*Update- Whales have finished accumulating. 15 new addresses with over 300k BBN

Whales have finished accumulating at 7-9c range for past week. There is now 15 new addresses with over 300k BBN added. It only takes 10k USD (100k BBN) to get a top 150 holders address, and in the last 7 days, there's an average of 8 new holders daily buying more than 100k BBN.

>10 million marketcap
>not listed on cmc
>not listed on any major exchanges
>sideways with slow growth in this bear market. Extreme buy pressure whilst all alts are bleeding to death
>partnered with HPB and LOOP
>HPB and LOOP angel investors (NEO invested into HPB)
>Co-founder is founder/ceo of Union Pay Smart
>CEO confirmed on telegram contracts with Chinese government and Union Pay, but can't disclose yet due to NDA (steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@koozi.bear/unionpay-partnership-with-banyan-network-confirmed-by-bbn-ceo-david-zhou-originally-posted-on-medium-3-6-18)
>former Vice president of Alibaba and China Unicom CEO listed as advisers.
>Only 2166 addresses according to Etherscan

What more do you want out of a x50-100 token

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1$ by May screen cap

already went 10x....so 5x max bitch. it's a chink scam dummy

private sale price was 3.7 cents usd dumbass

You're fucking stupid.

Seriously, the FUD attempts are so weak on this one. This shit is about to explode.

It hasn't even 3X yet.

Forgot the name of the exchange... where is it?


shiiet, have 60k of these, 10k usd sitting in Zil and gvt. Gvt is launching their alpha in 1 week, zil i'm not so sure about any big spikes soon. Should i all in on this chink coin

ill be honest, im dubious of any china coin harping on about NDAs

and there are no 10m caps worth anything anymore. if this was a moon mission it would be at least 40-60. there are just too many teams actively researching for gems for any to slip through the cracks. if this was any good it would have been brought to my attention.

but good luck, i hope it works out.

I went all in at .046 and it feels fantastic. 235K BBN.

am I falling for a shilled scam coin or is this really the next 20x?

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fuck it im pulling the trigger on this. gotta risk it for the biscuit

Thanks for the well wishes user.

I do not blame your skepticism but if you dig deeper, you will see that these NDA's could actually be of significance. Start with Kelvin Long and understanding who he is. Then move on to the Alibaba adviser and the Unicom adviser. There is something going on here that is bigger than the current marketcap reflects.

Good luck to you.

Pretty sure it depends on us. Let's shill it.


Kek himself has just brought this to your attention. DYOR user.

You won't have to do anything. The CEO is very vocal for just having started and Suppoman (Like him or not) is about to do a video as well as about 2-3 other large youtube accounts very soon. This project stands on it's own two feet.

Shill away regardless. It easy to shill when you have nothing but truth to give.

Allright. Hope this will be VEN tier

how do you know they are making videos about this? is this known to be coming into bigger exchanges any time soon?

Suppoman stated today he'd be doing a review video soon

is he a big youtuber?

Kind of, he has 141k subs

all free tokens pajeets are shilling this shitcoin. its DBC in making. remember everything is airdropped and team owns 90% of tokens. fuck off chinke and pajeets from this board. u ruined it.

well that should bring some attention. maybe I buy some in case plebbit echochamber starts to circlejerk around bbn.

Tokens were airdropped, really?

yes, shit token.+ team owns 90%. thats y these pajeets get paid free tokens. so retards shilling non stop

wow u must be poor. I got it at 1 cent in the presale homo. U must like chink scams huh? bet u fell for INT and NANO as well?

Team doesn't own 90% and barely any tokens were airdropped, holy fuck you're all retarded

No you didn't you stupid nigger


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oh thank god

Anyone willing to provide links to official information?

