Why does Veeky Forums spread so much FUD and horrible advice now?

Why does Veeky Forums spread so much FUD and horrible advice now?

>Kekd at a lot.. but still...

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It's fun.

Most people here aren't smart and the ones that are don't want to help the idiots.

Literal autism. If you enjoy spreading disinformation and misleading claims, you're cancer and you should kys. Period.

I don't know, most of the things people call FUD sound like actual good advice. Try trading more? FUD. Try trading less? FUD. Get less alts on your folio? FUD. You shouldn't all in on whatevercoin because link to article? FUD.


>Whosoever therefore thou art that now desireth to study this science, keep silence and constantly conceal within the secret closets of your Religious breast, so holy a determination;

>for (as Mercury saith) to publish to the knowledge of many a speech thoroughly filled with so great majesty of the Deity, is a sign of an irreligious spirit

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Sun Tzu - The art of war.

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Ignore this disinformation

I mean would we even be making it?
We still got the whales and media to worry about.

Because they're shills, see this post for example see how butt blasted and insecure he got when you called him out? Don't take their shitty advice.

Life is generally shit. People are horrible creatures. You're very lucky not to be in a concentration camp right now.

It's FUD, it's common sense.

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There's bern a dedicated OMG fudder here for the last few nights. It's been really pathetic to watch.
He even posted a Reddit thread earlier and told everyone to go upvote it.
Imagine being this sad.
I just don't get why people fud like this, even if you hate a coin.

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I thought it was just me who noticed that nonsense.
Definitely.. no one knows if it's FUD or not until later...next thing you know you miss out...

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better drawings than reddit


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Probably will be an alt coin boom. Btc is not going to 10k with the Japanese whale anytime soon. But its unprofitable to keep it down at 6 k as well. Too cheap. Will probably pump acts to make money. As btc remains sideways acts will pump

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They will pump alts since the whale doesn't hold alts.


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Most FUD is probably well deserved though, since crypto in general is a vaporwave shitfest

Hmm all those bear threads and TA threads with downtrends disappeared. Where do you think they all went?

FUD has never been an issue since a trained eye can easily see through it, the real problem is idiots truly deluded and dragging other people into their web of delusion

Not gonna throw any names but the most shilled shticoin of Veeky Forums will create a whole generation of suicidal bagholders like never seen before and funny enough they totally deserve it in the end

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