Who here /cutcontactwithparents/ ?

Who here /cutcontactwithparents/ ?

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inb4 the redditor mommy lovers freakout

No, but considering moving to another state or country an not telling any of my old friends or family where I'm going, as my hometown is pretty toxic and most people I know seem to be incredibly negative and depressingly cynical now. Interested in hearing from people who have.

yep, deFOO'd a few years ago after getting into Molyneux's stuff.

Why did you cut contact with your parents user ?
My father died 6 months ago, I fucking miss him.

Psychopath here, love my parents

I'm in the process of decoupling.

Me even tho they pay my phone and insurance its just not enough

Must suck to have shitty parents
My dad is literally my best friend.

Some people have parents who abused them their whole upbringing, others have alcoholics and drug addicts as parents. People have their reasons.

you guys are irl faggots and will regret it at some point

>psychopath here

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I'm an introverted guy and only chat with my parents once every few weeks, but haven't cut off contact.

>calling everyone and everything depressingly cynical

M8, you might be the depressingly cynical one.

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I used to hate my parents and still have some resentment towards them but forgiveness is the way to go. Obviously if they are totally batshit then cut all contact but it’s still smart to forgive people.

>youll regret not keeping in touch with 2 ambitionless losers that did nothing but belittle your achievements and physically and verbally abuse you for 15 years

lol right

Ive been there and done that but dont recommend it. First of all in all liklihood they are boomers and deserve it. However we have some weird electric bond that cant be shaken with parents.

So Its less of a burden to keep minimum cnotact than to cut them out completely. Talk to them like once a month, visit on thanksgiving or christmas, thats about the sweet spot

My mum suddenly cut contact with me when she passed away last November.

What stuff? Interested

No, I fight with them sometimes, but I love being around them and would hate to lose contact.

TFW extremely alpha dad who is a role model and bro - letting me work at his company even though I'm a new grad and grossly underqualified
>successful business owner
>competes in crossfit - healthy and fit
>successful investor - develops real estate on the side
>chad tier personality - many friends and gets hit on constantly by stacies
>came from nothing, understands the importance of hard work so will not give me a dime but instead devotes time to consult me on my investments and ideas.

feels fucking good to probably have the best dad a man can have.

>"who here is an /ungrateful delusional faggot/ /thread

I tried but then my dad died and I felt bad so I came back to live with my mother. He was the main reason I left anyway so it's not a big deal.

Living alone for 2 years now. Speaking less and less with my parents. Haven't seem them until last Christmas. I'm really close to cutting them out of my life in general.

They are low IQ criminals and drug dealers while I just want to have a fair and honest life without all of that shady shit.

I only cared about my little sister and my Older Brother's Son that had potential. But he already carjacked and stole motorcycles so he went to juvi and my sister is now dating a dealer working under my father so there is absolutely no reason to keep contact.

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I was about to last month. I even made a thread about it here. Now I donno, I’m trying to work it out. I have a lot of resentment, but at the end of the day, they tried their best I guess and I’m working through it. Really it’s up to us at this point to make it. We’re all dealt a pair of hands, and it’s so easy to get jealous of other people.

>my life is great so everyone else's must be too!!

uhh because parents are humans and usually humans can be shit, my dad left when i was 15 and my mom spendt all my teens days verbally abusing me, she was a drunk woman tho i don't fully blame her

this thread truly depresses me...

i hope you all remember to strengthen your family ties, lift your family up. (((they))) are trying to destroy the nuclear family. The nuclear family is the key to success in the west and without it, boys do not grow into men, and girls do not grow into women.

Take time and nurture those younger than you who depend on you, set a good example on how to be successful, be honest with them and allow them to learn from your mistakes.

Fuck off back to /pol/ you colossal faggot

ehhh its not bad when you cut ties. I cant stand my dad and want nothing to do with him and ever since putting that shit to bed, I have been much much happier. Stillk chill with my mom though. she's a good person and redpilled fully.


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You have a responsibility to your parents who gave you life and busted their ass. You'll know when you have kids yourselves what a pain in the was you were and maybe stop thinking like a worthless teenager.

In a similar situation. I still think I need to move out at least, sometimes I just can't bear them.

I never met my dad. Grew up very poor in the midwest. Currently financially supporting my mother. Make 200k a year. She lucked out desu, desu.

althought i hate that this board has become /pol/, he has a point. notice other races and religions always have strong family ties, and family business. not just jews, but muslims, asians, eurasians.

look at the Rothschilds. You think the story would be the same if that dude employed 5 random people, instead of his 5 children?

what if your parents threw you in psych wards for the duration of your formative years? Are you allowed to hate them then?

