Willy The Whale Here.

I'll be pumping $XTCC to $1 today.

Coin can be found here



I recommend you hop on the train, if you don't I really could care less.

Oh yeah be sure to vote on Blockfolio to help stabilize price at $1

Listing on this App will be able to broadcast this coin to millions of people globally.


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Thank you based Willy, thank you

Lol bend over newfags

Oxygen bro will be stoked

check the other thread. his dad died

hahahahaha and the scam continues, hope these fags buy up the full wall this time

Hahaha fuck, I've been following since the first, must have missed that

Oh my fuck. Northern Ireland bro hereā€¦are you serious Willy? You've no idea how much I need this right now. I'm clinging by a thread.

I've quit my job to focus on a startup which helps cancer researchers track their experiments, and this will go a long way to keeping the lights on while I do this.

You're a legend!


get ta fuck u tan

pump it for oxygen brah!!! make him rich so he can forget this daddy

Haha, love you xox

We've been waiting, based Willy.

buy my sell walls niggers, we're trying to dump on you

RIP. Make oxygen brah rich so he could forget about his dad.

Based Willy

Make it happen boy

lets gooooooo

my body is ready

there is a zero percent chance "willy" moves xtcc above 0.03xlm much less a dollar

Good to have you back Willy

I bought at 0.0775 XLM, I really would like to see some move above this please


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He just needs your butthole.

your sisters rimming it tell him ill be 5 min

7M wall lmao chip at it

hahaha get rekt fag
we're going to .0774 just for you

Wow there goes the 7m wall


yes its a shill group but just join the fun. put up a sell wall and watch Veeky Forumstards buy kek

i got bags willy, please deliver

>12.5m buy wall at .008
Can we make it to $1!?

Rip. 3k xtcc, have about 30 xlm i can still throw at this before hand. Wish me luck anons!

i cant fucking take it anymore im going to do the unthinkable im going to make a well reasoned informed post on biz

I could really do with this going to $1. I think we all could.

LMAO thanks for buying our bags, cant believe you actually bought at 0.07

Riperroni. Have to say, that was fucking garbage.

I thought it would continue to rise, my XLM was worthless anyway, I fell for that meme too lmao

You're not pumping shit to 1$ faggot you can't even pump it to 0.01 again you're just a fraud faggot claiming whale


pumping your own coin with no volume doesn't count!

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Lol what meme? "Always buy scam bags on biz!?" That's not a meme user

Saw that also, are they completely unaware? If not, they should have just posted the +1000% or whatever yesterday

>Lol what meme? "Always buy scam bags on biz!?" That's not a meme user

Please have mercy

I suspect Willy and the creator of this junkcoin are one and the same.

Why they would choose Biz of all places for this kind of shill is surprising.

just bought 60k xtcc, bought this with what i had profited last pump, when I 4x'ed my xlm's Veeky Forums retards.

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So what's the plan, Willy?

watch this bitch 5x tonight, and watch u guys fomo in at 0.06 xlms LOL

I lost $40 on this. Debating on if I should just keep it or take that $20 left lol


Watch this bitch spike to 0.01 for literally 1 buy then OP like the giant faggot he is will start complaining about spooky mystery whales interrupting his plans

I just need this to go higher than .138 to make a profit. I-is that too much to ask for?

please tell me you're kidding

I bought 150k for $3500ish at 0.075 XLM

It's now worth $618

Is this real life?

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u r fucked m8 sorry

did you know about these threads?

We warned you fag
Did you really think 1 person will be nice enough to make you money? This is obviously a pump and dump and you forgot to dump dumbass


I have faith, because I have little else.

Well, I mean, at least you learned something? Right? 3k isn't that much in the big picture.

It's time for bed for me, I have to get up and wagecuck in six hours.

Driving in traffic to sit at my computer and answer shitty messages from colleagues then drive back in traffic.

Please give me something to look forward to when I wake up, I'm so very depressed.

Why would you believe a supposed "whale" on Veeky Forums? Whales are not your friends in the first place, and you think one from Pajeet central is going to do you a solid? Are there ever even any buy orders for this shit coin anyway? Who are you going to sell this hot bag of garbage to at such a high price?
Fucking think here people.

