How to invest in the CUCK craze?

I thought it was a meme but apparently cuckolding is becoming extremely popular. I thought about creating a social media website and t-shirts. How many of you guys would sign up?

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please kill yourself

a few things to consider. That lifestyle is not going to work if you are 16-25 because of testosterone/puberty hormones. After that you will have kids, maybe 2. So first you need to try to get them, That takes normally about 2 years because you have to plan the sex in between your current careers. than count about 15 years to actually raise them. So You will be around 40 ish and ready for that kind of thing. That's pretty good from a biz perspective. These people start to have some cash to trow around. your target group should be 39 year old woman

I expect to see Cuck the movie in about a year.

user I know youre running some weird psyops for who the fuck knows but I laffd

but please do this and take all their money

Cuckolding is pretty commonplace now. I'd say most women do it.

it's been pretty apparent for a month now some sad pathetic cuck is spamming this board with his disgusting fetish

i wish I could brutally murder 1 cuck a day to make this world a better place, they would probably love it


Already been done

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Calm down dude. Why do you care so much?

if my life goes to shit I WILL hunt down people like you

can't believe this shit. Then again,i probably shouldn't be surprised.

I'm shaking with fear. But seriously why do you care so much?


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How do I offer my Bull services?

so why is there no sage option, getting tired of hiding these pointless cuck posts 24/7 by some dedicated loser

buy KuckCoin Shares

Based cuckposters.

I love how triggered people get.

>when /pol/ memes cross over into real life



This is literally a porn promo. Some user put text over it. The rest is history

cucks amok

Be a pimp for black men.

If this is really something white degenerates are into I'd imagine there are major issues with finding a trustworthy and reliable bull

You'd need good social skills though, since your job would to find both interested bulls and interested couples and pair them together

Eventually you could develop a website to more easily pair people together

I feel sick just writing this

Lol I hate nigger posts: meheheh
Cuckold posts : MUH MODS

Its not a cuck you retard its an obvious false flag faggot

What percentages of marriages do you think have this? It makes me depressed.

It makes you irrationally angry because deep down inside you know you want this to be you. Its like when a Catholic Priest or a Republican publicly denounces pedoism, and then gets caught with a boy in tighty whitties in his hotel room.

Just come to terms with it, you'll be a lot happier user. And in case you were wondering, that's why you get a little tingle in your peckah when you see a ad. Just sayin....

>this fucking guy

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pathetic little porn addict living in a sad little world beside a pile of used up tissue addicted to the most dehumanising a degrading material. Your soul is dead OP and you are a fool

26 of 36 people couldn’t see the sarcasm

Un-ironically SPANK.

White knight cucked soyboys turned "camgirling," aka being a slut online, into a multi billion dollar industry. Buy this token, and profit off the degenerate fapping of cucks.

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How do I save myself

Head on over to /pol/ my dude. They love that shit over there, and will pay top dollar.

It's not like that. It's the other way around.

He really truly hates it deep down, that's why it arouses him. Explains why most of these cucks are the republican/racist types.

get a load of this fucking cuck

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can't believe it? consider this:

the director created a kids' show called "Bella and the Bulldogs" which was pretty much what you would expect based on the title and extrapolation of the director's previous work.
It aired on Nickelodeon for over a year.
Parents were upset.

I'm pretty sure the Jew media meme is real.

t. mad whiteboi

This logic has always been absolutely retarded.
>If you hate murderers you just want to kill people
>If you hate terrorists you just want to blow people up
>If you hate rapists you just want to rape
Do you realize how dumb you sound now?

Those are all terrible analogies.

You're probably just a closet cuck. Do you dream of seeing your wife or gf rawdogged by a pack of ghetto niggers? I bet you do.

>posts reasoned facts with no emotion
>lel but u mad tho
Sometimes I wish I could be this blissfully low IQ

No, but sounds like you want niggers to ram your own ass faggot.

be bull
also findom

Prove to me that race mixing is objectively wrong

If you constantly fantasize about other people being cucks you're actually a cuck.

The key word is 'irrational'. There's nothing irrational about hating murder or violating someones right to life, liberty or pursuit of happiness in a vicious way. However, there is something irrational about hating someone with a different colored dick fucking a woman who happens to be white. See the difference faggot cuck?

Be honest. You get a semi chub just imagining a group of blacks manhandling your girl and taking turns on her.

It's okay user. Just accept your cuckold nature.

What does that have to do with him talking about the FACT of who made the nickolodeon show? Again, low IQ burrhead spotted.

The producer makes a cartoon for kids unironically and as you can imagine its essentially conditioning

Jews will pay one day

t. cuck

At least you're being honest about yourself

Let someone pay to fuck your wife

So you can't do it? Just as I thought. Not only a cuck but a brainless cuck.

/pol/ is always right

Nice false equivalency nigger. That's a phobia, I don't think interracial cuckold porn qualifies as that. Nice try though.

