Blockfolio r8/h8

Since crypto is alive again lets check out those portfolios. Who will have /made it/ EOY?

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give it to me straight

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Try moving into lower market cap coins. I’m working on the same.

2018 better be the year I make it. I’ve got a skyminer almost finished as well.

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Am I doing it right

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You're doing the right thing user, good luck.

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Yep, looks good.. just work on getting some more fiat in there to really make it. Nice picks, hoping we both make it brother
OMG definitely has one of the biggest potentials this year and the next. Nice choice

PLs god let me go to the moon pls

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add some jibrel so you can say with confidence that you let the retards on Veeky Forums decide your investments

Hope I'm right about this. Took some willpower to jump back in after getting raped.
Have .5 buttcorns down from .8 ath

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they always bully my OMG. thank you anons.

larpper, show us your real folio

Here’s a recent ss autist

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Everyone FUD’s good coins thinking they will keep the price down to accumulate. I’m hoping for OMG to pulla NEO move, where NEO was consolidating around $25 forever and randomly broke out to $100+ very quickly. Plasma should be that move

I didn't really mean OMG, I don't know if it will moon again or not, but I can see you are actually trying to make it instead of this autistic spreading over any coin ever shilled

I posted this in another thread but would definitely like more opinions. I'm especially concerned with my Nano holdings and if I should consolidate or spread out a little more. And if so, into what?

Im checking out everyone elses portfolios for ideas...

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>ss autist
Thought I was 3 days in the future there for a moment. Keep your chin up kind sir

Seem to all be solid. No one knows what’s gonna happen. Dyor and don’t fomo into something else without feeling very confident.

Holy shit user, I almost thought someone stole my folio. Specially with the Ethos.

We gonna make it

You too I like your memes.

Anyone see potential? Holding like a new born baby.

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You’re way heavy on Asia coins (OMG, ICX, NAS).

Also be careful with NANO, did you hear what Vitalik had to say about it?

ever since i panic sold my ANS at $10 i vowed to stick it out with OMG.

i really am. ELEC is my low-cap moonshot. i just don't have time to research all these shilled projects. so much noise.

No I did not. What specifically did he say? Ive honestly considered dumping my Nano but in favor of what, I dont know. Any suggestions? And Yeah I am heavy on the asian coins I guess. Wasnt intentional, just happened that way. I dont know if geography has much to do with crypto except when people want to shit on asian coins, but I wonder what a good western coin is, or non asian. :P

Good job holding NEO iron balls. I had to sell around $120, not because of the lame ass fud around here, but due to the shitty trading behavior. Went all in on qtum with that bag after researching its prior ATH, features, and general status.

Anyone else decided to finally update their folio after saying fuck it back in February after Tethering, then trading all the way down like a mad dog like I did?

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if you make it, I make it too

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How fucked am I?

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Not bad user. I’d dump the link and req and up the anty into more ltc and omg.

roast me

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Can't you probably slept better at night than a lot of us

Tron should be comfy for the next week or two

>nobody is loaded up on RCN
Yea looks like no ones making it here

You have giant balls, and if NEBL takes off you’ll have made it for sure. Good luck.
The reason for the req and link is I don’t really have any other small caps, they’re my moonshots.

we're back! lambos soon baby

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>tfw drgn is dead

If it hit $5, I'd be happy.

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loltzzzzing my ass floor

I quit

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Nice. Probably one of the safest portfolios here

Where do you guys get all your capital from? What are your starting investments?

Idk man, it was real, real tough. Had to break my back working

Invested about 15k in November, 5k a week as that was my Coinbase limit. Bought a bunch of LTC at $60, ETH at $300.. made a couple good trades and peaked around $150k during the bubble. Around $70k now.

Will probably sell most my VEN for OMG.

How long until I make it?

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