Anyone else fully convinced at this point that all of the REQ fud is just other holders keeping the price down and making fun of themselves?

>Random burning
It doesn't, it market buys the coins needed for the transaction using Kyber.

>Owning REQ to use the network
You don't, it auto buys the tokens needed for the fee using Kyber.

I'm just fucking pissed because Gemini is still working on my pre-credited purchases from a few days ago getting the Bitcoin and Ether dip, and I want to fucking shove it all into REQ but it's currently mooning right now.

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Why bet on one coin, when you can invest in the platform that will use them all

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I'm a REQ holder usually fudding so that I can accumulate more. Veeky Forums fucked me in the past so I aint helping most of you and just fud instead.

I post real info when I feel like it though.

idk about that but I do expect a 3-5x pump in sats with their partnership announcement.

250K holder.

I'm an envious holder and don't like anons with bigger stacks so I FUD it with burning memes and concern trolling.

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>Partnership turns out to be with BeeToken
>Dumps to below 2000 SATs


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thanks user, just bought a thousand OMG

they already have a bee token partnership though

Posted this in the other thread, I'm worried main net is pricing in now and it's gonna dump on release day

holding 80k req since ICO will sell half at $10 and let the rest ride fuck all you pussies

definitely will. this is a coin you hold for 1+ years and get long term capital gains on. hopefully the market will turn bull in q2 around the time they integrate fiat via chainlink and start announcing partnerships.

Delighted with the low low prices, got to 10k REQ on my meagre budget. Plan is to hold for at least two years, buy my own house outright and hopefully have a bit more to spend. Invested in other shitcoins but REQ is my main man

Will i make it with 10k req?

60k here. I definitely do this lol, it's really easy to accumulate Req.

PayPal's mcap is ~80b. Req has the potential to replace PayPal, if not compete directly with it, AND has countless other use cases some of which are more significant than the 'Pay with Request' use case. I know it's an apples and oranges comparison, but that's approx. 500x gains from here.

Request has to actually get adopted, have near flawless functionality and all the rest of it though. IMO it's the biggest reward potential of any crypto on the market

Me too, the fact that they called it a "strategic partnership" is interesting, I doubt it will be only some random crypto project.

That gif is comfy.

You know most FUD is stupid. I do some myself buy only because it is funny. My actual concerns come from how much liquidity will they have, if fiat integration will really work as intended, how they are going to deal with regulations and money laundering (or they will be BTFOed hard) and scalability. Any mainstream adoption they aim to will be impossible on the current state of Ethereum, which I know it is working on it but when is it going to come? By Q2 REQ is supposed to be handling fiat. That's a mere three months away.

Yeah, I know Vechain refers to their most significant partners (DNV GL, PwC and more) as their 'strategic partnerships' so the wording excites me. Still don't want to get my hopes up

Speaking as someone who has no strong feelings either way about REQ the threads always strike me as kinda desperate. They have no news, just this kind of weird $100000k EOY sort of stuff with no substance. And I never see it mentioned outside biz.

Yeah it's obvious if Request's rate of development keeps up at its current rate it will outgrow Ethereum. Fortunately it was designed to be blockchain agnostic and it will move to another blockchain. I don't think they'll move to Vechain because it's too centralised, and Request are married to complete decentralisation if you read their AMAs. Cardano is a possibility

Not to sound like a complete newfag but how would it’s investors (you/me/some normie) get access to use Request’s tech when time comes to its release?

Also EOS

The first use case, Pay with Request, would be a simple plugin you would add to your website. I know shopify and a few other plugins are being developed atm in time for mainnet.
So if somebody wanted to accept crypto payments using Request it would be pretty easy to integrate I'd imagine.

It's all down to developers to make their dapps on the platform, really.

They already built moneytis, a bitcoin based platform for international remittance, they know what they are doing regulation wise.
And do not fall yourself for the fud, ethereum scalability will be a non issue well before it becomes a real problem.

I know plenty of business owners who would like this. Much appreciated, user!

You should get in touch with the team on their telegram or something if you wanted to actually put these businesses in touch with request network team in order to use their button

this project needs kyber network and chainlink to succeed first in order to resemble any sort of functionality lol at the morons that buy bags now hoping they would get rich when they announce the mainnet...
also lol at morons that hope for a pay with request or whatever plugin... kyber network works only at turning shit pedo vitalik tokens into ethereum and viceversa atm... no instantly pay with litecoin and get buttcorns or whatever mumbo jumbo these fucks have in their whitepaper.

Adm Request on the telegram group can get you in touch with the team.

>FUDing on purpose, ever
You're all cancer.

Just brought my stack up to 11.2k, bringing my average cost down to about 34 cents. Am I gonna make it lads? Just want enough to pay off my student debts (about 21k)

i-is it too late to buy some?

If REQ hits just below 2 dollars, you should. I hope it makes it pass so you can have some sort of prosperity, user.

I scrounged up 26k in REQ

My goal is $500,000 and I can live comfy for a while.

Will I get $20 REQ in 3-5 years?

>this project needs kyber network and chainlink to succeed first in order to resemble any sort of functionality

Completely wrong. Also try harder, faggot.

protip: request token is useless...
does myetherwallet have a token? nope

yep, it's called ETH

you fucken retard.

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Could you please ignore FUDers? Jesus

Honest thought an I look after a large retailers IT systems. A lot of them are devoted to calculating margin based on arrival costs. The problem with crypto is it fluctuates so hard so often its not really possible to ensure a set margin and maintaining margin is everything in selling. The very fact that REQ could moon and dump makes it shit for selling any goods with. This is in fact equally true of BTC Tether has more hope in retail than req or BTC

??? REQ is just a background token used to auto pay fees. you don't have to actually use it as the main way to make purchases.

Also the fee is a flat rate between .5 and .05%, the price of the token doesn't matter, the amount required to get that percentage off your total cost is auto taken into consideration.

Req isn't a currency u fucking brainlet but cool story bro

you need to read the whitepaper. Req is not designed to be a currency. Its biggest vision is to help people convert fiat to fiat (like USD to Euros) with minimal fees. And to replace our archaic accounting system. The scope of this project is massive—maybe too massive. If—and a big If—they succeed, Request will be a giant leap forward in tech economic development.

233k here. Might buy a tiny bit more just so I have 251k.

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REQ will rely on LINK.

Why not hold LINK instead?

This isn't even fucking FUD.

Also this. I held REQ since 7 cents. Took profit. Bought the dip. But never actually read the Whitepaper. I did last week and decided to buy 120k more. What they want to do is huge.

Jesus dude, your answer is here: