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I shouldn't even have to explain why this thread is shit. I really shouldn't.

>the entire fucking Ethereum community supports Oraclize
>i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-it doesn't matter!

Why not?

That fat neckbeard is on the advisory board though.

>entire ethereum community supports a centralized solution
Says a lot about Ethereum.

he left.

>judging a project based on twitter followers
you literally deserve to die, redditor

Why does everybody always forget that link works with Swift. Do you all have Alzheimers?
Also dont forget mainnet will come in 3 months from now or earlier, along with ALL partnerships

There will be no salvation for them when the time comes

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yes, following people on twitter is a completely random process with no information whatsoever.

you LINK idiots are really grasping at straws if you're going to try to imply that ALL major ethereum people following Oraclize and NOT following LINK is insignificant.

>works with Swift.
LINKers literally WTCtier idiocy.

Okay you got me, just sold all my link. Fuck. Its shit, youre so right

good. you realized that working on a powerpoint in a public competition doesn't imply any partnership whatsoever and only a fucking moron fantasizing about winning the lottery would make such a ridiculous conclusion with such insignificant evidence?

>he unironically thinks social media matters
sage and kys

>Twitter follows mean a lot

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>everyone in ethereum mistakenly clicked Oraclize and ignored LINK

Why would Ari Paul say this when Oraclize is already up and running?

This is very weak FUD, considering Oraclize has been a working product for sometime and LINK is still in development

Show me who was following Oraclize when they first started out

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up and running to what degree? to what scale?

nothing in blockchain is "done"

i know you're a link holder, i do this shit too when i'm bored
but god damn this is pajeet level fud
if you're from a country with toilets and plumbing
you need to come up with better fud
if you are a pajeet,
then you're basically subhuman anyway

Well oraclize is done, since it isn't blockchain of any sort

Nick Szabo followed Sergey
>this entire board erupts in an uproar for days

I demonstrate that the entire Ethereum community exclusively follows LINK's major competitor
>hahaha this FUDer thinks that social media matters.

completely skipping over the only question that matters
do you shit in a street or not?

Thanks for ignoring my comment about Ari Paul

LINK hasn't even shipped its "product" yet, so to speak. Oraclize is working and available now

enjoy your cognitive dissonance

This. Thanks op for whatever you are talking about

Hudson is literally a LINK advisor

Reminder that OP holds LINK and spent the last week trying to find some way to FUD and this was the best he could come up with.

define "working"

working for what APIs? for what functions? for what data?

Lmao both parties announced that they are working together, its on the HP dude


83k link here and laughing that you took the time to make this graphic
even the rory's wife's son fud was better
sage as always, redditor

you got proof?

>Well oraclize is done, since it isn't blockchain of any sort


i dont understand this thread. the pajeet inside of you is too strong. i dont know how to decipher the shit-tier fud you are slangin.
back to your designated pooping street sir.

Working as in you can use to feed data from APIs into smart contracts

LINK hasn't even launched the mainnet

any time you want to prove me wrong, go ahead

>all APIs are the same
>all data are the same


Oraclize is "done" since you can use it to feed a majority of data types from a majority of APIs into smart contracts

Link is not "done" since the network and token are not ready to do this

Once Link is ready to do this with the launch of mainnet, things will change, including your precious twitter followers

Also i bet a lot of eth devs follow oraclize to keep tabs of how often it goes offline, which is frequently lol

I will only sell my linkies if you can prove it can make and maintain a steady stream of memes.

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I unironically am less convinced about LINK from this.

Why doesn't Ethereum like LINK?

Smart Contract hasn't even begun tweeting until like a month ago, and even then they only have like 1 or two tweets right now.
Meanwhile Oraclize tweets 100 times a day and we've seen what kind of tweets they are from the picture floating around
I don't see why you're putting so much energy into trying to get people to sell. You're either a holder being dumb or literally the Oraclize dev, which wouldn't surprise me since he's shown to hate the guts out of LINK because he's so scared of it.

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LINK will be everything enterprise related.

Oracalize can have the gambling dApps

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i have been in the crypto game for too long to care any longer about what crypto someone supports.

I dont care how famous/respected they are, I have seen so much FUD about "this person said this about bitcoin", or "this person had this opinion about Ethereum" to even be affected by it anymore. It all bounces off me.

I am creating the group with the bunch of folks to buy multiple crypto research reports including palm beach report. Please fill if you are interested..



Being poor with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Oraclize was launched in March 2015. Link ICO was in Sept 2017. So how do you want all these people to follow a project that didn't exist 6 months ago. If all the people followed Oraclize within the past 6 month, and not LINK, I'll be worried. Otherwise, STFU.

It’s perplexing to me as well. Wouldn’t ETH developers/informed supporters be hugely supportive of chainlink, since it will make smart contracts infinitely more useful? Do they know something that biz doesn’t?

I think it's just an issue of them NOT knowing something. That something being LINK. They just haven't heard of it. Remember that only 4300 wallets even have more than 5k LINK, and in total LINK has only 20k wallets. That's a pathetic amount.

LINK just needs some marketing, their twitter has 7 tweets since november, while oraclize has too many for me to count. More than 200 hundred I'd say.

200 hundred. 200100. Damn, that is a lot.

get these fags to buy oraclize. i can hold these bags so fucking long the streets will be a river of shit before i give them even one stinky. you only get a few entry points into ungodly game changing crypto spots. you've already missed 2 (maybe 3). watch from the sidelines while you shit post if you'd like...

LINK was invited to and attended earlier Ethereum events.

They know about it.

>LINK was invited to and attended earlier Ethereum events.
>earlier ethereum events
uhhh let's see since LINK ICO these events have happened
>bitcoin superconference
so devcon is one event. doubt they know everything about every event that happened in it.

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>Implying that your faggot ass never goes to reddit

Nice cope faggot