Why do I always find myself in this situation

>miss dip
>price goes up too fast to react
>dunno if I should fomo in or not
>decide to wait
>it goes up slowly
>by now fomo is off the charts but it's also the worst time to buy
>wait a bit more
>suddenly another huge leg up
>just KNOW that it's going to crash when I buy and continue going up if I don't
It's not fair. This is mental torture. Worse than losing money.

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just buy in in a week it wont matter if you bought at 8.5k or 8.9k ok faggot

turn the mental torture into motivation to get better.
i believe in you user.

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this is what dollar cost averaging and going outside are for

Dude calm down... missed the sexy dip a few days back too and bought in at +30% but hey it still goes up, we are not mooning for a while just pick a nice spot in the coming weeks/days.

>going outside

Fuck off normie
My dude i know what that feels like it feels so fucking shit. I was just as stupid as you so dont take any advice from me i have none to give.

Same story here bro, my advise is to just pay close attetion, and clear out your head, but don't worry too much about it, just remenber we're all ganna make it, stay strong user.

How the FUCK can I calm down. This is a lot of money that I'm missing out on. Maybe this is just another bull trap. The risk I'm taking now is greater than if I just bought at 7k. And yet this COULD be the reversal. FUCK

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>time in market beats timing the market
>when in doubt, hold

the trick in your situation is to find coins that are in an accumulation stage and undervalued DESPITE any pump.

also, stop trying to time the market. if you're scared of dropping a bunch of money in all at once, dollar cost average.

Same. I wouldn't buy now desu.

My problem is that the volume on SHITTREX is NIGGER SHIT! I'm moving all my funds to Binance after the next dip allows me to liquidate my Tether.

bulltrap 2k up in 2 days lmao this every nigger is getting in expect you pussyboy cant handle short swings

user you're doing it wrong. You're supposed to have decided price points for buying and selling... Don't be a jabroni and buy on fomo

Literally too fucking dumb to recognize a sine wave and just wait for the next dip

This is true for large amounts, but otherwise you should wait for a clear trend reversal to buy or sell.

heres a tip: just buy btc anyway.
it doesn't matter what the price of btc is currently, you're job is merely to accumulate BTC through swing/short term trading until confirmation that alt coin bull rally has began. and day trading is actually easy and provides consistent - small- but consistent gains every week. had .29 btc last month, up to .477btc now

There was enough momentum to break the resistance at 8600USD and prevent going into the downtrend channel. Nothing is for sure yet but it's looking bullish to rally to 11000 possibly.

You're already wrong to assume a "sine wave" pattern by definition. Stop being dogmatic and shitting up this board

Is this really just another bull trap or is the entire coin market in full on bull mode? I’m in the same boat as OP.

I bought, forgot for a few weeks, wow easy 200%

you have to have fiat on an exchange, set a buy or sell order at a comfortable level and forget about it. this is why day trading is a meme and always fails, shit's too volatile.

Look OP, I day trade too. You have to walk the way of the autist with day trading. Train yourself to ignore your FOMO or at least not react to it. If you miss one elevator there will be another one. I lost a few thousand dollars before I got calmer.

don't user, this is the reversal

Sometimes you just gotta give er

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The REAL dip hasn't come yet, faggots.

See you at $3k

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I feel you. Still don't wanna FOMO in. Just can't be arsed with this "shit goes down for days and weeks" and then subsequent "goes up for days" without a fucking correction anymore.

enjoy the beartrap faggot



You need to cultivate patience. Always remember this: buy low, sell high. You may not always know where low and high are, and sometimes low IS high, or high IS low. But keep this in mind on every trade, and you will trad better overall.

I know that feel

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>He bought in
>Dump it
>He panic sold
>Pamp et

i watched REQ go down to 0.135 and didn't pull the trigger on 30,000 REQ. i'm with you.

kill me.


Losing money is part of this. But don't FOMO unless you have a good reason, maybe get some alerts.

>You may not always know where low and high are, and sometimes low IS high, or high IS low.

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when you get stressed the only thing you can do is step back and force yourself not to focus on the prices. You dont have to get every trade right. look up the law of attraction

because you are a coward with beta male hive mind

Just remember bears can't get trapped in a bear market

And before some retard quotes or ebin biz meme: buy high sell low only works if you have enough to buy high in the first place. For more info speak to your local used car salesman

This is why I buy in small quantities, you fucking idiot.
If it goes up, you win small.
If it goes down, you can buy more.

Now it's over 9k. FUCK. Seriously WTF do I do

It's going up to 10k test, unless some fud comes along we will probably break and go to 11.5k test again. BUY, the tether pump was a bullish af signal


I fuckin love you guys, Opened a short a 8850. Only 3x because I'm so uncertain. I think it's gonna hit 13k before going back down to 3-4k. I hate my liife so fuckin much

100x max leverage from 8950 boyo let's do this