Get ready for the bull run of the decade!

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that's actually bearish..Don't listen to this guys lies.

Fuck off this is bearish

>Three white soldiers is a bullish candlestick pattern that predicts the reversal of a downtrend.
Enjoy your liquidation you dishonest piece of trash.

This doesn't apply to crypto because the markets are open 24/7

extremely bearish, c u at 4k

And here we have just a few of those that sold
at $7400

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hey hey heeeey

looks more like three green NEETs. very bearish

>b-b-bullish, bitcoin 1trillion EOY fuck you bottomseller akleeelkkfjakjef;jjjjfa;fjejafaoiwqfjwneow

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fucking kek


>implying I would hold bitcoin

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correction coming

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All these bears who got burned by panic selling. Haven't seen it this bad in ages. Listen up newfags either hodl next time or jump out before it goes down below your initial investment.

hello sirs
this very bearish sirs

It doesn't matter, it will go the direction the whale's bot are set to move to.

To be honest I don't think it's any of that because the first wick is too long. Stick around until 1 million because we'll get there one day.

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FFS that's a inverse hammer


Barely qualifies. Not very long bodies, Successive Openings are scantly within the preceding candle body, and the first wick is way too long.

t. bottomseller

>He thinks this is the stock market

Candle's don't open in the preceding candle's body in 24 hour markets with decent volume, dumbfuck. Zoom in to 4 hour and you will see intraday dips that would correspond to the pattern you wish you saw.

>no bulls calling TA unreliable
>it's fine when it tells me what I want to hear

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Bearfriends are joking this is clearly a day of bullish indicators

>TA doesn't work!
>b-but TA says it bullish

The absolute state of bulls

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>ignoring the fact that the market behaved exactly like big players forced the market to behave for over 2 months now.
>thinking this would currently change for no reason

The Lonely Whale said it was going below 6k. What is this shit? Why are we mooning?

Did the whales fail?

The funny thing is it is actually a classic bear pattern. Who knows though. Tether just shit out 300mil.

They are correct though

>implying whales can't draw whatever pattern they want to make you believe whatever the fuck they wand

CP FUD was fucked the reputation of the Bitcoin. Whales are doing the final pump before dump all on the retards.

you mean the pajeet whale that was only larping to offer people a coin pick that would 300x guaranteed for the low price of $20k USD

you made me go look at the daily chart to see when the last "3 white soldiers" were

it was literally the 2nd double top at 19800ish before we crashed to oblivion.
I don't trade margin but if I did i would definitely be going short after such a strong 3 days even if you want to build a bullish case a correction to atleast 8.5k to test that strong resistance we built up would be really healthy for btc

Listen to this user. All you can do is trust your gut here.

in other words we'll spike up in the short term but continue on a death spiral to 4k.


>he believed some LARPing basement dwelling nerd on 4chin

neck yourself

how new are you lol, this cp fud is re-hashed every 6 months, the cp was first put into the blockchain in like 2012

Open a short, user
At least a 400 drop awaits us before going any higher but only zo drop below the previous low
Ask yourself whether you'd buy some at this price

Depends if we can break above the log resistance. We just bounced off log support at 7600.

I dislike you.

Joke's on you

I sold at 7350

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Where is this money coming from? No fucking bull run mate. These threads are organized. Just like the cartel controlling the prices. It's easy though. Buy the dips and sell the green candles. DUHHHHH

Tether also printed more money. Go figure. Lots of different things affecting it at once.

why you don't shut up?