Unironically a pyramid scheme

1 regular vet returns 0.15 thor, but 1 vet in mjolnir x returns 0.51
anyone else confirm this?

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Too bad you cant afford a thundernode. Stay poor faggot

How would you know

You wouldn't be bitching then
Just want to fast forward a year from now so im finally rich

I’m calling it out for what it is

how is this different from any other POS system you fucking brainlet? Waltonchain does the same exact thing with GMN

ethereum staking rewards will only be available to people with 1k+ eth

same with ICX

Vechain is an absolutely overhyped shitcoin. Tron levels. I will be laughing my ass off when in q3 they still do not have a whitepaper and have to try and prop up their coin with fake partnerships written up and hinted at by that CocaCola Kid. Vapourware trash.

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Are other rewards linear proportional? Thor isn’t

neither is Walton and ICX is rumored to have similar system

plus there's dozens of other staking coins I don't even know of. Seems like you just want to FUD ven cause it's the cool thing to do right now (eth got FUDded the hardest 12 months ago too)

No I’m legit concerned that whales have more incentive to accum than no noders. I’m for pooling to balance it out

you didn't read the ICX incentive system didn't you? As long as you are an active member, it doesn't matter if you hold 1icx or 100k, you will get some

and you get thor for holding 1 VEN


Is walton or icx linearly proportional?

I got out when I saw the bmw partnership"" photo, if that didn't make you cringe to the moon and back you are really fooling yourself

For all you moonboys fudding ur own coin, whales have all the incentives to push price down and accum as long as 150MM pool is in effect.

is coping hard?

better make profit with lastflipwins.co/ its easy money when you are rich enough

Walton is. Look up grandmaster node

I used to be all in on vechain and you are 100% correct. The community is completely bitconnect grade deluded and ever since that video came out with the 500 dollar 3d printer it's apparent vechain is all hype and no content.

>I used to be all in on vechain
this FUD again. Post a screenshot of your sell history then.

coping over what? what are you trying to say? lol

My pathetic holding. I have put in a couple hundred more since then but still not exactly a whale lol

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Honestly confused about ICX, can you ELI5? I heard there is a 20% annual inflation, is this what is distribted to people staking?

nothing. These people never have anything to say.

They spout the same recycled FUD that has been completely disproved with all of the recent AMAs. They probably sold low sometime ago and just join these threads to mouth off. Likely less than 20 years old. Any older would be embarrassing

I just honestly feel that sunny is not being straight about the partnerships. BMW turned out to be massively overblown, it wasn't even really a partnership at all. Not a good look.

dude sorry but u are retarded lol

damn with those holdings you should of sold anyways, gamble with some shitcoins till you actually make it

anyone with multi k VEN knows VEN is the best investment for smart safe money

when you have a lot of money its too risky to chuck it in shitcoins and hope for the best, we need to move to blue chip alts and ven is the best one so far

Ven holders again covering their ears and burying their heads in the sand. People are telling the truth but you don't want to hear it. That is not fud.

welp lol
actually the whales might not be as concentrated as i'd thought. idk

yup. hold down the price, p&d other shits, then put profit into vet.

You can tell how hard he's trying to sound like a serious investor "blue chip alts" lol

Vechain are doing same as BitOcean, reversing a new company into an old shell company making up the business plan as they go. Now instead of looking like a brand new start up with nothing you look like professionals who have been grinding away over the past 4 years. It's all an illusion.

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im just a regular dude lol got lucky like everyone else early last year
i dont call or think myself as a investor like a faggot
i just picked a few coins good like everyone else