Who else feeling great about being a millionaire next year?

who else feeling great about being a millionaire next year?

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this unironically

sometimes i feel like im taking crazy pills
there are so many hints
if this doesnt end up being a big thing i gotta be nuts

Could be 2020, you know. But I can wait that long.

Is this thing even possible ?

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Going to KMS if it turns out to be nothing.

How could it "turn out to be nothing"? How much actual research have you done?

I feel like this may be too good to be true.

still have 1,8k though.

O goos Finally a chain link ppst i was starting to get worried

Riddle user here. Had a break from biz. Here to answer question for an hour or so. The truth is out there. Do you want to believe?

Quite a lot, which is why I will kill myself if Link fails.

So if you've seen the talks and watched the progress and kept an eye on the Github then you're as excited as I am, aren't you? There's no need for anxiety, only patience.

I've seen it all, sometimes twice or three times. Excitement is fleeting; I'm just a neurotic shutin with nothing to do but worry. Thanks for the encouragement, user.

European banks are very excited about the Apis opening up. There's a bank that's supposedly working with a mobile app utilizing chainlink. This has to do with wetrade to an extent. What has caught me by surprise is how your average dev working for a bank doesn't know much about dlt at all. N F digitalization. The truth is out there. Do you want to believe?

why not work on your life in the time you have now before moon?

why no trip guy

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LINK is intrinsically worthless. Node operators can be payed in existing cryptocurrencies. Just look at the testnet right now, it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao. It means that ETH can easily be substituted for it, that is, if someone wants to fork the token to accept ETH (an established cryptocurrency instead of some fucking ERC20 token made with a two-man team), LINK is basically useless. That is besides the fact that everything LINK aims to do can be easily done by cryptographically signing the data from the API source.
>muh next ETH

Link, 5 months in: 35 cents (3.5x ICO)
Ethereum, 5 months in: $5.50 (17x ICO)

Uh oh, pissed stinker incoming HAHA.

im from pol how and where can i buy chainlinks

You mean next month?

Whats your eoy price for link?

200k link here

please pump soon thanks

I feel the same way... Part of me is excited, part of me is disheartened by the price dropping...


Sorry we’ve moved on to like 5 more larps

It's hard for me to imagine. Like, I can't believe I came across this. Everything I've seen seems too good, but there is nothing to refute it.

It feels like the 2016 election again. It's as if everything is on rails and that it's supposed to turn out this well.

I can't wait when link moons so fucking hard...

I'm probably gonna explode with semen all over my apartment...

The neighbors will hear moans and cries coming from within the confines of my apartment walls.

They will wonder if I had been shot or stabbed.

They will bang and bang on the door, the police will barge in...and they will see my huge erect dick with semen all over the walls and ceiling...

I'll be drooling all over myself...They will think


All they will hear from me when they say...'SIR SIR ARE YOU OKAY?'

I'll just be mumbling "Sergey....S-s-ergey...Much Chainlinks" "Lambo---l-lambo land"

Then once they take me to the insane asylum for mental evaluation. I'll snap back into reality and say..."Get the fuck away from me you creep, i've got mansions to buy, bitches to bone, songs to write, cars to race."

They'll think i'm a pyscho...and i'll explain to them in a very diligent manner." I'm now one of the richest people you've ever come in contact with. Either let me out, or i'll have my lawyer shut down this whole place."

But maybe I won't be let out because they won't believe me and think I'm just plain crazy...and all the millions upon millions will be held in my wallet forever.....

To me Veeky Forums it defeats the purpose of Veeky Forums

Haha this might be the end of me. Or it's a warning not to move on from Riddle user

It feels too good to be true, but I thought the same about ETH reaching a $1000.

10.3k LINKer here. How much can I expect to have on March 20, 2019?

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when will we start mooning
other larpers have claimed something will happen before the end of the month

doesnt matter dont even think about selling till 2020

No it’s ok I was mostly just saying there’s more than just the core of assblaster and you

Early Q4. Main net will be earlier and will cause some action, dexchanges and SWIFT, zos etc adoption will be in q4 tho

When can I expect $50? I am planning to dump then and move into other tokens that might go up this year.

