I'm about to risk 0.5 BTC on a x25 long or short, what way should I go? dubs decides

I'm about to risk 0.5 BTC on a x25 long or short, what way should I go? dubs decides

will post proofs of making the long or short after dubs decides

trips = x50 leverage

t. degen gambler

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The market has shit it's self enough.

Everything down 50-75%.

Time for launch.

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50x long motherfucker

go long

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big shlong


go long if it drops to 8600

or if it breaks out above 9050

doing either right now is just a dumb gamble with no logic

there were no trips you newfag retard

Short. Everyone saying long just wants to see you lose.

shlingy shong


Bearish divergence so a short.



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And I better get some goddamn proof

no go lorngshler

looks shopped

lets see what happens with 9k first

welp, here I go.

proofs incoming

You made the right decision user, we've been on the verge of a 9k resistance breakout all day and it's gonna happen sooner rather than later

holy fuck being this newfag

oh boy here we go.
finally some action on here.
thanks op, these are always fun. gl

fucking faggot

why not just drive to Chicago and get gang raped by 6 niggers, faggot? It's less painful, more comfortable, and you'll loose less money. It's a no brainer.

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Better get some proof quick

Long senpai, good luck

another one larp the dust.

Get out of Crypto. This is not for you.

I think user committed sudoku

that sucks he would have had a big payday from that pump

user? anooon?
>fuck guys someone call an ambalnce, I think user went unconscious

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proof or fuck off

The price will drop and they’ll fuck you over