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No one cares but this guy is about to start WW3. He just signed off with Russian offials to allow military bases.

The Petro will bring the dollar to it's knees for the simple fact that Russia and China are behind it.

The media (fake news) will make you think Venezeula is as big of a threat like Syria or Iran

Buy Petro

How long until US makes it illegal to buy crypto just because of this shit?

are you literally retarded user? It is already illegal to possess Petro in the US, it explicitly says so in the image as well (But in spanish so you get a pass)

Jesus biz you guys are fucking clueless

why would china be behind the petro when they could just make YuanCoin or MAOcoin or whatever themselves

Exactly !!!!!!
On top of the fact China and Russia fully support the payment system (Petro) for the next 50 years. Trump will scream all he wants but in the end he will only further isolate himself and this country. NATO is nothing compared to China and Russia now that it's 1 ruler forever (Putin always wins)

The Livestream is on YouTube - Telesur

It's RT but for Latin America socialism

Small country no one cares about making headlines. David and Goliath

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Because petro is backed byyyyyyyy... il let you find out this one.

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> this guy is about to start WW3
Burgers completely lack self-awareness.
You put his country after complete embargo and now are trying to block his last chance to make some money.
What do you expect will happen?
One of these days you will feel arrogant enough to forget your place and start fucking with Russia seriously and taste these 10,000 nuclear warheads.

Russia vs USA who comes out victorious?

I like trump but I'd give my alliance to Putin. Putin never cucks. Trump on the other hand..

true this, but it's also possible to challenge US imperialism and its economic destruction of venezuela without resorting to nationalistic threats of military violence

Enjoy your stay in Guantanamo for trading terrorist funds.

North Korea needs to release a cryptocurrency. I am frankly shocked they haven't already.

they do its called bitconnect

The absolute state of Veeky Forums
Venezuela doesnt have the firepower or intent to threaten military action
It's just that their oil reserves dwarf the entirety of the middle east's and they're trying to be sovereign over it while the us is trying to economically nuke the country to ashes so the commie government can be replaced by a puppet state the jews can rule

USA pinky finger > Russia let’s be honest

where is this traded, any dex somewhere with reasonable privacy? and where can I see the chart and shit

i wasn't referring to venezuela, i was referring to the person who was saying the US should be prepared to face the wrath of russian nuclear missiles kek

fuck me why i did i copy+paste the TX id from that other stupid thread

but yes i agree with you

US has been completely cucked in the Middle East by Russia. There are Russian bases in Iraq now.
I'm sure Putin is thanking burgers for sacrificing troops to prepare all these countries for his rule.

we should be freinds with russia, they have smart people and beautiful women, we all want to be happy and prosperous. our corrupt banking and legal system causes us alot more suffering than russia. neither side will have happy people under war, lets just agree to disagree on shit and get along

good. this fucking planet needs less burger domination desu. or else everyone will be obese in 10 years.

burgers are nice seriously. they gave us so many good things in this world. but like everything else it all comes to an end. sorry but blockchain will destroy elite bankers and that's something 90% of the population is rooting for. way too much inequality to feel any sympathy for Berkshire Hathway......seriously how many of us can actually afford a home......hoarding like burgers do is terrible for the planet

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nice try, bot

I take what is VEN for 500$

how can I mine this shit

>Venezuela is going to start WW3
I can't imagine anyone being this delusional

who gives a fuck who supports the petro? this is the definition of a shitcoin

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Sweet quads. Will avoid. Still might be worth some popcorn.

No one. The whole northern hemisphere becomes one irradiated shithole. The countries found in the southern hemisphere then fight each other to fill up the vacuum left by the world powers. It's like you people don't know world history.

china called they want some petro

why does the US always look for enemies

we have problems here FOCUS !

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"So instead of putting the ruble at risk, Russia encouraged its ally in Latin America to run the experiment on itself, the banker says. “Venezuela has nothing to lose. For them it’s the only chance.” Indeed, the value of the Venezuelan currency, the bolivar, has been decimated by official mismanagement and the impact of U.S. sanctions, which were imposed last year to punish Maduro for his deepening authoritarianism. The crisis has also made Maduro’s regime deeply dependent on Russia for loans and investments"

Burgers are screwed. Its over get your bags and leave, giving up crypto is not worth Trump and his version of democracy

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petro ex coming soon

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espra chico ay mucha demanda. hoy noche ay una gran actualisazion a la pagina web

that and also the cee eye ay is ddos their site since the launch is just around the corner

burgerland is on their knees

this will be the same as Iraq and wmd

only these aren't nukes, its crypto and they'll destroy the country just to bring him down. especially now that he is putin sex slave

that's it

tomorrows news will be

TIME investigation uncovers Russia laundering money using Petro coin President Donald Trump responds with a full ban on cryptocurrencies until new laws are drafted.

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"In Trump’s first executive order on Venezuela, he specifically prohibited any transactions designed to avoid the sanctions. Venezuela made it clear when they launched the petro that skirting those sanctions was implicit in its creation. So! If Trump knew about the creation of the petro way back in December, why wait until the end of the pre-sale, after Venezuela could sell off nearly half its petro in a crypto-hot market, to issue an executive order banning U.S. citizens from using it? Stateside, the answer’s gotta be worth something more than a few bolivar, if not some peace of mind (or, depending on what that answer is, a complete lack thereof)."

what is it ? something big is coming

This commie monkey claims the Petro is making millions, in reality its made less than $1000.
Even DogeCoin has more value than this literal turd.
Why Venezuelan commonfolk haven't tried murdering him yet is beyond me.

Socialists fuckin devalue their currencys beyond shit. How dont they get that crypto is unregulatable is beyond me. If anything its one of those dictator projects like planting corn in ussr.

Afghans kicked out Russians before so that will also happen in Iraq and Syria tomorrow

Go back to hispachan please. Stop the petro bullshit.

So you think he will get the Gadaffi treatment?

Would there be any reason to speculate on Petro?
Wouldn't it have a value pegged to oil, so not much room to grow?


This. Jews are positioning Israel as the high-tech capital of the world now, with the forerunner in IoT. I suspect they will place backdoors in IoT systems so they would be able to disable the infrastructure of any government need be. Look into the Talpiot Program for me.

Kikes are truly evil.

could you imagine when they tell Donald Trump "sir we cant shut it down it runs on ethereum and its fully user"

no wonder ether dumped hard aaaaagh petro you sob

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