Cant tell if youre being serious...

really it will happen when they decide to lift a finger to market
when that happens is up to the team

how many linkies do you hold? and are you actively getting more?

sitting pretty with 2200 LINK right now

q2 2019

what if I miss other moons that prevent me from getting more LINK, I only have 200k

relax and work on becoming a better person
with money from 200k link you will need to be based or you will destroy yourself

How can you say LINK 500bucks EOY, we now that bitcoin s gona fall hard in a couple of weeks, dragging the whole market... Do you think ((they)) will keep LINK price afloat?

Early q4

Can you faggots please get over your "when moon" and "price prediction" stupidity? All it says is "I don't know anything about this project, when do I get paid so I can fuck off and chase some other meme".
What link is doing is exciting as fuck. The fact we will get rich off it is awesome, don't get me wrong, but sitting around inventing possible future prices is just... nothing. No information is conveyed. Nothing interesting is said.
If you want to fixate on price then figure out what percentage of the total network you own, and then consider what you think the total network value will be in 1,2,5 years and do the math. It will be crude and meaningless but it's better than asking strangers to invent prices for you.

user, if you have 200k linkies, dont forget to help the world, in the name of those who didnt make it.

meh, do you think it will be a bear market year?

no, I want to maximize my holdings of LINK, if LINK is going to sit at .40 all year until Q4 then I'm better off selling half my stack holding other tokens until then

Lawyer user here. Link is absolutely amazing. The ability to create the “best template” contract for certain particular agreements is out of this world.

Most idiots believe we lawyers create contracts from scratch. It’s really just a copying and paste mechanism with 10% edits.

Just converted most of my other cryptos into LINK.


>Sorry we’ve moved on to like 5 more larps
Checked my friend. Nice digits. Riddle user is full of shit, confirmed.

6 figures. I'm partly tethered so will be getting more, btc dropping before decentralized exchanges might destroy "alts", so waiting to see what happens. Probably will be buying back in when btc hits 15k

If you're really one of the LINK larpfags then please go ahead and KYS

I daytrade my stack sometimes but it makes me fucking nervous when it doesn't drop like I expect it to

Decentralized exchanges will set link free from btc


I'm bullish but more towards eoy

do you think there will be any price action before q4

I predict double digits after main net

That's Q3 right? It seems like you're betting on a 1000x in a month or two here.

NEO did 94000% from march to december

Well then there are better questions to ask than "when moon". Let's break it into sections.
Section 1 is the run up to main net launch. That's when "traders" (who constantly move money between coins chasing gains) will move money into ChainLink in anticipation of the usual "sell the news". This will definitely start en masse once a main net date is released (depending on how far away it is after the announcement, but knowing ChainLink it won't be long) but may even happen before then. So section 1 is the "run up" in which you can expect pretty constant price growth (look at Ardor in the run up to Q3 last year) as people who have their eye on LINK, cautious late buyers who were waiting for a main net announcement, and "sell the news" traders move money into ChainLink. How high will this run up go? No idea. Over a dollar is guaranteed but it could be significantly higher.
Section 2 is the "event". Main net launch. What the price will do here depends on a huge number of factors that are completely unknown (which is why I fucking hate "price prediction" questions). Some of those factors will be: How big/manic the run up was (did people get TOO excited?), general market sentiment at the time (Is BTC at $4k or $10k or $15k), what sort of partnerships/use cases are being announced before and at launch (this is also a massive question mark with ChainLink who could do anything from not announcing anything and letting their partners do it, to a huge marketing drive. We just don't know). In any case, section 2 is the launch and the couple of weeks following where the market spazzes out and tries to put both a dollar value and a hype value to this project. What the price does here is anyone's guess, and reason number 5000 why I hate price predicions.
Section 3 starts once the dust settles from the main net launch frenzy. The section 3 starting price could be anything within a huge range due to the number of unknowns I listed above, (cont.)

It might be earlier. Yeah I predict CL partnerships, adoption and huge crypto hype in general in q4.

