According to the United Nations, there are over 30,000,000 people in slavery today and it is an over 10 Trillion dollar a year business.

My question is, how can I participate in this lucrative business without having to move to a shit hole country.

In before some atheist democrat says they are not shit hole countries.

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pump for creative business people to respond. THere must be some intelligent entrepreneurs on this site, not just all scams.

97% of Americans are in practice effectively enslaved

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Cheap method for tracking, shipping, and trading slaves on the blockchain

I agree I want a piece of this lucrative pie. The weak should fear the strong.

kekek before i read your second sentence I thought you might be interested in helping them. Move to India, shit in street, sell some child sex slaves, and make some bank.

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go ahead, pick up some disaffected 12 year old on the playground and enjoy your lifetime on the registry

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If you are 100% serious. Move to turkey (which is the main hub for human trafficking).

Learn Russian or have a partner that speaks russian. Go to Ukraine/Romania/Belarus and recruit women promising them that they will work in nail studios/massage parlors in Germany/UK. Then take away their passports when you arrive in turkey.

You can then sell them to a couple of different markets. #1 the middle east saudi/abu dhabi/Qatar/Kuwait/Bahrain/Dubai markets so you sell them to Turkish middle men that go south. Usually if the prostitutes are tall and have big ass and tits you will make the most profit by selling south.

The other profitable route is to sell them westwards to be used in prostitution centres in Frankfurt,Berlin,Amsterdam,Antwerp.

You can also sell them in Turkey to work there themselves but it usually provides subpar income. The buy up of the girls and then selling them for a markup to middlemen is the most profitable piece of the pie.

Honestly if you already have some money it's best to hire an ex-prostitute that speaks russian to trick the girls into coming with you.

There's also the asian market but that's a whole other can of worms that's hard to get into even though it's my specialty.

This is extremely dangerous though, unless you want to have snow stuffed down your throat by Russian/Albanian/etc families etc and other mafias that have high stake in human trafficking in East Europe and the Near East.

You can tell this chart was made by a European

>americas are grouped together so they don't have to show how much of a shithole south america is and they get to keep all their numbers in the millions, despite north america likely having less than a million
As I typed this, I realized they did this with a bunch of countries. Eastern "Europe" should have definitely been classified with Russia and Eurasia. Australia should have been its own category. White people need to feel guilty, though.

Nice larp

Damn when I think my life can't get any lower there are people that do this

Asian market is better for labor, though technically is it really slavery if a Filipino decides to go abroad and agrees for $500-800 a month?

Depending on the pinoy, HK seems to be their hub for prostitution due to no visa requirements.

Many people in SEA are undocumented and don't have proper papers to attain passports, so even today it's easy to forge identities for one of them to gain a passport - and be in full control. It just depends on what sort of angle do you want.

PH > Saudi Arabia

Are usual, but for prostitution it can work out because of the asian fetish deal but, filipinos love sex and usually has a lower demand compared to your eastern european women.

There isn't much drug trafficking happen either by flying around in SEA. It's all by non-identifying boats to cost guard and submarines from China, Ph, Indonesia. In certain parts of the islands the difference to another country is just

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>have snow stuffed down your throat
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Singapore is heaven for this

from shipbuilding to nanny

heck the government even treat their citizens like slaves

you won't hear it because the citizens are afraid to go to jail

So you have seen taken?

How many of the 1.2m do you think are in turkey?

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This smells like an Fbi thread

Homie, the FBI are mainly here and /pol/ so just assume they are here 24/7.

Why do so many anons have an intimate knowledge of the slave trade? Is this thread a big larp? Or has Veeky Forums attracted so many people that the 0.01% of the population involved in human trafficking is represented here across two separate posters?

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>has Veeky Forums attracted so many people that the 0.01% of the population involved in human trafficking is represented here across two separate posters?

>Is this thread a big larp?

>he doesnt work in the slave trade

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nah the FBI's in slave procurement, not market analysis

Ausfag here, why do we enjoy a high slave rate? What industries are they mainly used for and is it too late to buy in?

that sounds more like CIA territory to me

buy bitcoin then
buy slaves with said bitcoin

no, because prison labor, get it

oh.. right

also, if you took prison rape into account, you could probably make a case that the DoJ is the largest sex trafficking organization on earth. UNDERAGE sex trafficking, too, if you count juvie and people who got tried as adults

create a blockchain dapp for owners to keep track of their slaves

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Ok but how do I buy one and what is the upkeep like? Can I rent to own? How is the secondary market for reselling used products?

enjoy burning for a very long time for your crimes

Aussies what the fuck is wrong with you?

Retard chart maker included AUNZ in with all of asia

Stop avoiding it, why do you cunts enslave this many people?

All our Thai sex slaves bro

Australia is being lump into "Asia Pacific"

Anyway all this sex trafficking sex slavery stuff is totally overblown and exaggerated by special interest groups, in order to continue justify funding.

I remember when I was living in Thailand there was this American Christian organisation that went around to the red light districts to "save the girls". The girls used to take advantage of them to get free stuff and laugh behind their backs. These girls chose to work as prostitutes and can leave at anytime. They don't need saving.

Anyway I figured that this group were essentially missionaries that tried to convert the women from Buddhism to Christianity, under the guise of saving them from prostitution. Pretty pathetic and the employees spent a lot of their time in Thailand holidaying and partying funded by American taxpayers. Holier than thou scammers.