Anons I can't take it anymore I'm depressed as shit and suicidal over this crash

Anons I can't take it anymore I'm depressed as shit and suicidal over this crash.

I had 8k of my savings in crypto and then it crashed and now I have 400 bucks. I am poor already and that is pretty much everything I have gone.

Wtf do I do. I am seriously considering ending it

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rule #1 - dont invest in crypto what you aren't willing to lose. hang in there user, you'll be fine. just learn from this and move forward.

Yes but no one listens to that rule. Not even Isaac Newton when he got btfo by a bubble

your life is only worth $7600? wow.

shit advice
this is why you will remain a poor boy

>hang in there

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please do kys, I'm tired of you r9k faggots who thought crypto was all about the bullruns and ez gains yet now you realize you did not even tried to do your own research and lost money like the literal nigger you are.

End it man, it would be better for everyone at this point, one wimpy depressed faggot less on this board would be nice.

user, tell us about this amazing portfolio that went 8k -> 400.

how is 8k -> $400 even possible? Story time


I wasalready poor and depressed this is just worse
Hey man I'm not black but I was hoping to see gains and not lose my savings
Aren't we all?
What's with the edginess? Bad day?
Portfolio was 70% already at end of January
I have 472 dollars right now

what exactly did you buy and trade? this just seems like a colossal series of fuckups.

3 shit icos
God fucking dammit

axpire? Did you let Veeky Forums shill you on them?

go all in on link, it will bring you back

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It’ll probably be a long time (8 months 11days) before LINK moons and OP sounds like he’s in trouble now.

Sir or madam please believe me when I say that I rarely post but your tale of woe is relevant to my interests. If only for a bump, I would like to say that you really should have done your research and even though ICOs are definitely the most profitable they are understandably also the riskiest. I'm sorry friendo but you truly have nobody to blame for yourself; even if we can agree that digitizing your entire fiat stack was the best course of action, you should have put the majority of your money in a stablecoin and slowly dripped it into your token of choice. Please sir, tell me, what were the ICOs?

Which ICOs OP?

try it at with a few rounds you are rich in a few days

Alright that's it. I'm filtering "depress*" and "suicid*". You sad, pathetic faggots are getting out of hand.

Link wont save us user

you can do that?

How new r u

been here a while but I never did much but read and post

then just wait.

I'll help you user, don't worry
You click settings then go to filters
Or if you have the 4chanX addon its slightly different
You can filter subjects, certain words, etc

Cool. gonna filter out "Blacked". enough of that shit already.

#1 rule of investing. Never invest more than you're willing to lose.

You invested in high risk assets. You gambled. You lost.


Listen I saw that video of that kid from r9k killing himself and it made me sad.

Please don't.

If you want cash buy LINK before the next bull run.


yeah apparently Veeky Forums is getting full of special snowflakes that need safe space

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Nigger Dick is their safespace

>he didn't go all in on QTUM at $11
not gonna make it

Not only that but he did it despite knowing that 90% of people lose money investing.

j-just keep hodling

Not a bad day, I'm just sick of you depressed faggots mistaking biz for r9k. You already have your own containment board ready for your endless self pity yet you specifically want to come here to be a faggot.

Just leave man, this is not business nor finance and you soy faggots are making similar threads every fucking single day.

XRP will save you.

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>8k of my savings in crypto to 400

no way you fucked up that bad
if you bought at the height youd only be doen by 60%

readalso 90%? I think you mean daytrading user, if you're gone come with facts at least make sure they're not wrong
filters have been a thing for years


Must mean it's $999 EOY

Whut? I was down 70% in jan. Impossible if you hold btc and eth only maybe pfft

so tell me about the breakup with your last gf user

Just take a look at Veeky Forums. I'm not saying i have the exact number but it does pretty much look like 1 out of 10 people made it and the rest are suicidal.

>not wanting to see cuckporn means you were cucked
Don't think so numale

hodl and wait you mook

you act like less than a dozen bad days outweighs a potential lifetime of fat gainz

I used half of my life savings which was more than I was willing to lose ($5800) and watched it collapse to $2500. I made early moves on good projects that seemed solid (research required but nothing too extensive) and watched that turn into $77k during the bullrun. Now I'm sitting at around $10k but you know what? Fuck it, because if you believe in the projects you're in and always persist, you'll eventually be favored and win. I'm broke too so I know how it feels, but just wait it out a little bit.

Buy REQ right now. Thank me later.

You mean
>track down and murder me later because you lost everything

I bet you love watching that cucked porn with a blonde on a nigger dick

do i buy or not

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Your call user. It's your money.

