Come home after a long day of cryptotrading

>come home after a long day of cryptotrading
>see this
Wat do

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Me in the middle behind the girl with blonde hair


Unironically this.

Scream "SMELLS LIKE CUNT" in here and then whip out your $600 Elon Musk flamethrower.

what the fuck do you mean 'come home' all you fucking NEETs never leave the fucking house

The most true statement on /biz.

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Fuck them all, take a pic and upload it to BTC blockchain

>I finally made it

kill paedo

Wait, I'm already at home from cryptotrading

get your Chinese cartoons off our Serbian linotype setting board

tucc them in and then go get into bed with my wife and potentially produce more of these


Give them all a hug of course

me on the bottom being patted by the little girl


>tfw only muslims can feel the joy of being there

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7 9 8 7 8 9 8 9 8 6 7 8 9 5 6 8 9 7 6

I wish I never fucking had to....

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turn 360 degrees and walk away

what is this garbage

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I change them for boys

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Bring them taco bell and laxatives. Then wait for them in the poop tub.

Start thinking about how much college is going to cost for 40 kids. Why did I let my wife get addicted to being pregnat?

pic related

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id feel fucking gross all over what the fuck?

what the fuck
ahh i trade the coin with cp in it, nvm

>sending your children to college


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run away screaming

realize my schizophrenia is worst than I thought