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triggered boomer

why they do it


Fuck off grandpa. Parents have children out of selfish desires and have no say whether they are born, so they owe nothing to their parents. Boomers destroyed this country and it and is collapsing on the younger generation as a result. We are going to throw people your age in nursing homes that will make Auschwitz look like Palm Beach and leave you to rot. Deal with it.

I never asked for my parents to have me. Also
>implying you have to have kids

FUD basically. I have an emotional disorder that I took upon myself to treat with cannabis, what I really needed was CBD, but there could be no way of knowing this as the chemical wasn’t isolated at the time and you sure as shit couldn’t find CBD in Illinois during that time (early to late two thousands)

Anyways, I decided to try and be honest with my parents about this as I was still young and naive and believed in the perseverance of truth and other such nonsense.

And what do ya know, got molested by a 250 lb behemoth in a shitty psych ward. I banged 15 chicks during the cascade downfall type self desolation that came after that time period so sleeping at night isn’t too hard anymore, and I’ve quit the hard drugs for good.

Anyways, yeah. I can hate them right? Please let me.

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Honor killings should be legal.

they probably should have gone with a therapist first to help you with your disorder. The molesting thing isn't really their fault though. I'm guessing they're conservative and freaked out about the weed thing?

What if your mother was distant, and cold towards you? What if she only gave you love when you were making her look good to outsiders, or when you briefly met her insane expectations of you? What if she was violently explosive, and verbally abusive? What if your own mother called you names, and made you feel inadequate from an early age?

What if years later, you developed problems from this form abuse, and instead of helping you, she distanced herself from you and "hedged" her bet by investing more time on her other children that inadvertently became sociopaths with sex addictions and other personality problems?

What if your Dad let all of this happened?

What if while you struggled to pay your cell-phone bill, your Parents went on family trips with your brother/sisters?

What if your parents were fine seeing you spent days upon days locked in your room and never even knocked your door once for years on end?

What if your parents did all of these things and never said sorry nor acknowledge any wrong doing on your part?

Lol Jesus Christ. You didn't come with an instruction manual. Its worse if your a nut.

I deFOO'd 3 years ago. It was a good decision but it can make life rather difficult and scary when you're a turbo-autist and the only person you have is yourself. The alternative is much worse though if you only stick with them because of the potential for money, social ties, or your own cowardice.

I've made progress getting my life together and one day hope to have a wife and children.

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You've forgotten the face of your father and should be sent west.

I live/work 30 minutes away from my parents but I only visit once every month or two at most. I NEVER call or text them to see how they're doing. If they try to contact me, I keep the convo super short. They're not terrible parents, but they constantly say or do stuff that's low-key disrespectful to me. And they tried to use me as an ATM literally months after I graduated and started making great money.

Rescue your father from the underworld.

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I'd say its okay to move without telling anyone beforehand. But a few days after you move, call up your parents/family and let them know you're safe and perhaps explain it to them. Friends can be replaced, family cannot. Even if you aren't close with them now, there's no reason you can't be close later.
Don't take this for granted, your parents raised you so far and deserve to know that you are okay and didn't get kidnapped or killed one night with no explanation.

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IF I have to bet money I would bet you are american.

In 1998 I was 17 years old . I had a blowout with my dad about work and I moved out of my parents house in wash dc to Los Angeles. I lived in my sisters home for a month and got it together and never looked back or kept contact till my dad passed in 2010.
Im back in LA and have nearly no
Contact still.

If your ok with it , youll be fine

shit move everyone will think you're weird
just look for a job somewhere, tell everyone in advance and then move like a normal human being
burning bridges is never a good move

blood this thicker than water friendo

Some of you anons should try harder
I stayed alongside my dad for years when he was depressed. Gambling, drinking, stealing from me, eviction after eviction. I built up a lot of resentment but I knew it would be worse for him if I wasn't there.

I was close with my mother but she passed away in 2005.

I cut off contact with my sister because she's a bipolar insane cunt. That's unfortunate bc I don't get to see my nieces or my brother in law.

Some siblings/parents/cousins give a shit about you and others dont

Both of my siblings are complete nut cases.

Yeah, every single person with children is a perfect person that does everything they can to make life great for that child and they deserve only the best things in life huh?

Take your religious propaganda elsewhere. Satan fucks your grandmother in the ass in Hell.

Holy fuck, what is Veeky Forums coming to? mootykins, how could you just leave us with /pol/ and go to Google. gookmoot can't even speak English. Look at this shit. Please, let it all just end.

