Why do you still support bitcoin?

Why do you still support bitcoin?

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"possibly making the internet illegal in many countries!"

>print CP images and leave them in a public park
>"Why do you still support parks, user?"

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This is the most desperate and aggressive FUD I’ve seen in weeks.

They don’t realize they are making us all smarter with every stupid news release.

well, you don't go and copy these images and redistribute them. With cryptos, you would do exactly that.

Good I hope they will finally ban this shitcoin soon.

nice just abused 100k

>send you a fax containing CP
>"Why do you still support fax machines, user? You're copying and reproducing CP!"

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t. 7.4k cuck wants back in

shitcoin blockchain replicates itself onto your hdd and you replicate it onto other people using your shitcoin whether you like it or not
you have to refax cp to someone else intentionally
false equivalence

Why are (((THEY))) trying so hard to bring down crypto Veeky Forums?
This is a 4 year old story and they SUDDENLY bring this out when crypto is starting to recover.

>go to fedex office copy machines and print hundreds of CP images
>"Why do you still support FedEx Office, user? They're providing the means for people to reproduce CP!"

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bankers afraid of us. we will be their future slavers.

>fedex employees call the cops
>judge laughs at your stupidity

How do you store image files in the blockchain?

>tattoo CP on my chest and rip my shirt off during the trial, revealing CP to the entire courtroom
>"Why do you still support courts, user? They're a public forum for displaying CP!"

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base64 encoded files inside transaction messages

somebody’s trying to short

>not yet?
>post more aggressive cp fud

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have fun in jail with a cp tattoo on your chest lol

Weaponised cp was a mistake. Is there nothing or no one (((they))) can't take down with it?

you won't be able to take down Putin with it. Russia would just claim it was a planet by the CIA and all the sheep would believe them.

How can we protect our childrens?
Pro tip: By shutting down BTC

In you hypothetical situation ((they)) plant it on Putin, and people rightfully do not believe it. So how does that make them sheep ? Better example please...

what ifs Putin's cp and he just lies?

>Courtroom artist arrested for drawing CP during the trial

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Then you would be right, but the presumption is that cp is weaponised, and the prime condition for that would be that it is planted, so the hypothetical wouldn't be faithful to the presumption that btcp is weaponised

Do you understand the history of the CIA? It's not unthinkable to believe the CIA would do that.

yeah okay. Anyways, you can't take putin down with cp.


Because everyone buying btc is a pedo
How new are you?

Who gives a fuck, no one fucking cares.
Go back to plebbit you flaming faggot.

So you can put stuff in the bitcoin blockchain that has nothing to do with transacting bitcoin? How does that not throw red flags when they try to verify the transaction?

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Because I want to make money

I swear to god unless i'm in the wrong berenstain/berenstein universe I remember this being news...from like 2012.

>Inventor of the cammera is arrested

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Do you actually not understand that with the way bitcoin works, the CP can't be removed from the blockchain or made inaccessible? Bitcoin was designed specifically to make it impossible to delete information from the blockchain, and there's no way it's going to change to make erasure possible. This isn't, "some illegal material was found on a system related to bitcoin". This is, "now and forever, all bitcoin transactions will involve illegal material".

It's over. Running a bitcoin node is illegal now. It's distribution of child pornography. They'd have to make a law specifically to legalize it, and that's not going to happen. The inevitable has come: an exploit of a design flaw has made it unusable, and now bitcoin will crash to $0.

This is spicy af

It was, for some strange reason the news started running it again today.

This shit is old news chuckles.

Why do you still use the internet, Nigger?

There's a comment section where you can add links and files.

If you insert something illegal into the blockchain then everyone who has a copy of it also have the dirty files on their drive.

In UK you would probably end up in a prison on Island of White next to their cosmodrome.

Perhaps the potential for it is old news, but the reality of there being actual child pornography in the blockchain being brought to the attention of the public and governments is new. It might take a while for reality to hit, but bitcoin is crashing to $0.

Why should I care about this?

or maybe criminalizing a string of digits isn't such a good idea

How is this different from storing encrypted CP on the cloud

Dubs followed by trips of truth
Just sold 100k

Does possession of a blockchain count as "possession of every possible image that could be derived from it"?

