Hire an Indian guy to create a website for me

>Hire an Indian guy to create a website for me
>He addresses me as "sir"

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tell him to do the needful

They do say that a lot. Funny stuff.

Indian people are very respectful. I appreciate that.

First they call you sir
Then they scam you
Then you go to Veeky Forums and call them pajeet

Don’t hire an Indian to build your website
Get Comcast xfinity

It's because they're so polite.

Indian freelancers are the worst. Be prepared to receive absolute shit.

I like indians and yet I call everyone on biz pajeets

Holy shit, just make your own website, it's not even hard. Pajeets will either scam you or do their best and make a really shitty website.

sir means fag in punjabi

That's just a fucking meme you faggot. Every Indian I've ever hired has completed his job perfectly like I asked, despite being paid little, and always been polite as fuck.

sir is the Indian for
'You are a cunt I am lying to and stealing from'

>That's just a fucking meme you faggot

unfortunately not. they are compulsive liars and will do literally anything for money, qualified or not

it's amazing how polite people are when they have to eat roadkill and carpet glue to live
we should totally import that here. caste system hell yeah

Never had a good one, overpromising underdelivering liars, my own fault for picking shit workers

And they need to be polite to compensate for their incompetence.

Don't get why pajeets get hated. One of the highest iq demographics in the US, polite, and pretty good cuisine.

Sir, I can make website for much cheap.

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>highest iq

I hope you are not for real. Everyone who had the pleasure to deal with Pajeets will tell you they're stupid as fuck.

so polite until they rape

they are the highest earning ethnicity in the USA...even higher than Jews.


Indian Americans unironically have higher iqs than jews and whites. Now, I will say this is obviously because of brain drain. But the point remains that most indian immigrants I've dealt with have been pretty nice people

Try living near them.
>don't do any maintenance on their homes
>never mow their lawn and let the landscaping go to shit
>drives down prices of every home in the neighborhood
>come from such a beta society that they let their kids run wild and go undisciplined for acting like a little entitled piece of shit
>makes the whole neighborhood smell like curry
>still don't understand how pumping works

If you want to live with shit pajeets have at it. I want nice, respectful neighbors that actually give a shit about the community they move into.

Checked. Had a handful of loaded pajeets in my fraternity in college. Unless they actually trust you, they will do everything they can to leach off you and will bounce the second anything is expected of them.

Sir is used for distance, not respect. It means I don't care about you and don't want to know what's going to happen when I fuck you.

Pajeet calling you “sir” is like an ugly fat guy calling a girl “m’lady”


you'll regret later sir!

paeets have te highest IQ yet can't fixx their own shithole

pls sir

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Holy fuck, thing about the kids is so true. Recently moved near Microsoft hq, Indians everywhere, and they let their kids run around and yell and scream and annoy everyone in public places, not even TRYING to stop it. How the fuck do they think that's ok

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Much better than being called "whitey" "whiteboy" by nigs

Idk I work in tech and there's a lot of pajeet managers and senior devs at work and they're all on top of their shit

>Joined a slack yesterday
>hello sir, welcome
>stupid pajeet saying hi to me
>pajeets start talking me about that coin even if I haven’t asked him
>Sir, if you have questions I’m here to help you
>was so kind that even if it was annoying I said “thank you” and for a fraction of second I wondered if in his eyes I looked unpolite to not call him “sir” too, maybe they expect it, Idk

He is gona be terrible

Top comment on that article unironically says this:

>Given East Asians higher visual spatial IQs, they lag Europeans when it comes to artistic design, creativity and character.
East Asians are very primitive when it comes to interior design. Have you ever visited a place owned by East Asians, whether it’s their home or business? It’s cold, simplistic, lacking in warmth or character.
Again, user should stop ranting about East Asians and their inferiority. History and Art have taught us just that.
The Mongols had the largest empire, surpassing that of the Muslims and Alexander the Great, yet, there was no exchange of information between East and West.
Furthermore, East Asians lack curiosity.
They do not even scale their own creations in Shanghai, because only Whites do that

Why tf are we so consumed with having constant dick measuring contests with every other group on earth about any and all topics. Why are whites as a group so insecure?

That whole middle section is part of the article comment

white prejudice virgins on this board

if you atleast went to a public school you should be somewhat normal

>And they need to be polite to compensate for their incompetence
100% this. I've got a pajeet coworker that's supposed to be maintaining an old server and some code, but he's clueless on how to do that so he often messages me on Slack. Makes me feel like a babysitter

Although u have those shiny dubs, that post was created by someone from Bangladesh “ .” I guess u can count them as second tier pajeets

We're not insecure, just fucking annoyed at colored people constantly talking out of their ass.

i am indian and i call everyone on Veeky Forums pajeet