The section 3 starting price could be anything within a huge range due to the number of unknowns I listed above, but will follow a pattern of general growth (with dips, of course) as more and more projects announce that they are using the ChainLink network, as more and more nodes spring up, and generally as the network matures, proves its utility and security, builds greater connections, competes with competitors, solves problems, etc etc etc. Section 3 goes on indefinitely and if you think ChainLink will be a foundational piece of the new smart contract paradigm then it will just keep growing and growing.

Those are the basic things you need to have in mind when you think of ChainLink's price moving forward. Asking a specific price at a specific time is retarded. Don't say I don't spoonfeed you faggots anything.

true, but there was already a huge bubble going at the time. I think we will take a year or two to cool off from the crash that started in January. the current uptrend could be another bull trap if anything.

desu I was hoping LINK could pump to double digits sometime in Q2 so I could sell and get in on other coins that will probably go up in late 2018, since I feel the whole space has about one more run in it before collapsing even harder than this winter.

If you believe in req you can hold until Q3 for the fiat gateway implementation, that should cause it to moon very hard. Put Q3 gains into Link.

Chainlink is long term hold. I don't think there will be double digits in Q2 because decentralized oracle need a long time to get adopted. Maybe there will be good news next year. Price singularity is just a meme, it will never happen.

LINK has performed pretty well since the market crash tbqh

I meant main net could be earlier than is generally expected, I believe we will see xx$ in q2

Yeah, but it crashed harder than almost any other coin. My portfolio went down like 2 BTC in sats because of how hard LINK tanked.

I have absolutely no reason to believe that we will see double digits before summer
t. 200k Link holder
When is beta main net being released? How much time will last alpha network?

Beta in q2 or early 3. Look up for banks pioneering in mobile banking. Believers in the know will connect the dots. Do you want to believe? I love you biz. I'm off now

No LINKfag has been able to explain why Vitalik and all major Ethereum researchers unanimously follow Oraclize and its founder and DON'T follow Sergey or Chainlink.

No LINKfag has been able to explain why Oraclize is the oracle solution that is being invited to all major ethereum community gatherings. While LINK was, at one point, invited to some Ethereum gatherings, they haven't been invited to any recently.

No LINKfag has been able to explain how you're going to be the smart contract data service of choice when you don't have the support of the undisputed smart contract computation platform.

>Vitalik sees LINK as a greedy and bulky solution that doesn't need a token
I'm sure a bunch of 4channers will wind up being right!

>inb4 selective Vitalik FUD muh CP

Holy fuck. And now I think I need to take a holy shit.

this is bullshit. market making isn't that simple. not going to happen. not this year.

Only 30k link so probably not.

Too risky for me. I guess I will hold through the hype and correction phases.

#metoo and checka

>No LINKfag has been able to explain how you're going to be the smart contract data service of choice when you don't have the support of the undisputed smart contract computation platform.


always the link threads.

nice fud $1000 EOY

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I don't blame you at all. I think you could wait for 3 months after main net launch to make sure everything is in working order, and then still stand to make huge gains over the next 5 years with minimum risk.

Kek gave you digits when you were losing hope about link. Think about it

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fucking always kek

kek says you will make it, I have twice as much as you so I am going to make it twice. WOOHOO. I'M GONNA MAKE IT TWICE!!!!

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We need a jackpot post

shut up


no u


Patience and strong hands will be rewarded with the whole of the universe.

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why is request mooning past us? dont those morons know request depends on LINK??? fucking retards


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hudson is literally LINK's advisor why is he even on the picture?
>social media
oh right I just remembered that actually matters

Who gives a fuck about ethereum? They need link, but link doesn't need them.

>Who gives a fuck about ethereum? They need link, but link doesn't need them.
this has to be the most arrogant LINKpost in history.

Hey brother I'm sorry no one replied to your shitty copypasta. I know it took a lot of work to copy and paste it into this thread. Have a (You) on me.

~18 months until adoption

get a coinbase account and register on binance then buy link with ETH you bought with your credit card on coinbase binance.com/ ref = 16190153