What is one coin you've done diligence on and are certain will 100x in the next year?

What is one coin you've done diligence on and are certain will 100x in the next year?

Pic related is mine
>inb4 stinkies

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skycoin is probably an exit scam similar to confido

Skycoin is so great, I heard the original Bitcoin devs started Skycoin to solve Bitcoin's problems. It's got nfinite scalability and zero fees too while decentralizing the internet, how can you not be all in? I know I am.

Where is JJ Jenkins and that amazing song Skycoin Baby! Get the morafucking Skycoin Baby! You can t loose! They went missing today from youtube.

Yeah I know probably the #no1 project right now in crypto

Garbage b8, pajeet

can you explain a little more how you define due dilligence - are you traveling to meet the team, etc?

Anyone got a mail from Canterbury legal about the class action against cryptopia?
They are charging 20% what I find a bit expensive

probably not the best definition, but I consider it:
>checking out github activity
>checking out community activity on various platforms (reddit, telegram, discord, etc)
>the whitepaper
>the roadmap

Will i make it with 1500 sky plus this guy?

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Low quality fud like this sets off my gains snek senses.


You've already made it.

I met with the CTO of Metalicoin yesterday which is an ICO running skyledger. He said he'd met Jane in Switzerland and has been liaising with the other team members. This project is definitely legit.

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user, shill me on skycoin

Lol skycoin is clearly a scam, big red flags like the JJ Jenkins nigger with the skycoin lambo, all his YouTube videos are now removed clearly they weren't good enough shills and made the sham too obvious

shut up this in no way is a shill thread, you don't know what you are talking about

It has it all, programming language, ico platform, cloud storage/computing, bulletin broadcast system, no tx fees, skywire, 51% attack proof and team who is red pilled to the child raping satanists running shop.

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hey guys i watched this and im stoked about the new internet. but some fag wrote a comment and it created some FUD inside me. HELP

"so for a certain amount of time we are incentivized to share our current ISP bandwidth by getting sky-coins but after that if we do end up connecting to some sort of mesh network, what use does the miner provide seeing as there are instructions to build your own you obviously don't need to buy one to connect to said network and since we moved to the decentralized, new internet we have no isp bandwidth to share."

Not sure I understand this guys question. There will always be an incentive to mine skycoin either through buying a skyminer they built for you or building your own. People will pay you coin hours, which is like neo gas, for bandwidth, or even you could just not have to pay for the internet. Miners will get skycoin which they can hold and receive coin hours to use all over the ecosystem to pay for shit.

This miner is only gonna be useful for the testnet to optimize the economics but in a couple of months they're gonna have new hardware configurations with higher networking abilities for 10gb/s and the custom antennae.