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You should end yourself.


Must be nice

Stefan Molyneaux

t. nig/kike
/pol/ is Veeky Forums

I second this

>Who here /cutcontactwithparents/ ?

Hello Kenny, sorry mysterion

mid 20's here. Father ruined our family and my parents are divorced now. Mom is a narcissist that lack empathy so we don't really talk that much. I'm on my own now, and we recently had neighbors whose dad died out of nowhere from a heart attack. Their dad was an amazing and selfless person, and at the funeral they were all like "you should talk to your dad he loves you bla bla bla" meanwhile they have no idea what a piece of shit he was.

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get out

this, nobody is going to miss you just because you didnt said good bye user

gonna see my father one last time to say goodbye soon
gonna keep my mother close for the rest of my life

Unless your parents are some kind of abusive psychopaths I'm going to assume you are young. Don't cut off contact with your family. When you are a little older and more financially independent your relationship will improve with your parents. It will take work, but it is usually worth it.

Unless you are a fuck face, people will miss you and will be very offended that you didn't say bye to them. That's why we have good bye parties...

>You have a responsibility to your parents who gave you life and busted their ass

My parents were very very very wealthy. At age 7 I was sent to what you would call a military academy and after that lived in borderline poverty when I was home (rarely) I had a very strict regime of manual chores.. My younger brother was expelled from school never had to do chores or any kind and was out drinking at 16 with my fathers blessing and given half the family wealth. I was ok with it until they did that. Now I just fund them a bit disgusting. My mother was a sadistic bitch and when I asked her why we had been treated differently she just said we never liked you. I wasted a decade sending them cards on holidays and saying in touch on the phone. Not worth it. They are fucked up bad people who think inherited wealth gives them divine powers and have been very mean to anyone who worked or them or knew them their whole lives. Awful people. If your parents have a favourite child, don't waste your time and degrade yourself staying in touch with them

>will be very offended that you didn't say bye to them

fuck 'em if they were worth a shit you would not be leaving

I love Inside Llewyn Davis, but I'm still really close with my family. We grew up close and on really good terms, so there's no reason for me to /cutcontact/ with anyone. Parents gave me a lot of good financial advice when I was younger that they never got at my age. Why so edgy, OP?

how about parents have a responsibility to provide a high qaulity of life to the fucking people that THEY decided to bring into this world?

honestly, poor people should NOT be allowed to reproduce. it only ends in heartache for everyone involved

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How would you explain to your fiancee's friends and family during your wedding that none of your family members will be attending?

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We smoke weed and do coke and pingas and go out partying with each other

Left NY for CA cause parents are nutjob comp. sci. majors....

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THIS. Try telling this to a baby boomer though. They just blame the victim. Good luck changing your Depends fuckers. I get that no set of parents is perfect but come on at least meet the minimum requirements like providing a home and paying the bills and being responsible so your kids can have the same lifestyle you had at least or better.

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Same story minus the azns part. Weed is bad though you should smoke ciggys fgt. Also I wasn't molested.

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I know a guy in his 60's that this happened to. He's all fucked up. He knows that he's 65 but acts like a child because he never had a childhood. One of his parents sexually abused him and then had him locked up at age 9 to cover it up. So fucking sad.

shut the fuck up retard

Everyone in my immediate family has autism but me. I didn't realize this until my late 20s. None of them can feel empathy or joy or just sit and hang out and build a relationship. I can't be around it anymore.

just recently cut ties with my mom. seriously hard pill to swallow.

my dad doesnt really talk to me but we're not close so whatever

Veeky Forums - Business and Finance

Most people are losers so why would most people be good parents?

they all died
i'm an orphan

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Same, user.

Fuck off schlomo, Veeky Forums is /pol/

Dad is an useless drug addict who got me hooked in my teens and ruined a great part of my life.

He got clean, I changed my life fully and I got a kid and we were just starting to build a relationship and he relapses after 6 years clean, and haven't seen him since.

So I guess he cut ties with me :(

He's probably ashamed and needs your help more than ever

you have no idea how undeserving some parents can be. life is not the front page of reddit sry.

>THEY decided to bring into this world?
Do you have ANY idea how many people are mistakes?

>Veeky Forums is /pol/

Veeky Forums is /b/ too then

I moved to this nice shit hole called Australia

more like
>make $70,000 a year at financial analyst job
>still live with parents because rent is minimum $2,300 for a studio apartment

i fucking hate california so god damn much

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Are you me?