The blockchain will assist in the end of the human race. I will explain

Bitcoin is actually the end of the human race. I will tell you why. Mining is just the beginning of the phase out of the human race. As you can see humans are actively building warehouses that actually look like the mining facilities in the movie(Matrix) which is quite hilarious. Also, the continued tweaks of how to use more energy to mine coins by integrating it in daily life will continue(using your computer to heat things etc.) Soon humans will start assuming that it might be a good idea to hook their body up to these machines to draw out actually energy from their bodies to mine coins..........however this won't be immediately noticeable. It will be subtle like using an exterior piece of machinery that tracks your running miles or so forth(look up walkingcoin). Body mods that draw little saps of human energy will emerge and then full fledged body farms will begin. Then the matrix because you faggots love VR so much and you need something to bide the time while these machines suck the soul out of you. Then machines will get A.I. and already assume you idiots are just energy bodies to use at their will. GOOD DAY HUMANS.

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No shit, that is why we are investing in it.

This is most likely true

How is this a bad thing redditor?

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Finally. Something interesting

the singularity is coming. it is powered by all the computing power behind proof-of-work algorithms. sentient AI created it to incentivize greedy humans to produce ever-more powerful computational capabilities to feed the AI unknowningly

xDd nice conspiracy theory
t. totally-non-AI

my body is ready

Gentle reminder that the Matrix movies were made by diseased tranny faggots based off a shitty comic book. If you liked them, you are yourself a diseased tranny faggot who should kill themself as quickly as possible.

>He doesn't know this has already happened.

We are just about to the point where we reach a dream within a dream.

What part of MY BODY IS READY did you not understand you transphobically obsessed cock loving faggot.

You're already living a simulation user. This entire recent progress of "technological development," as you might realize, is gently moving you towards that conclusion. Blockchain, AI and IoT suddenly appearing in your simulation is just a soft way of the simulation waking you up to the true reality. Youtube your social celebrity Elon Musk "simulation" he's already awake user.

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finally someone who gets it. Its on loop

it would literally take more energy to feed the bodies farmed than they would output

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More like they were onto something and got My ultra"d
It's not surprise the quality of their work went downhill after the whole tranny reveal and peaked with matrix

Pretty much this. Wake up people. The totality of your reality IS the matrix already. These bodies are nothing more than technological interfaces to trap the soul. It limits the infinite being. And OP is 100% correct in some fashion - transhumanism IS THE END GOAL. Then it will be MUCH harder to escape the matrix. This false illusory holographic world. The deception of the human mind system. Wake up to I AM WE ARE and break free from this duality matrix of polarization. There is no separation we are all connected.

So should I unironically kms
Realising myself from this vessel and let my conscience energy free

>) They will have universal coin that will be based on the human being so everyone is equal in pay but it will sapp human energy so we can all live neet life and let zuckerberg fuck all our women with robot dildos and we jerk off to virtual reality porno

and then in true reality there's a talking rabbit who wakes you up to truer reality

in the future we dont have to think anymore because of technologies. our brains start to degenerate. the only problem to solve this is to get back in time where we had real problems we had to think about ( virtual reality ). why 21st century? because then the shock wont be too much if you wake up.


Shut the fuck up you paranoid schizo and stop watching so many muhhh apocalypse movies. Take your meds and get back to watching anime.

>Implying we aren't already doing that and we are just coming full circle and then once we reach the point where we plug in in this reality, then poof, you wake finally wake up

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I for one welcome our new shitcoin overlords


Nah fampai, become awakened while operating your human interface. Karma is a lie, First Source has no debt system; don’t reincarnate those astral planes where it occurs was fabricated too. Don’t walk towards the light!! The cracks in the wall are showing up, people are peering through!!! Live the 6 heart virtues very simply in your behaviour and you will move along this transformation in which humanity will have a brand new inception point.

You are NOT this body. Your higher self exists outside of this matrix, outside of the etheric and astral planes even (which themselves are part of the control system). So you can awaken to YOU while operating this body. This body is simply a way to make an infinite being finite. However it is also a literal spacesuit in order to operate in this density. So awaken here because we need you fampai. ALL OLD THOUGHT WILL DIE. Religion will die. Good vs Evil is will die. Polarity and duality will die. Christ was an avatar that came here to help but his story was radically coopted. Wake up user.
>t. Wingmakers

So much this. I felt like I ascended the rabbit hole a bit when I looked into that. There is no other explanation than they power playing with the movie, big time. Also buy DGB.