First 30% (~120,000,000)
Locked until 2 weeks after the private sale close. (These are now circulating)
Next 30% (~120,000,000)
Locked until 3 months after BBN is listed on the open market. (June 3rd, 2018)
Last 40% (~160,000,000)
Locked until 6 months after BBN is listed on the open market. (September 3rd, 2018)

so almost half was sold in ICO private sale

I talked to CEO and total amount from airdrop is about 1 million, and also they are cancelling next week's airdrop and focus on informing the community



>AMA getting answered this week.
>CMC submitted last weekend.
>Multiple exchanges being vetted for near term.

nigga, how many they owned. 10-12% circulating supply, rest 90% ownded chinke devs. dont fool u r self. fuck off pajeets

40% was fuckin sold in private sale and there are lock-up periods to prevent dumping. Are you retarded ?

Wow, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Leave and never come back faggot

I gotta admit, the light shilling of this coin here lately and what seems to be almost ground floor early adoption has me interested in this coin, but theres just so much uncertainty around anything atm. Its so new I want to jump at it with the potential it may have but then again I might get fucked. I cant decide.

This coin is going up with or without you. Do a deep dive and make your decision soon. Like soon soon.

It was a private sell at $0.038 you idiot.

I have spoken to one of the youtubers directly. There will be an interview with David Zhou coming out soon.

Suppoman is literally just telling everyone in his live chats that he will be reviewing Banyan soon. It was his undervalued mystery coin.

Don't even try to help these idiots anymore, 90% are absolute brainlets and will just spread more fud

What does soon mean? 1 day, 1 week, 1 month? Do I have time to ride the HPB wave or do I split my money?

1 day ago.

I think we see 11 cents tomorrow.

Yeah, I honestly don't even know why I try to help this board anymore. Reddit has invaded, and they are pathetic when it comes to research and doing their own due diligence. This coin is going to be a monster with or without biz.

Let's see if based banyan user is right. Just bought a big chunk

Well, you helped (Maybe, we will see how this coin plays out). I have invested about 7% of my port into BBN now after researching a bit and this post. So I for one am with ya.

I meant, when will he post the video?

I felt the same way decided fuck it threw $500 in it in case this does blow up

Wow a BMW partnership confirmed. The rumors are true

Yeah thats basically how much money I tossed into it. Of course the idea of it exploding has me wanting to put more into it, but just in case it shits the bed and is garbage, $500 is what im comfortable to lose. Though I'd rather not lose it hah

Kek I spend more than I could loose as always. But x2 should be safe.

Awesome! Go long with this one.

Kind of a stupid question, but forgive me for asking. What does the token do?

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Exactly what I needed man thx

you are welcome fren

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I have a habbit of that as well lol. And 2x, are you suggesting the token should hit $ .20 cents? Hopefully were buying something that has more than 2x potential.

With that being said, can I get a realistic, if even potential conservative estimate on what some of you think this coin will be worth, and when? Conservative being the key word please. Then, for the sake of fun, give me moon shot potential guesstimates? :D Thanks! GL to all who are getting in!

Im already in op. I hope I can accumulate more before bbn and hpb blow up

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It is virtually guaranteed that this token will hit $0.50 between now and May (x5, 60m market cap). It's also likely it'll hit $1 in May (x10) and then dump in June because of private sale token release. EOY will likely be $2 (800/900m market cap)

Great news, thanks for giving me your thoughts on this one. Gonna actually pick up some more I think.

$0.40 - 0.50 in two weeks maybe, depending on reddit and yt fags. Big telegram group, low market cap. I like it.

I've been snagging some up on ED that someone keeps listing there

How much can Suppoman move the market on a coin like this? I'll set a sell order immediately.

Where is their telegram group or do you have a link? Ive been trying to find it but cant.

He will be the first of many snowballs that will last longer than you think pending total crypto market conditions.

BBN Global Fans.

Okay fuck it I wanna restructure to get more bbn besides ven and icx what should I drop to move into bbn . I'm thinking mod

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Thank you much!

