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Iota is legit the best long term play in crypto. Any serious investor has 5-10% of their portfolio in this, but this is biz where the shills are aplenty and they're all explicity told to fud Iota.

Here comes the FUD btw

Adored by neckbeards who own Raspberry Pi's across the world. Developers throw constant temper tandrums because their network doesn't work for shit and they have been at it since 2015, still centralized, close source, funds missing, nodes have no concensus, fake partnerships. Fucking TRON-tier meme coin.

Holding 10k IOTA and 5k ICX. Comfy

bitch u blind? Literally nothing is true

nice rebuttal retard, too bad you cannot downvote brigade me like you cucks do on plebbit.

ill apologize when idiota transfers will take less then one week

Takes less than 5 minutes cucklord


The URL is fake. This is fake news

Iota is a mess and the only reason it gets attention is because it’s top 20, which normies love

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Mah nigga

>Still in development.
>Judged as a finished product.

>Announces partnerships
>Doesn't like the backlash of a non-working product
>Hurr Durrr FUD is the answer every normie gives to its problems

I saw IOTA's TPS count moon to 50 TPS when PRL and the IOTA spammers were both running stress tests on the network.

You also don't need to reattach/promote anymore if you use Carriota Field as your node. The nodes do it for you now:

The network clearly scales, it's just not being utilized enough. When it was blazing fast my transaction took about 6 minutes. Now nobody's using the network and it's slow again.

They got the former toilet cleaner of Samsung to have a strategical advisor position (4 hours per year) for IOTA? Wow I'm impressed.

it has random transfer times depending on the server load.

muh decentralization

Here's a discussion I had with a IOTA freak the other day. I'm just posting this so I don't have to carefully explain again how shit IOTA is.

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What is this? Some 5d chess reverse shill?
You literally can't be that dumb.

they hired a security expert to fix their gaping security holes, but they're painting it as a guy from samsung joining their team.

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Ermm no, the IOTA community/mods are just so rude and hostile that they create enemies. I don't like getting shadowbanned for posting criticism so I take my criticism to another platform.

this hit home for me. I've seen the mods be dicks on discord. and I've seen the censorship.

Looked at at the thread you linked, looks like you had a lot of tabs open

>Goes from 2.5$ to 1 $
>N-nothing to s-see h-here
>Goes from 1$ to 1.5$
>Itssss mooooooooooooing guis!!
IOTA is a scam. Sceencap this. It will never succeed.

the entire market took a shit at that time, this is a bad example

If they're taking security more seriously it mite be good. The response they've given to feedback on that in the past made it look like they didn't give a shit and if they were wrong they would take care of it after hacks.

> What is Q
> What is IXI Hub
> What is peaq
> Smart city planning on IOTA now isn't that big
> ...

IOTA will x100 this year ;)

don't buy into IXI hub hype. they promised it last summer and never delivered. they completely abandoned it up until recently.

Literally every single point he made is true. Fucking shit testnet coin.

> What is Q
No idea........ ..do you know? (No you don't)

> What is IXI Hub
> What is peaq
...again, no idea desu. Is it by any chance the patch that makes the wallet work?

> Smart city planning on IOTA now isn't that big
...in China. Partnering with a regime that executes literally 300 people a day sounds like a fantastic idea (nod really).

A smart deathcamp would be impressive but entirely useless of course.

>A smart deathcamp would be impressive but entirely useless of course.

>theme park for sadists
>pay a rifle 2 iota per one shot at a prisoner

Q hint: 12.5 BTC
Peaq: Smart contracts
IXI Hub: Public already

Also forgot JINN, have you seen the pictures?
Talked with CFB a while ago, company will likely be in norway, but we will need accredited investor status. Wait, you don't own any JINN?

is this north korea , pol pots or china?

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If Q is wrong will he kill himself on livestream?

I found out why IOTA is pumping, Dom was just on Germany Jimmy Kimmel and had a long segment.