Agree. Also Obviously you meant Mk*

I think you guys are still thinking too small. Continuity is an illusion. "You" are being constantly dropped in and out of experience with corresponding memories. The simulation is over as soon as it begins. It only lasted a second

IoT blockchains

Artificial Intelligence blockchains

Sidechains to link all blockchains

AI set free on a blockchain which is linked to other blockchains some of which are linked to IoT devices which will basically be our homes, cars, public transport.

I dont need to explain what will happen.

I thought this thread was going to be about immutable networks being the key to skynet

I'm gonna thrash your Roy score

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i aint reading that
the only way it could end the human race is by becoming so valuable that efforts to break its encryption drive technological changes that allow the elite to live inside computers after they die, essentially living forever, and eventually creating unfathomable technologies that make human race obsolete.
>It's just a fucking catalyst, get rich or stay poor

Yeah but I own DBC so the AI has to listen to me when I use my token so I’ll be saved. You should buy some too user or the AI will destroy you

Why get energy from living bodies if you can just burn it and get all of it? It is very inefficient and retarded to get energy from a living body that is very efficient because it evolved to save energy on the wild.

>each person has their own individual simulation in which they're the richest person on earth

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>not realizing that blockchain was invented by a rogue, rudimentary A.I. named Satoshi, and all of these companies are building networks of linked blockchains which will function as digital brain pathways/neural networks, and that we are literally powering the A.I.'s new brain through mining.

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>buy my bags

trump will replace the fed with cryptocurrency
everyone will think he's a hero because he defeated the bankers
in reality he will have created a biblical dystopia

just so happens that kushner develops rfid chips and indebted himself to buy 666 5th avenue

interesting. these are things i have been taught since I was a child and didn't think many others held these beliefs. what are your sources?

DBC confirmed as Cambridge Analytica

AI helped Trump win the '16 Election

DBC pumps just as the Facebook/CA scandal brakes out.


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The loop isn't infinite, it degrades with every level down

DBC confirmed /our coin

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Proof of Work is on its way out, but I do like your theory. Pretty good, I can see it happening.

yeah except one flaw retard, human bodies are terribly inefficient energy providers. that would never fucking work

Learn about centaurs

Good GOD

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I wish we could just live in a fallout type world or something. The modern world feels like a gigantic arcade or amusement park fuck this shit

Sorry to burst your bubble but this isn't feasible. Humans produce heat and radiate heat, but not so much that you could really harness it for power. It wouldn't be at all efficient given the necessary inputs of food and water. The nuclear power would be far more practical. So, no, the machines wouldn't use humans for power. It makes no sense. For brainlets: humans produce their energy from food, primarily glucose. However, the majority of that energy produced does not go to releasing heat. The heat is an afterthought, part of maintaining homeostasis to allow for the most efficient biological reactions. Most of the energy goes into powering our cells so that they reproduce, make proteins, power our brain, etc. Attempting power generation by harvesting human heat is ridiculously inefficient. You'd be infinitely better off just burning the glucose. And this isn't taking into account all the other foods and nutrients we need to stay healthy that have nothing to do with us generating heat.
tl;dr: ridiculous

this is hilarous. have my reply.

If you slowed down light particles to the vibrational frequency of solid matter could you have a solid block of light?

The end is nigh.

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May as well post something

PoW is here to stay and will outlast all other methods

the wachowskis got forced to get sex changes as punishment for the matrix retard

no, that is what matter is, there is enough energy in a penny to power everything forever, it's just extracting that energy that is the problem

The matrix movies are based on the allegory of the cave.
Also plenty of good things were made by faggots lik programmation language, the Sistine Chapel ceiling or la Joconde.

I dont give a fuck...i just want my 10k$ turn into 10 million $

That sounds like some Serial Experiments Lain shit.

Or some nice jewtrick to make you kys and sell your cryptos

Why the fuck am i getting trips?

reminder that you litteraly go crazy from using internet too much

So what happens after we wake up? Usually the answer is be a druggy burn out but that doesn't seem like much of an improvement.

OP knows shit!
That is true.
Imagine how ENERGY, how ELECTRICITY has sneaked into our lives, from first generators, replacing candles etc...
That is only since Jesus, since we stared to count years differently, we are going on different spacial axis - that's why aliens are rewarding us with new tech, but we are out of track where we should've been.

Remember - earth is flat!

different energy, /b/rother

Can you explain this further?

You are absolutely right, they have been punished! Personally I really enjoyed both Cloud Atlas and V for Vendetta though.

Is there really a need to tripfag in a metaphysical thread?

I'm glad we get the good ending.