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It was a hell of a lot more, it was 12k XLM that I sold at the bottom because i was convinced this SJW bags wouldnt ever rise.

I still haven't deleted it from blockfolio and the pump today hurt so much with every rise.

Oh man. Get an iq test

Nice pump and dump you got her Willy
Prove me wrong fag and get it to 0.1 xlm

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He can't because he's a faggot

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Please feed me your seed, Willy!

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Also, my fucking god stellarport is garbage. Such a badly laid out exchange

>price hasn't moved for two hours now
>not a pump
>not a dump
>literally NOTHING
>invested $20 into this at the start for fun, now it's worth $1.50

People saying "this is the funnest scam ever :^)" are literal masochists.

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OP is waiting for biz to buy in lmao. Sitting there with his dick in his hand. BTW if he starts to brag after I'm going to get his twitter closed.

That's his "backup plan." He'll clam that Veeky Forums ruined his plan to dump on this one whale so he'll "give up" and leave everyone with bags while he will make out with tens of thousands stolen from poor Veeky Forums wagecucks.

You faggots don't honestly think it would take a rich person over a week to get a coin like this to $1, do you? If I was a whale, I could literally pump this to $1 with less than $100,000 right now if I wanted to. OP is playing everybody. This coin has found its equilibrium. If you're lucky, it MIGHT pull a "10x" which would put it back to where it was when it first started shilling it on this site.

I think he has actually run out of retards to buy in

3 hours and zero posts from Willy

Thread 10 surprise is proving to be anticlimactic AF

rides not over

Yeah there is still the pathetic bragpost to come. I have to hand it to fudding anons they seemed to fuck his shit up in the last few threads.

ppump pump pumpity pump

Just bought 37k more xtcc. /comfy/ rn

no you didn't

There's no 37k buy order

Stay poor fudshit

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Lol where did you buy it you stupid faggot, an OTC xtcc trader!? Hahaha GTFO and tell your boyfriend his coin scam is fucking shit

Willy The Whale here.

For those who have been following me for awhile.

This is a typical shake out before the pump.

Next goal is 0.05 Lumens before out next major shake out.

Don't forgot to vote on blockfolio if you want a stable price to dump your tokens if you are a weak handed faggot.

More updates soon.

Willy over & out.

Reminder this is a scam.

Unverified coin made out of thin air. Requires 30mins of 80iq work to print a billion coins on stellar

Seems like the price of xtcc keeps dropping everytime you make these posts. Wtf faggot whale. Fuck you scam. Taichichain only has 356 followers on Twitter and 28 subscribers on Reddit. Fock off pos shit coin.

I hope so, Willy. I've been with you from the second thread you made. But it really hurts to see the price hit this low. I'll still stick with you though. Best of luck, Willy.

No worries. Just know everyone who is selling right now isn't me.

I'm getting rid of bags at $1+

So be cautions when it gets that high within the coming days.


I got it, Willy. Bless you for doing all this for us shitty anons. Even if everyone else ends up a non-believer, I'll always believe. Shake them hands and send us to the moon, based whale.

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You are far sadder posting in this thread than any pajeet getting scammed.

>That one deviant art tier faggot who literally said bwahaha
Fucking 2005 in here.

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>I'll be pumping $XTCC to $1 today.

so you are literally going to pump it 1000x. today. LOL


So I bought a few days ago and he must have found out im gay

I think thats why its not pumping, sorry guys :/

So I'm in OP's group. This thread is too fucking funny. Some of you poor fucks bought as high as 0.12 hahahahah

If you actually bought into this, kill yourself.
we literally just put a sell wall up at a retarded price and you fucks bought it lol. You must be crazy.

But thank you, we were sure laughing it up in the discord when we saw our orders filled. GG Veeky Forums

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Do devil trips get blessed Willy tokens?

Praise be.

Knew it was a bunch of Discord shitters pumping and dumping this shitcoin. Fuck you Willy, thank God I spent only $30 on this shit.

thanks, just sold 100k

Lmao no one made anything from this it was the biggest failure PnD Ive ever seen

we need some sharp TA guys to prove this

Standing by!

I'll need a minute to run it through sophisticated Algos