Probably not. To get the "file" or "image data" you need the Blockchain PLUS some 3rd party tool, which is not part of the core implementation of the BTC protocol.

If you've never used the tool, then there is no way you could produce the image

bcash tx 9670267ba3e4cdd7a8413efbcbc84dbee8ec8c306146353e599bc406b9041ad8
pic related

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their argument will always be that they want a centralized figure who can unilaterally delete it to protect their poor sensibilities from child porn they couldn't see and supposedly didn't want to search for
which would destroy the entire purpose and all the advantages that cryptocurrency provides

You can delete stuff from the cloud. As they say, "There is no cloud, it's just someone else's computer." Cloud computing is using someone else's computers, without getting too specific about exactly which ones or how many you're using (i.e. they can move data and computation processes around from server to server as necessary without bothering the customer about it, and have their whole network present itself as one big computer).

>implyign the TLAs didn't put the pizza on there to begin with
>implyign (((they))) aren't the ones selling and filming kids for lucrative untraceable shekels

Yes, it is indeed over, retarded laws/courts will get a much needed shakedown at last.

i support freedom
also i like child porn

Can anyone walkthrought me about 3rd party software I need to upload my edgy images to an immutable blockchain by the way?

Fkn kek

ban assault blockchains

How is there child abuse in mathmatical code? Someone is making up bullshit and doing desperate FUD attempts.

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joke thief hope you feel crunchy

Rucking sheeple. So easily lead... Grow a set... U got bait, bait naited. Naited to the ends of the nait board.

Only criminalize abuse of children. Not streams of numbers.
>Looking at images of children is abuse!
When courts or police view images is it child abuse... no
What if some civilian sees an image that had been left or dropped somewhere, then phones the police? is the child abuse.. no
What if they have any sexual gratification from the images... are kids being abused... no they are not. They were once by some one, but not at this time.
You could maybe argue the mind of the viewer is being abused by the imagination... but i'm not gonna go there...

Random numbers will eventually contain every image...
I mean library of Babel (babelia.libraryofbabel.info/imagesearch.cgi) has every child porn image ever, and every child porn image that will ever come to be... so what?
Blockchain has (probably for keks) a sting of numbers that portray a crime that once took place... so what? (use as evidence if you catch the guy, sure! But thats as far as it SHOULD go)

How do you stop drugs/guns/whatever the fuck... you hit producers not consumers.

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(((someone))) didn't like the outcome of the G20 meeting. This is going on at the same time as the whale pump and dump.

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Another sheep posting paragraphs. Handle it or be the sheep

Because some numbers are illegal as mentioned
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illegal_number really makes you think

Literally everything you've ever seen on a computer has been stored "in mathematical code". As soon as you have a way to choose between recording one of two things, and repeat that choice for as many times as you need, you can encode any data you like in it.

To encode a file into the blockchain, you make a wallet, put the necessary funds in, and then have it make the minimum allowable payment to made-up addresses, and then you don't use that wallet anymore. The made-up addresses contain the data you want to store, so if you look at the record of transactions from that wallet, and you line up the addresses it sent satoshis to, they spell out the data you wanted to store.

Sheep. Please do something or just realize that you are the Sheep... The perfect Sheep...

You do something faggot

Veeky Forums has been used to post cp for years
>still popular
>still worth lots

The burger people

dumdum people do anything to get power and then anything to keep it, how is this mysterious

pretty sure moot never really made any money on Veeky Forums.. thats probably a bigger chunk of the reason he sold it than he will admit

>Veeky Forums
>worth lots

Yes, cp has been posted on Veeky Forums. And it gets deleted. Because it's possible to delete it, it's not illegal to run Veeky Forums.

How hard can it be to grasp the core concept? The cp can't be deleted from the blockchain. You're not legally allowed to have child pornography on your computer. If you have the bitcoin blockchain on your computer, you have child pornography there. Ergo: it's illegal to run a bitcoin node.