I'm not good at this though

8k is nothing

borrow some money and wash some dishes

you can make that in a few days later on once you establish yourself

learn2 daytrade and learn computer programming and or drawing and or game stuff

I sold, cleaned my room and went on a run (do this user). Jog, waddle or whatever you can do.

Get up fucker.


My room isn't a mess and Peterson is a hack for men without fathers

you should try meditating consistently. like everyday for a week and see how you feel

Since your mind instantly went there after you learned to filter threads on Veeky Forums I knew it'd be a nice sensitive spot to poke some fun at. Just a joke, user.

You literally brought it up

I can't imagine someone in crippling depression who has a tidy room. I'm not some Peterson NEET though. God speed user. Wish you the best,

Tons of different meditations to do, all preference really. A process-based one might work well for you though as it can be a distraction. Try Sa-ta-na-ma:
Ignore the corny website, this really helped me

Op, plenty like us. I went from 250k to 25ish today, didn't cash out. I have no idea why. Literally only recently realised just how much money I had. It didn't seem real at the time. My advice to anyone who does make it big is to cash out just temporarily and look at it in your bank account, then ask yourself how much of that you want to risk in crypto.

wait for poolerex

It is orderly because I have, uh, autism
If it works then I will try it

That is sad to hear
250k usd is life changing amount of money, but so is 25

I wasn't talking to you, stay out of this fool

If it helps you, your post is literally my story. 800 bucks to 8k to 600 bucks. Was going to tether up and wait for inevitable crash once I hit 10k but didn't get there in time. Feels bad.

I guess there's no other option but to wagecuck and throw as much as possible into crypto.

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You inclded me in the post

Well now you know your place

i've got a bad feeling about this scoob

you clearly were. you hit his post id. I bet you watch those, wishing you were a blonde chick sucking that nigger cum, faggot

this is so true
i had 50k in crypto at the height of the bullrun, watched it fall all the way to 15k like an idiot, feeling totally powerless. greed got the best of me

now my holdings are recovering a bit (back to $25k) so that's a plus

Should have bought ADA two days ago. You would have around 1k now. 10k EOY.

You should, retard.

The worse thing you can do now then is sell. It's not a loss until you sell, and in my opinion it's better to hold on to dead coins with the potential to rally a bit than to sell and have neither your money or you coins.

Unless of course you have already sold, in which case, tough luck. Invest in more stable coins next time. You learned an expensive lesson. Go get a job, earn some of that money back. $8000 is not a life-ending amount of money by any measure.

And if it makes you feel any better, my portfolio dropped $150k since its peak. I don't miss a single cent of that money. It's all just points in a game, and all that money will be back eventually.

Wtf is everyone about? Bitcoin is 8.5K
It was like 9.5K some days ago. How the fuck have people's portfolios diminished at like 90%?

Are people holding shit tokens or something?


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most likely they sell at a loss to FOMO into something else, only to sell that at a loss also, compounding their losses

or they just went all in on deepbrain chain or bounty0x at all time high lol

Hanging out with Sayori!

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A few things could have happened:

1. Bought coins during the mad frenzy in December and panic solid once it dropped below 10k, 9k, etc...

2. Bought shitty ICO's or altcoins with no real value when everything was mooning hard in December, only to see them drop like a stone come January.

People who bought in months ago are still sitting just fine, it's the folks who have only been in crypto since last December that have seen the 70% losses.

Just wait you lil' penis, it's been a few fucking months during a horrific crash

Markets have cycles. Not everything that happens is permanent for fuck's sake, godamn

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you gotta admit, it takes a special kind of stupid to go -95% ($8k to $400), even in this bloodbath of a market

he could have also lost it margin trading/gambling

I'll admit, I was watching and waiting too long during the market and fomo'd near the top and learned an expensive ass lesson by not understanding how to hedge or deal with liquidity issues among other things, but I've learned a lot more since then and have dabbled in swing trading to increase my stack again and gotten back about 12%. Hopefully that's breddy good in a bear market for a greenhorn trader despite still being at an overall heavy loss.

This just reinforces my guess that he is a new trader, kept panic selling or trading into shittier alts every time he saw his money bleeding out. It's also possible he repeatedly bought high and sold low on multiple occasions, FOMOing back in every time he saw a rally.

Anyway, I don't have any crystal ball on this, just making educated guesses.

I would watch the day trading, OP. Chances are high you will lose a lot of money trading, and that will make you feel even shittier.

Just take this one on the chin, $8000 is nothing to get upset over. Save up some money by working and buy into stabler coins when you are ready.

Yeah I lost like 25% and I thought I had it bad wow

>he can't name his shitcoins

low energy larp