>whales finished accumulating
>expects people to buy when they are ready to dump
Pajeets back on biz, bull run confirmed

Personally, I dont know about MOD as I dont know what the token use case is. As for the others, Ive recently scrapped AMB and Nano both. Maybe thatll come back to bite me in the ass, but if BBN plays out like some people here are expecting, that wont fucking matter. Try imagining BBN going from 10 cents to 50. Now, think of Nano going to 50 bucks, because thats what would have to happen to match the gains. Personally I think BBN would hit 50 cents before Nano hit 50 bucks. But I could be wrong as hell, who knows in crypto...

>Banyan Tree is an amazing plant in nature, with its roots connected, branches and leaves expanded, one branch can form a relatively independent small ecosystem. Banyan Tree’s survival patterns and data industry patterns are very similar. The "Banyan Network" is literally understood as a network of "banyan trees" linked to each other, and banyan is pronounced “rongshu” in Chinese, homophonic with the words of fusion data, extended to the peer-to-peer concept of " Data Fusion Value Chain Network ".

>Banyan Network is based on the principle of open, block-chain technology to the central data application platform, through the open source code, intelligent contract, our partners form a tight relationship with us to build a stronger inter-connected data chain, and ultimately form an ecosystem that can maximize the value of our data network. As more big data sources fuses into the Banyan Network, the ecosystem will grow bigger and broader applications applied to different industries.

>Join us, embrace unlimited possibilities of block chain, big data and artificial intelligence.

Definetly mod. You need to bulk up that hpb too stud.

Ya I think I'm gonna dump it and split it between hpb and bbn

I decided to keep my initial investment of only $500 in BBN for now instead of doubling up as there was just a dump. Maybe thats just part of all this, but for now I can comfortable lose 500. I dont want to lose 1k just in case. I have faith, its just shitty to see a dump just after buying lol. Nothing major, but a little one, I dont want to discourage new buyers

I sold all of my AMB and OMG for BBN. It hurt to do so, but it ended up being the right choice.

Eek, this is just my opinion, but personally I think OMG is a keeper. But everyone has different opinions and if you feel thats the right call for you, I wish you the best!

We will see $.50 short term IMO.

I did this when BBN was $0.045. Thanks, good luck to you!

Ooh, ok I had you confused with the other dude above who linked his port asking what he should sell. Nice job man!

Shoo pajeets! Shoo!

Just because it's a scam doesn't mean you can't make money.

People who buy in at the bottom of a Ponzi don't give a shit if it's a Ponzi.

This is not a scam. It takes 10 seconds to figure this out within minimal research.

just put 500$ in this shit, please dont pajeet me

You can buy some cool things for 50K user. Good work!

Pajeet, what happened if Banyan doesn't 5x as guaranteed? Let's sign a contract so if it doesn't 5x as guaranteed, you'll have to sell your house and car to repay my investment.

>what happened if Banyan doesn't 5x
Then I don't make as much money as I thought I would. Why are you calling me a pajeet when you clearly don't know basic English grammar? Go back to re leddit and fomo in with the rest of them in 2 weeks

That's what I did. I'm gonna to add another $1000 50/50 between the two in the next few days. I hope I still have time. I only have 5000 bbn at the moment

I got only 24k at 0.03 and gonna hold that with my 1300 HPB stack.. Cant afford to buy anymore, but im kinda happy

I'll sell 50k of BBN to buy 50k more BBN

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Ive been snagging them cheap here etherdelta.com/#0xdbeb270f50cf2086678b063caa34cb399fed8ce3-ETH

You have plenty of time. It should slowly go up and experience a handful of corrections until the first few weeks of May. It will dump in June when they add more to the circulating supply and then go back to the behavior I described.

All in now. Let's do this

easiest 20x of your life

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Won't be long now..

It's on a slow upswing. Missing the take off for the initial x2-x5 will be painful. First one is cmc listing

comfy with my 150k stack right now

the fact that you expect a pump its why its not gonna come.I'm sure whales saw this threads on biz

Yeah so they are going to now offload couple of million BBN because some anons caught on. Ride the whale waves.

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Is it too late to buy in? Can I store this in NEON wallet?