If all of the bitcoin nodes must be off in the shady jurisdictions where there are no cp laws, then the things that make bitcoin desirable don't apply. You can't validate your own address balance, you have to trust some third party telling you what it is, which means you don't know if you got cheated when you buy bitcoin or accept it as payment. And you're technically doing business with cp distributors, which may also be illegal under the similar laws to the ones that make it a crime in your home jurisdiction to go abroad for child sex tourism.

But it is links to cp. The end websites can be deleted.


There are people trying to bring bitcoin down by making you all short. Don't let them win. Think for yourselves.

bullish news

buy now or stay poor

There are encoded images directly on the blockchain.

And they were put there by the FBI, the world's largest distributor and largest owner of pizza.
I'm going to start spreading FUD that this encoding was done using old silkroad coins the FBI owned.

It's not just links to cp, you assclown. Where did you hear that stupid bullshit? There's at least one actual cp image file, embedded directly in the blockchain.

And even if were just links, you as a node operator don't have the power to delete what's being linked to, and it can still be illegal for you to keep and share those links, which you're doing by running a node.

Nobody will care. It doesn't matter. It only matters that the cp is there.

>B-b-but the FBI put it there!
It's still illegal to store and distribute it.

Why are you not responding to these points?A random string of numbers should NOT be considered CP legally, even if it was put there intentionally to be so. If, hypothetically, by an astronomically low chance, a random string of numbers in the blockchain accidently represented CP in image format, should the entire blockchain be taken down?

If this isn't straight up FUD, with no actual news behind it, then I don't know what is.

>It's still illegal to store and distribute it.
>the FBI put it there!
>still illegal to distribute it

>normalfags in charge of caring about whether their gov't deals cp, sells kids and cocaine, entraps people and uses crypto to stash money

LMAO at anyone that sold because of this, is liek you are asking to be ripped off.

Anyone who sells because of this deserves to be poor.

What points? That's not an argument, that's just someone saying they don't like the law.

If you invested in bitcoin, you deserve to be poor.

Butthurt poor nocoiner.

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That's rich coming from a guy who bought high and is now trying to discourage others from selling while he tries to dump ahead of the herd, just hoping to minimize his loss.

That's interesting

the fattest fud

I bought bitcoin at least than 400 dollars, try again. :^)

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Wait a minute

If this is possible, why not use the blockchain as a regular image host? Doesbase64 get prohibitively large?

Shit's expensive with current transaction fees.

Oh I don't mean on Bitcoin, I mean on its own coin (litecoin clone or something)

Even if that's true, you're still going to end up with a net loss. :^)

Bitcoin's massively net-negative. It's not an investment in some business that produces real goods and services. It's speculation in something of no value, everyone just hoping to make their bad move good on the back of a bigger idiot, with big electric bills along the way. It's a gambling game with a huge house rake, that ends with the feds kicking down the door and nobody being able to cash in their chips.

It's a technologically-obfuscated ponzi scheme: the only gains are paid out of latecomers' investments. At best, sooner or later, the investors run out and the self-reinforcing upward trend becomes a self-reinforcing downward trend, and in the end it falls apart and most people lost money. But bitcoin was technically and legally dodgy enough that even hoping for that was overly optimistic. Rather, it's crashing hard and abruptly when people are warned to delete the blockchain off of their computers or be prosecuted as felons.

LBRY is a thing

how the hell would you even view any images in a blockchain? isn't it a giant multi-gig file full of stupid text gibberish? can't open that in an image viewer

Crypto doesn't work without a lot of resources spent mining, or someone can swoop in with far more computer power and take over the network (for instance, replacing the stored data with malware), but having a lot of resources spent mining means that using it for storing data is expensive because many copies have to be stored.

Blockchains are a silly waste of resources. This whole thing has been about tricking stupid people out of their money.

ah, nice to see some FUDclassic™ mixed in with your NuFUD™

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I have had my bank accounts and paypal deactivated for political opinions, crypto is definitely useful for people like me.
>Well you shouldn't break laws then
If I'd actually broken laws they would have been able to convict me on something, instead I've just been a bad goy and bankers hate that.