Lets be honest, Veeky Forums, and especially Veeky Forums is just a toxic place in general...

lets be honest, Veeky Forums, and especially Veeky Forums is just a toxic place in general. the sooner you leave the happier you'll be, there's no one nice here, it's just endless insults and purposefully awful advice and just low quality trolling in general. What happened? this used to be place of joy and riches! I say we need to murder the last few pajeets then we can reclaim our homeland

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redditors started shilling this place.

It was always pretty toxic, but these latest waves of people have turned it from an ocean of piss into an ocean of battery acid.

The toxic people would be tolerable if 99% of the posts weren't complete and utter shit.

It seems as though it's overrun with dipshit 13 yr olds.


You faggots don't belong here. You self-entitled soyboy pricks miss the point

You're part of the problem posting this degenerate filth ruining people nostalgia. Kys

It is a low bar - but, it is still better than Dec

greetings fellow bizzy bees! I am what "we" call an "oldf*g"! I have some amazing ideas to help clean up this community and make it the welcoming place we all want it to be! Follow my tripcode to learn more!

Anyone who uses the word toxic to describe any sort of place, be it online or IRL, needs to be gassed immediately. Fuck off back to rebbit you cunt.

/b/ destroyed my innocence back in 2009. Veeky Forums is fucking nothing. Everyone here is actually pleasant, most people here don't want to kill themselves which is an improvement to say the least

>most people here don't want to kill themselves
goy, i

>Yeah. Right there. Eat my ass, bitch. Lick it loser. Who's the king of all saiyans?

i wonder if the dude who drew this sleeps well at night knowing he drew this shit lol

Twitter or reddit are by far more toxic

It's cancer now with the half ass FUD. If it wasn't for the FUD and shilling, this place would be alright.

>The sooner you leave

You don't leave. Ever.

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Get out of here with that tripcode, NIGGER!

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frieza is hotter than vegeta

>that toxic chemicals plant on 198th sure is a toxic environment
nice try but you lose mate

the truth hurts


yeah but Veeky Forums is supposed to serve an actual purpose. instead its just crypto-flavored /b/

would be better with frieza
i said this twice but it's only because it's the truth: Android 17xFrieza would be good