Forgot About REQ?

When REQs Mainnet goes live here in a few days, tokens will start to get burned.

I think it's >50% possible that the REQ moves $1B in crypto in its 1st year EASY.

Probably more like $10B but $1B for sure.

The white paper says that token burn will be cost between .05% and .5% of the transaction.

So if you took the median of those two numbers, 1B worth of crypto invoices times .25% would mean that $2.5M worth of REQ tokens would be burned.

At .20 per token, that is 12.5M tokens burned.

So with only 1B in transactions at current market rate, there would only be 650,000,000 tokens left minus reserved tokens according to CMC.

Okay... so remember my outlandish $10B number?

Let's say that happens... and lets say the price is $.20 (it wont be, it will go up rapidly, but just to make my point)

If $10B were processed at .25% (at this volume, it may slide down to .05 but still a massive burn, we'll do both calcs) and a lot of tokens would simply disappear out of the ecosystem.

$10B at .25% @ a .20cent token price? = an available supply of 666M minus 125,000,000 tokens burned = a supply of 541M tokens left.

$10B at .05% @ a .20cent token price? = an available supply of 666M minus 25M tokens = 641M tokens left over.

This is the likely scenario for a $10B or more in total volume moved through the REQ but this could easily eclipse $1T over a 5 year period, just given the nature of money going back and forth and provided REQ is adopted an internationally recognized way to accept crypto for payments.

Do you see how this is going to rapidly force the price to REQ to go up when tokens get burned on a large scale?

My last question is simple... REQ network is basically an "Out of the box" 100% secure ICO funding platform.... When some developer makes that app for the REQ network and folks are moving $10,000s across REQ network....

What will happen to this price based on simple token burn economics?

REQ moon mission could underway

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people have to actually use it for tokens to get burned

The problem with req is that you need to pass a KYC to make a transaction. Do you think normies will send their passport and selfie just to order something online? Lol. Paypal 1.0 > paypal 2.0

lol weak ass fud. This is only true if plan A,B,C, or D don't work on their fiat integration.

Is this really fucking true? Fuck REQ I'm selling everything if that's true LWAO.

> When REQs Mainnet goes live here in a few days, tokens will start to get burned.

How do I make sure that my tokens are not getting burned? I have them on a ledger, is that safe?

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This is gettinf shilled alot lately probably some shitty pnd group

It's random. You have a random chance to get your tokens burned. It was made this way for the sake of the ecosystem and to creat equal oportunities for all the holders.

stop fucking fudding my #1 hodl.

So when REQ does $100B in transactions...

That means REQ is $100 a token, right?

No. It works by choosing random people’s wallets. Price should go up a lot but this way it’s fair to everyone to get rich. It’s like a decentralized lottery.

yeah baby then we rich n shit lmao

Lol this stupid fud again, do you really think you can influence the market with this?
The tokens burnt are those paid as fees, or bought on the market (kyber) if the fees are paid with eth or whatever, no personal req is ever burned, it's literally technically impossible.
At least the Stacy fud is fun, post that please.

Shut the fuck up faggot this is what every holder is doing to keep the price low. Veeky Forums doesn't influence shit, partnerships and utilization does.

FUD the coin as much as possible, keep this shit low goddamnit.

No, you have to store your ledger in a fridge, in order to avoid getting your tokens burned

remember KNC is burned alongside REQ as well. And it is used in much more places than REQ

Don’t forget about freezing it in a block of ice

I'm scared main net is pricing in now and it's gonna dump on release day

these posts make a good point
also why should I use REQ when myetherwallet is free?

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