dead in 10 years, most likely.

also OP is a faggot as always

It's not that he/she is a tranny..... it's not the fact that he/she is 20 years old.... you're in the wrong business dude. Maybe you should post some ads or go hunt some old grannies who have money and fuck them for it. You're just a huge faggot with no ambition and think everything should be handed to you. Go take some dicks up your ass and see how envious you are, you fucking pathetic faggot.

Me, larper, make 506k a year. What about yours lads?

Ive only had one $20k+ month but it was pretty cash. I recommend it OP.

.5 bil every month

being a world class larper is tough, there are no days off. but it's worth it.

That tranny is gonna be fucked up in a few years. You haven’t lived in Hollywood so you are not aware. There are a lot there and they look seriously fucked up. Not sure why you’re jealous of that.

Well i DID fucking told you about the kneepads bro

I needed someone to call me a faggot. I feel better now.
Thanks for being there for me, Veeky Forums

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If that “pitiful creature” continues making money like that then it will probably never have to work ever again in the near future, meanwhile most people in this thread will more than likely have to slave themselves away until their 70’s if they’re lucky. The economy keeps getting worse and a fucking tranny is living the high life while real hard working people truly take it up the ass...what a world we live in. I shook my head after seeing the thread yesterday about that sonic the hedgehog looking faggot who made 500k a month too.

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the literal tranny faggot earns his income by being a strange fetish pet for rich sickos and he constantly needs to take cock in the ass to keep on earning. I score 40k USD a gig per year, use 30k to perform the gig and enjoy 10k of a single week of work. I have 0 envy of this poor soul who will commit suicide once his looks fade away in less than 20 years.

You are putting money above all else. You are talking about a literal whore. Porn stars make 6 figures too, high end escorts charge 1k per hour. You just figured out now that sex sells? Have you no honor, your self esteem so low that you envy this whore just because of the money? If it was only making 2k a month would you think the same way?

Have some respect for yourself you goddamn loser

youre a fucking moron if you think using your body for money doesnt fuck someone in the head. hell half the fucks in this thread are fucked mentally and most of them have had the most benign lives imaginable. kill yourself kid

HIV seems fun

oh shit, is that THE garage?
are you tai lopez user?

This, Im an ER nurse and almost every single transgendered male that comes in either has HIV or is being seen for STD exposure. The anus is incredibly efficient for disease transmission.

You're a homo.
Deal with it.

Those books on the shelf

Is that Taj’s garage?

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A sexual orientation like any other. Do you have a problem with that?

Notice how the thot in your picture is studying something other than "how to take dick"?

It's because normal human beings enjoy working. You'd have to be mad to want to spend your entire life doing nothing but consuming resources like a cock sucking pig.

Fuck, as a tranny you can't even really lift to pass the time.

Fucking poorfags. I make 507.1k a year

Better LARPer than you cunts, 790k$ after tax here

Its suck that I make literally $350k a year and yall have to LARP about that kind of money. RIP ya fuckin wage slaves, enjoy the next 40 years!

>normal human beings enjoy working

Goy, I

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Yeah. Fags are cancer. Faggot.

great post

That's where your parents when wrong this trap s/he is an entrepreneur and you are wagecuking normies

How many poz loads has he taken in his neg hole?

knowing trannies they would've been fucking tons of guys anyway, why not do it for money?

Bukowski was not really the definition of normality

or a successful human

Working, not wagecucking. I've noticed this too, humans like to occupy their time by having some sort of goal to work towards. Otherwise they get bored which leads to depression. Find a hobby you're good at and try and find a way to turn it into money. For me, that is daytrading stocks. I love it so much it never feels like work for me even though I spend as much time in front of the computer as your average cubicle drone

she could do that for a couple years. But traps don't age well. That's like an NFL career. You make decent money for a few years then that's it.

The kneepads meme only works if you're hot or at least a 7. And you always have to remember that it has a shelf life and you should be saving the money to do something later when you're older.

had a conversation with a stripper who is so up her own ass because she's 19/20 and "pays her own bills and is completely independent". That's fine and great, but that shortcut only lasts so long before you meet a dead-end, and once they do there's nothing left but to turn around and walk back through the experiences of how you sold your dignity and honor to pay the bills rather than acquire an actual skill or achieve something. when that time comes to reflect on how they've only one life to live and that's what they chose, they will realize then that they are broken.

by extension, no amount of money can put those pieces back together in the same way no amount of money can buy dignity or honor.

Nothing Veeky Forums shills excessively is a meme. Especially kneepads.