Why is it mooning now?

Why is it mooning now?

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Mainnet got silently released. Non-technical people don't know because the only indication is the github code that is now 100% complete.

But basically the latest commits show that there is a FUCKTON of code and the project is officially not a whitepaper project anymore. It's only up from here on out.

You mean that they are just waiting to flip the switch on the main net?

You know, it doesn't matter how good a thing sounds. No source = please shut the fuck up.

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Something tells me they'll flip the switch the moment ChainLink does the same.

The LINK testnet is up but we are still waiting for the actual "simplified Go release" or whatever it was to start serving data.

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should i maybe buy more? i have almost 1ETH lying around.

>doesn't know how to navigate GitHub

Nice syncronicity, you thinking LINK as well?


Fuck outta here.

When are we going to stop throwing around the term mooning for any and every uptrend.

Where's the source nigga? I'm not FUDing, but come on, gib source.


This was the last feature missing from Mainnet. So it's 100% complete and public now.

Thank god I bought today, was gonna wait until next monday, but deemed to risky.

when you kys

Fuck yes. Thank you user. Here's a (You)




literally 5 mins browsing their git will show you the product

Hmm. I don't know why I'm not happy. I wasn't planning on buying more. I already have a large amount. But now I wish I bought more. But I really don't. And I won't... fucking feelings, man.

Because I bought an extra 60k yesterday. Thnx based Sminem!

It's replacing Paypal so it should be worth like 100's of billions

How do I see the update frequency on git? The thing with dates and little green squares?

I'm hoping it will be a big name outside of crypto. I don't expect LINK announcement until well into Q2.

Don't worry man just keep buying more whenever you can. Don't try to time the market at all times. It's all going to be irrelevant in 3 years time when REQ is a top 5 marketcap coin anyway.

If you are going to blame yourself for every missed opportunity you will never be happy even if you end up a billionaire.


Priced in?


Volume still low af with pretty low resistance. If you're gonna get in do it soon before the real fomo begins

Is there room for significant growth on this coin?

There is coin burning meaning the supply of REQ tokens get lower over time. So holding REQ should provide you passive income. Kind of like staking.

Is that just constantly happening or is it an event?

Yes. It's literally at the bottom.
There is a burning token mechanism so simple supply/demand.
Even if you don't believe in the product for whatever reason you will make money off this

You're fucking kidding me.

Every time a transaction is made over the Request Network the fee or "gas" paid like in ETH will get burned. Meaning the supply will get lower over time.

Yeah it happens in real time at a fairly constant pace. The burning will start before the end of March so that's why people are accumulating.

No it looks like a pretty good product but this market has been shown to not give a fuck about product feasibility.

mainnet is in the process of being priced in as we speak hence the current pump. will probably continue to do so until news is released in which there will likely be a dump. good news is it might not dump to heavily, as the team still has an anticipated partnership to be revealed

>The burning will start before the end of March so that's why people are accumulating.
Thanks for the info man, just went all in

it's returning to the mean you dumb fuck

Ycombinator are backing it as well so you know they're going to shove it down your throat until it gets adoption

What he means is even if nobody buys REQ it will still increase in value over time due to the burning mechanism. So you basically get to hold a coin that is guaranteed to (slowly) rise in value and also have the chance of moon mission due to the normal crypto stuff such as partnerships/bigger adoption etc.

I really appreciate getting some actual information on this rather than the pajeet shilling that’s been rampant for the past few months. Hope to see more posters like you guys on here. I’m already tired of gambling with shitcoins so I’ve gone in on REQ as it seems like a good stable hold for the time being.

Simplified main net, aka testnet, aka alpha version was released in mid February... I think you are talking about beta network, which larpers/alleged insiders say it will happen during Q2. Anyway we need Chainlink fully operative and functional in order for Req to implement crypto to fiat function

>Is there significant growth for a coin with a $150M market cap that plans to take a chunk of the entire world's payments

Fucking christ dude.

Good boy

As a holder from .06 cents, i will never forgive myself for not buying that final dip to .13. Fucking kill me.

Truly the best brotherhood in crypto

Not gonna lie, I bought 35k REQ at 28 cents and I was shitting my pants during that dip.

lol chad and stacy will never be creepy enough to venmo REQ tokens at random. Enjoy your pajeet burning bags. Passport needs verification to even paypal 2.0 someone.