Literally does everything bitcoin does but cheaper and faster

>literally does everything bitcoin does but cheaper and faster
>just as widely accepted and used as bitcoin is
>never forked
>lack of developer autism
>code is so advanced and stable the creator is now focusing 100% on the real world issues like increasing adoption by actual people and businesses

bitcoin will never beat this

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It's based on faith and acceptance not what is superior.

Sure I could go out and make a cooler looking dollar but it's still going to be shit.

Litecoin will never amount to anything because it's just bitcoin but fast. At least ETH has a chance or some of these other new tech coins.

When the creator said he sold or " donated" his coins, you dump that shit asap. Sorry you missed selling at the ATH

And garlicoin being a better fork of LTC...

Every fucking thread with this meme

its not even that

crypto in general is a shitshow of speculation

a big bubble. im not saying it will never be useful tech or isnt useful tech, its just that there's way too many greedy fucks and too much exuberance currently

litecoin just isnt as known

Fuck off, this coin is irrelevant

I’m 95% in LTC

Ethereum is the way to go. We need Smart Contracts for projects like this

It also costs a lot less to utilize.

the only crypto with actual use and adoption in real world is Vechain

that charlie chink faggot really fucked up LTC, it had a chance to take over both BTC and ETH...and he dumped it when things were about to get amazing. fucking peice of shit chink. i lost a lot of money on LTC, my sister also entrusted me with my advise, and i told her to buy LTC when it was at 185, thinking we would be only going up from there. yeah will it went up then came crashing back down, and now my sister hates me

The mere fact that idiots like you even cared this much about his investments is the best evidence that he was right to sell his coins.

60% in LTC and very happy. Every other coin I own has taken twenty times bigger shits. Litecoin is best coin

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Are you blaming the general crypto market crash solely on Charlie Lee? That's a stretch. Also, this is why you don't follow or take your investment cues from crypto celebrities.

> i lost a lot of money on LTC
How is this even possible? If you lose money on LTC, you might not want to be in crypto at all

1/3 each of BTC, LTC, ETH here. Thinking BCH might have hit bottom and considering getting some on normiebase now. Probably wouldn't accumulate more than I have in BTC, though.

top 3 coin

>never forked
Wrong. Litecoin Cash is a thing.
>just as widely accepted and used as bitcoin is
I can't buy LTC without getting BTC first anywhere in my country. If you have to buy BTC to get LTC, then BTC will literally always remain at least equally relevant.

I know Litecoin is objectively better than Bitcoin, but that's not all there's too it. Popularity and reputation also factor into people's choice of purchase.

I like litecoin too, but tone down the chilling please. This is getting obnoxious.

and nano can do all that even better :)

and then seashells appear talk about how hard it is to carry around a truck full of shells to buy a house and then mention that they have first mover advantage

easily 500-1000 this year (if crypto isnt a ponzi and doesnt crash)

lee is actually a genius marketing it as silver to bitcoins gold. i think it will be seen as ideal for investment firms because it will be viewed just as secure and stable as btc but much higher potential for growth. btc can only go so much higher in 1 year

Agreed user. 10k EOY. 100% in LTC.

nano doesnt have years of proven reliability/security.

that is a huge deal to big money.

not saying it wont do well, i have both, but to think nano will make ltc obsolete anytime in the next 2 years is pretty naive

Memes usually have truth in them, its how they go viral in the first place.

If lightning network gets rebranded as Lite Network, Litecoin could become the coin of it. Bitcoin as it stands has too high of transfer fees and takes time to send. Electricity usage gets worse as does the other issues as bitcoin rises in price.

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