Now you're not even making coherent sentences. I know your nigger brain is tiny and has fewer folds so slow it down and think a bit harder first before you try to make a comeback.

t. brainlet cuck

Y u mad tho my little blackened brainlet

Veeky Forums - cuckolding & racemixing

Kek, but really it's just this one angry nigger boi trying to force his porn-addled fetishes on every board. Such a nuisance

Take it a step further and make movies but do the reverse, have a black woman dump her black man for a white guy. Also use the same formula in every movie where the black guy is a total pussy and cries and begs her to stop. Blubbering on his knees the whole time. And make sure the black guy always looks like someone famous like Obama, Will Smith, Denzel, famous rappers, etc.

Veeky Forums - cuties & brappers
cucks and niggers get out

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Every person in that picture should be hanged

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um sweaty, it's completely rational to hate obnoxious people ;) especially if they advocate for your extinction, LOL! reproduction is the driving force of humanity, liberty and happiness are much more abstract concepts than getting wiped out of genetic existence


how is this user not banned?

Because is not a meme.

Why should the weak husband also be hanged though? he is just getting abused.

Jesus Christ, I didnt know I was talking to a a literal retard. I love how you can still tell if someone is an assbergur online.

OK who is that lady she's sexy

>Why should the weak husband also be hanged though? he is just getting abused.
It makes for a better ending to the movie.

I fap to cuck porn sometimes, but I would never participate in it. Porn is porn.

>social media website
Already about 10 and good luck competing with fetlife
Not exactly a big market because it turns out people don't want to advertise a taboo fetish on their backs. Neverless, etsy/amazon already got this.

The only way I can genuinely imagine investing in this would besome kind of cuckolding brothel. Wannabe cucks show up, get a drink with a hotwife, then sitback while she fucks a stud. It would actually be legal (I imagine?) since the client isn't engaging in any sex himself. It's essentially sexual theater performed for an audience of one.

Cucks are usually pretty intelligent & college educated, so it could be a high-end, top dollar kinda joint. Main downsides are you need to hire both male and female 'performers' and they need to be trained to accommodate just about any fetish. Most cucks will have some other kinks alongside cuckolding, and will be much more likely to pay top dollar // fly out to your location if thats accommodated.

Fuck. I might just open this business myself...

Literal cuckold men are usually:

1) college educated
2) wealthier than average
3) childless
4) really into fermale empowerment

So just target far-left guys by "ironically" suggesting they're cucks.

>so user what do you do for a living?
>i run an interracial cuckolding brothel

Now you're playing with fire, this might normalize cuckoldry and women will become even more of a disaster. Fuck it maybe I'll just become a bounty hunter

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The irony is that democrats are the ones actually caught fucking children. See Anthony wiener, Jeff Epstein, and funny enough they are usually Jewish.

>cuckolding is becoming extremely popular
I feel ashamed for humanity. I remember meme'ing about cucks many years ago on Veeky Forums but to think it would have such a strong poe's law effect... I almost feel guilty that I talked about it at one point. Sage, always sage these threads.

>David Goldstein


You watch too much porn

Because he is pathetic. He has a choice

>"He has a choice"

Overpowered by wife that will take 50% of his stuff and buff nigger that will woop his ass if he protests.

What can he realistically do without going to prison, getting himself killed or losing 50% of his shit?

you know you're projecting all over this thread right?

You are basically saying its irrational to have tribal are like a child screaming at the ocean

How does the BTFO feel user?

Are you a literal Bolshevik?

>BUY big black dildos from aliexpress
>sell on amazon fulfilment with heavy cuck marketing

i share your disgust in this zenith of all degeneracy...
like animals gladly accepting subjugation, metaphorical castration and finally, death due to not procreating...

not feeling disgust in these "men" makes you...
i'll let the cucks and cuck-lovers finish this yourselves...

but they'll most likely take whatever kind of insult you come up with as a badge of pride like the faggots and trannies do now, as well...

ironically, i don't hold a single ounce of grudge against those sexual orientation, believe it or not...
is respect them way more than any cuck...
cucks are perpetual failures as men and should just kill themselves...


Of course it's irrational.

Instincts are not rational you absolute fucking moron.

>zenith of all degeneracy.

If it's at zenith... how do I short it?

I’m in Thailand fucking teenage whores for 2000 baht (60 US) a night.

Cucking goes both ways gents.

a little eng. ma larpy. but unironically this.

Alot about jews is real
You just have to open your eyes

I'd probably get a t-shirt. It's been a long journey for me but I have learnt to love watching my wife getting the pleasure she deserves. I have a micro penis, and my wife treats me right and gives me blow jobs on demand, so why shouldn't she experience the same pleasure that I receive. Bringing other dicks into our relationship has been the best thing that has happened to our relationship for so many years,that I'm unironically proud to be a cuck, and I don't give a fuck what you sexless virgins think of me.