Can I wear this to my serving job...

Can I wear this to my serving job? I really want my managers to feel inferior and I want this one thot who brags about tips to suck my dick

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you're literally a faggot

saged and reported

Plebs will think it is fake.

Nigger if serious
Don't do it, jealousy breeds hate and you'll end up either shunned or robbed. There are occassions for wearing a fine watch, your day-to-day job isn't one of them (if it's serving).

why work the serving job lol

hows texas this time of year?

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user will have to bring his Rolex certificate all times

I never understood why Rolex doesn't know what the roman numeral 4 looks like.. Fuck this trash buy an Ap or vc

at this point idk why I do it. to stick it to the people ho were rude to me ie all managers and 2 or 3 girl servers

Def not. They’ll think you’re an autistic w inheritance

its the watchmakers 4 pleb

Because of your job they most likely will assume its fake, and theres really nothing you could do to prove its real to a wage normie.

rule number uno, never let no one know, how much dough you hold, 'cause, you know!
the cheddar breeds jealousy, 'specially,
if that man fucked up, get yo ass stuck up

literal niggers know what you struggle to understand
summary: kys

Lmao they'll just think you're a bigger and that it's either fake or stolen lmfao. Flex a car instead you'll get that hoe for sure

I'm european

Why are you asking us? Just do what you think is right, accept the consequences and learn from the consequences.

Nobody cares OP. It’s that simple.

>want my managers to feel inferior
>they're the ones giving you orders

If you were a boss you wouldn't have to wagecuck as a waiter, retard. No one is impressed by your watch, they think you're an idiot with a spending problem

That’s a sweet ass watch.


Shitty, entry-level brand. Only wear it if you want to feel like a plebeian.

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This. If I saw a waiter with a Rolex I'd think he's a dumbass for blowing money on jewelry and still has to wait tables.

Actually, anyone blowing money on a watch. Doesn't your phone tell you what time it is? Mine is always synced with the global atomic clock, and it automatically updates for daylight savings time, or if I cross into another time zone. How much did you pay for your calendar and Rolodex?

>implying the Rolex will make up for your 4/10 looks and lack of social skills
user I...

That watch is fucking lame... What is it with people thinking Rolex is "watch" to have. Get some class. Get a real man's watch. Buy a fucking Cartier.

AP, choice of the distinguished Veeky Forumsiness man

Rolex is shit tier taste and are actually RELATIVELY INEXPENSIVE for being a "fancy watch", believe it or not.
also you're a faggot.