Depression is coming back

depression is coming back

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try taking 5HTP

nice blog go back to your containment board and never return ty.

i heard its bad for you long term

you don't have to take it everyday just take it a couple days when you are feeling really low

Got dumped OP so I went to my Veeky Forums roots and am currently browsing between sets at the gym. Join me.

Same here. iktf

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Watch some comedy flicks. Rush Hour 2 is a good start

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>depression is coming back

Be cool. Last week I dumped my GF o the last ten years and cut my crappy relatives off People are shit. They just are. I don't miss them and aside from this board I don't communicate with any beyond simple retail buying. I have soundproofed my home so I cannot hear humans and am finally happy. I would be most pleased if I never saw a human within a thousand meters of me ever again

so's breathing

other people
= fear, betrayal, theft, manipulation, bullying, cruelty, sadism, cheating, lying etc

no other people = peace

choose peace

I can completely agree with that

Peace, and a quiet Asian mail order bride which barely speaks English and does your laundry for you?

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Enjoy your early onset dementia.


Same here brudda

go on 9gag

>Enjoy your early onset dementia.

OK I will and I'll be far safer without people around. My dream is to live far inside a mountain or deep underground and just close the door. Nothing good come from other people. Ever the very moment you start to interact with them they being trying to steal,lie,cheat and the worst thing you can do is trust anyone because it allows them to really fuck you over, which they will. I have money to life the way I want and that is with no people. I like silence and no longer live in fear. Don't fight it go with it.

Work out and get the fuck off the internet. I'm sick of you sad faggots.

get a job faggot

This nigger gets it.

buy mobius sir, you'll cheer up once you go to moon mission sir,

>Work out and get the fuck off the internet. I'm sick of you sad faggots.

I am very fit and have ha wives and children and women. People are basically evil an should be avoided, get as far away from them while you can and you will know real freedom. The les you see or speak to people the more you become yourself and money lets you do that. There may be not evil people but they are very very few. I have seen people murdered, beaten, tortured, betrayed, cheated on, have everything stolen from them. Other people are just bad news and at best they should be feared and avoided

Do you live in some 3rd world hellhole my friend?

why do you thing the rich built castles? to keep people in or out? Why do you think it is the poor that live crammed together forced to interact with others constantly. Peace is not women or children, just because they have your genes does not mean that this society will not twist them into being horrible animals too, it starts when they are teens. No people = peace, safety, no fear. I would rather die on my own than in fear of the person next to the bed. Only young and stupid people don't understand what I am saying but even stupid people learn this when they get old. If you tell someone you love something they will try and take it.

>Do you live in some 3rd world hellhole my friend?

I was a soldier once but marriage and children just confirmed for me that people are bad. Get away from them while you can, the worst of all are family there is no good in them either, just toxicity and jealousy and greed and rivalry.

leave the house, go to the gym, breath some fresh air... find a hobby that requires you to go outside and be around other people

>find a hobby that requires you to go outside and be around other people

you are an idiot.

Ironic shitposting done right for a change.

definitely not depressed though

lul thank you
no one else noticed
im glad my work was acknowledged

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>definitely not depressed though

neither am I. Not having people around is quite good that way

same here, for a while there i forgot that im an autism master stuck in a dead end job with no friends and no gf due to the crazy amount of gains we were experiencing. now that ive been JUSTed really hard and the moon missions are gone its all come back to hit me like a truck

someone put me out of my misery please. would the travel meme get me out of this shitty depressive state? does anyone have experience with this?

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fuck that bitch.

I prefer night-time also as guess what...less chance of hearing or seeing people

You really hate people, and yet here you are, interacting with people.

People that post on Veeky Forums hardly qualify as people.

>You really hate people, and yet here you are, interacting with people.

Try and harm me.

Tell me if it worked

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