IPhone X

>iPhone X
>MacBook Pro
>Mercedes G Wagon
>Downtown Condo
>Gold Rolex
>Greek God Bod
>Perfect Haircut
>Manicured Nails
>Bespoke Brioni Clothes
>Gucci Horsebit Loafers
>Trilingual English, Spanish, Russian
>Travelled to 20 countries
>Saved a Hippo from poachers
>Built a school in Libya
>Founded a Hedge AUM $340 million
>still a virgin

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30yo with rich parents, gj

Maybe if you werent busy spending all your time and money on absolute shit you’d have gotten laid.

>>iPhone X
>>MacBook Pro
Is this a "How to not get laid" thread?

just pickup a galaxy s9 plus when it comes out. then go out to drink everyday and place both on the bar while you drink. Eventually one of the bartending roasties will fuck you

>male manicures
>overpriced exotic clothes
>obsessed with travel and "save the animals xDDDD"
There's your problem, OP. They think you're gay.

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You sound like a literal faggot

Materialism, an attachment to physical goods beyond their practical value is a trap; a chain to ensnare the foolish with their own greed.

apparently no one read the hedge fund AUM comment

although tbt that doesn't even mean much nowadays considering any neets who bought crypto 2 years ago have millions and could call their personal holdings a "fund"

Is that you in the pic? Id have sex with you

Elliot Roger back from the dead

you prolly smell bad LMAO

At least you're not ex-special forces and a virgin like me

There is only one explanation. Your face looks like a turd.

How's that possible mate

How the fuck is that possible? I bet you can tell stories of where you mowed town some terrorists in the mittle of nowhere.



>i'm ex special forces
>wow user did you like, raid a super terrorist or something :O
>no actually i just sat around in a pile of my own ball sweat in the afghani countryside for 6 days taking photos of random vehicles and people going about their business
>oh okay speaking of that i've got to go to an appointment bye user

if he simply can't handle talking to women it's entirely possible he could be a virgin

Girls only care about your height, face, frame, and penis size, dude.

>ugly AF
>rich parents

Fuck you literally are trying to be an exact instagram meme person. No wonder you haven't got laid. You must be so boring to be around.

No girl wants some soft fucking faggot with manicured nails and a gold watch.

Learn how to fix shit with your hands and get a dog. You'll 100% get laid.

I don’t care what you look like I would fuck u