The Greatest Depression

How do you plan on surviving the (coming) greatest depression?


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great depression wont happen because they will just move people onto a new government block chain system where everyone gets an RFID tag

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Subsistence farming


Business will flock to Vechain go trim their supply chain inefficiencies and show off how much money they are saving.

It’s over, Vechain is going to 400 this year, and if you don’t believe it, it’s onky because you are too ignorant to dump your shitcoin or too lazy to do the research.

yeah? Exactly how much is Vechain saving them?



Shhh adults are talking

I was thinking
But farming works too

Do elaborate how it works

kill yourself pathetic gold shill

>Here lets pay tens of thousands of dollars so that we can run basic database queries in a slow decentralized network where we publicly broadcast our trade secrets.

I'm saying it'll happen in 2018, for sure 2019.

I can see the depression being so bad that we have to scrap the current economic system and switch to crypto currency.

The amount of growth we've seen in 2017 is absolutely insane. All of that because of tax cuts.
This is going to be really interesting

better start stocking up on non-perishable food and leaving some extra cash on the side, 2008 was fucking nothing

I imagine cryptos will melt too though as big investors withdraw to try n cover real world assets evaporating

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Crypto is so new that we don't really know what will happen to it.
But it's a bet against fiat so I could only see it gaining in a crash.
Especially with how low the market cap is is comparison.
No one really knows though

use my money from LINK once it moons to go all in on btc. the jews will intentionally crash the whole house of cards around 2020, or maybe as early as 2018

I'm getting 14 months away from the graph overlay... so May/June 2019.

buying crypto/gold means shorting fiat

probably kill myself

Hopefully by the time stocks might crash, a move to crypto will be much better and more comfortable when working products our released. By 2020, we should be able to buy everything we buy now with credit cards and checks with crypto. Smart contracts will be ready to go and a lot of the coins will have established working relationships with corporate, big, and small business. Crytpo backed banks in full gear.

I can't see it going up from here, but we'll see
I think we might crash before crypto is ready for it.
But the tech is developing pretty quick

Crypto does sound like a solid choice and by my calcs crypto will be bottoming out a couple months before this collapse should happen... making it line up pretty conveniently

Yeah could very well happen a lot sooner

May/June 2019 is exactly when I think the next bear market will start, and last for a year or so. My guess is major volatility for the next few weeks/months and some attempt at a pump up to new highs at some point, not sure if we will get it though. Maybe we'll hit S&P 3k first and then dump.

VIX & Gold

>How do you plan on surviving the (coming) greatest depression?
Try to make money in crypto until then, then use the money to buy the stocks and housing dip.
If I get lucky I won't have to work ever again.

I've been waiting for the big one to happen for more than 10 years now. I've known it was going to come for at least that long maybe longer. I was convinced it would happen years ago, and it still hasn't. I think we are very very close now. However, I think you are both underestimating the amount of time remaining. My projection is 2023. Could happen as early as 2021, but I don't think it will happen in the next 2 years.

A crash would lower the prices to levels where consumers could jump in. It's all vaporware right now and the prices are inflated because of speculation and anticipation behind the technology. We can buy things with bitcoin and XLM. We can send money anonymously with XMR. But we aren't at the point where crypto is the main currency.

Paper money won't be an issue. You print out QR code forms. We're still gonna have paper mail I'm sure. The old ways are dying now though because of technology. And it was only just yesterday logging onto the internet using our corded phones.

fleeing the country like I'm on some Frequent Wind shit

I'm like 90% real estate so I think I'll be fine

>I'm like 90% real estate
oh come now, you're joking right? You think the RE market isn't in another bubble right now?

Hold fiat to buy all the shit on discount.


There isn't going to be a crash. At least not any time soon. Economy is strong, companies are growing, job market is expanding, corporate earnings are increasing. Things are looking up. Stop listening to doomsayers like Peter Schiff and others who continue to (incorrectly) proclaim that the end of the world is imminent.

The biggest risk might be the huge amount of government & private debt, but even that is unlikely to cause a major crash. Japan has been running a national debt more than 200% GDP for years now and they're doing okay. The US is much larger, has a debt/GDP ratio less than half that of Japan, plus the US has the world reserve currency. There's almost zero risk that people will stop lending to the US government. As for private debt, so long as the economy keeps growing, people will be able to pay that debt off.

Don't care what price it is because I'm not selling

They will essentially come in as saviors after the inevitable crash and offer us our enslavement through blockchain technologies. We will most likely accept peacefully... :(

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you should always have 10% of your wealth in precious metals

crypto will never go down against fiat from now on but when it starts to go down against gold sometime next year you need to re-balance with a higher percentage of your wealth in assets.
The ultimate asset to spend your crypto gains on would be fertile land and shelter that is fully capable of supporting a family off grid.
Financially support libertarian political movements and services
Don't hate other groups of people try to explain to people the danger of a centralized, government controlled cryptocurrency and the benefits of truly decentralised ones.
You should also use your wealth to support decentralization of the internet otherwise it is impossible to to interact with a blockchain anonymously

Blockchain will make it possible to ban purchases that can make you independent of the system. Never make your ability to transact dependent on biometric verification