What's next for Elon?

What's next for Elon?

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Mars Space X and Litecoin development.

So he's cashing out of his scheme.
Smart man.


His Hyperloop project will be retuned into a ramp/cannon for easily reaching space.

I no longer want a Tesla

is this legit? smart man.

>Elon reads book on crypto
>Quits Tesla


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CEO of Chainlink

Your link provided doesn't match your picture, and I can't find any other articles corroborating this. Am i missing something?

Actual Article: cnbc.com/2018/03/20/tesla-shareholders-vote-on-elon-musks-2-point-6-billion-dollar-pay-package.html

after leaving tesla, Musk goes public with chainlink partnership

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He says he wants to die on Mars.
Any money you give him is like giving it to Mars colonization efforts.

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asteroid mining and biofuel

batteries are stupid biofuel is much better global warming wont be affected by carbon taxes and coastal residents have a harder time adapting to invisibly rising sea levels when energy is easier also punctuation is for c u c ks

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