There are people on this board RIGHT NOW that don't put relish on their hot dogs

>There are people on this board RIGHT NOW that don't put relish on their hot dogs

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Absolutely disgusting.

Ketchup only hot dogs master race reporting in

chicago style is the only way. any other opinion are not valid.

>there are people on this board that prefer hotdogs over brats

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>There are people on this board who put mustard on their hotdogs

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Are you 5 years old?
Mustard, ketchup, relish, onions you fuck.

putting the whole hot dog weenie in my mouth with no bread master race reporting in


s-stop laughing at me

Ketchup is fucking disgusting

Mustard + relish master race whos with me

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>not sauerkraut onion and mustard
nigger what are you doing

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>There are people on this board right now that can't appreciate a good hot dog thread

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Fuck you sauerkraut is gross

what is money for? to buy luxury goods and items such as hotdog

unless you make hot dogs at home, which I do occasionally, what place actually puts sauerkraut on one?

God damn it OP I already hate the faggots on this board enough as it is. Stop ruining it even more.

Mods please remove this man ruining a perfectly good thread from the area

/anything but ketchup/ reporting in

im lazy as fuck, sometimes i don't any condomints on it, just give me the damn bun and weiner and ill eat it, fuck ill eat it with no buns, ill just swallow the weiner straight.

kys you waste of life

Time is money, and im a business man that likes to save both. so give me a weiner and ill just swallow it

When I was a kid we had a local AAA minor league baseball team that ran $0.50 hotdog nights. Those were the best.

Look, fellas, all you need is mustard and sauerkraut. Unless you are literally camping in the forest, in which case mustard and ketchup will suffice. But the real important variable is the quality of the dog. And THAT is some you can't teach, it can only be learned one way: eating a great dog

>I'll just swallow the wiener straight

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if you need to put condiments on your meat, then either your marinade is bad or your meat is bad
you don't need to put shit on your hotdogs or hamburgers

i eat my dogs with mustard so spicy itd kill you

also, sage.

This. The most important thing is real fresh brats not crappy cheap hot dogs.

If you're in new england you gotta get Lamberti's hot sausages.

shit is cash.

relish, onions, cheese, chili, hot sauce, mayo, mustard

>there are people ITT RN who eat hotdogs


delet this

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The fast track to chad-dom is strippping those carbs

I put sauerkraut

actually when i get a hot dog from a gas station i usually just put the nacho cheese from the nacho cheese machine on it, then i throw some onions on it, sometimes jalapenos and eat it on my way to the register

Us enlightened folk know that slathering copious amounts of fructose tomato paste on a sandwich does not a meal make

sometimes I hold the weenie in my hand like a Popsicle and just suck it dry

i like the weenie juice

mustard and sauerkraut, where my bros at?

fucking no

>i like the weenie juice
me too, sometimes i like to boil them just so i can get some extra juice to suck on

Icelandic Hotdogs are the only kind that matter.

Look it up, burgers.

>not using mayonnaise on his hot doggies

Not bad but see my post...
Better than amerifat dogs at least

The Patrician Hot Dog: Ketchup, Mustard, Onions
All you need desu

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>Mayo on hot dogs

Amiritard detected

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bro you know im loading up the mayo on my dogs

Getting there... Still pretty good.

Its definitely a dutch way to eat a hot dog you stupid fuck.

Not burger, but mayo on sausage is an amazing combination desu, but it must be a good mayo brand, not a shitty one.

>not having ramsaycoin and jackcoin in your portoflio

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based anons, mayo is god tier. add hot sauce, relish, onions, ketchup and mustard. on a spicy brat of course

>relish, onions, cheese, chili, hot sauce, mayo, mustard, ketchup
Thats exactly what they do in Mexico. Seriously.

that dog has relish on it you fuck. add relish to your list and you have the perfect hot dog.

>Eating Sauce
>Of any kind

I don't eat soyce. I eat my sandwiches plain, no butter, no sauce. Same for everything else.

Sauce is for men who can't appreciate the taste of the food they're eating.

Why the FUCK would you put sauce on anything?

what about cereal sauce?

As long as its NOT sweet relish, no fuckin way!

Wtf is that? Americans put SASUCE on their cereal too? WTF is wrong ewith your country
Do you put sauce on your water?

>He's never heard of cereal sauce

You're fucking retarded. Sauce IS food.
On a side note idk why this thread hasn't been deleted yet, but I'm ok with it.


look it up dummy

> there are people on this dog that eat the mushed up conglomerate of pig anus and chemicals squished into a tube

Hot dogs are filthy filthy food. Unironically Haram famalam

>order me a dog. Plain

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Hebrew National dogs, they're Kosher.

Soyce is extra topping for muh flavour
You put ketchup on water?

I don't eat cereal anyway
Your ancestors ate human flesh


whoa dude holy shit

>cereal sauce on a hot dog

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>implying I'm going to look up an "Icelandic Hotdog" because some gay European guy on a message board told me to

costco, just ask for it

>never put any condiments on my hotdogs
>never have any sauces on my burgers
>never eat salads with any dressing

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>eats butter straight

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