Talal just posted in Telegram that due to regulatory problems they will be unable to receive a banking license and they...

Talal just posted in Telegram that due to regulatory problems they will be unable to receive a banking license and they will have to revise their roadmap again. They are unsure which direction the product will now take but you can expect a medium post later this week to explain the details.

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ah shit


Im holding 4.1k Jibbies, how many are you holding OP?

Gonna kms. Jnt was my only hope escaping wagecuckery

regulatory problems rustled your jibbies?

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So I just looked through the tele, why would you do that? Just go on the internet and lie?

No he didnt, this post isnt even fud, its a flatout lie.

OP, thanks so much for getting the news out. I was able to dump for only a 33% loss.

amazing post, perfectly crafted

Most FUD is a lie or at least misrepresentation. This is top notch FUD when someone first sees it


>cucked by regulation
Top kek

yes, yes. his whole family too

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never forget. Bin Laden had tokenized his funds with Jibrel

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holy fuck

laughed so hard.

JNT is tanking right now. looks like insiders know something others dont.

literally goes +5% every day.


telegram is panicking haha

JNT is flat in fiat value, tanking vs ETH

Yeah I saw it too. He deleted it no long after. I guess that it should have been posted with the announcement

post the sauce nigga

srs ?

need that source people

You niggers are too easy to fud. No you fucking morons. Talal hasn't been online since 7 hours.
> Muh just posted

I have read the article too...there was even a tiny part why and how JNT is useless as a token and they will later on just abandon the token since the Network doesn't need JNT to work.
Clarified a lot of things

holy shit it's real... what the fuck? i thought they were actually in talks with several banks already? something about talal being able to take his pick... how the fuck can you do that without a fucking license?

top fucking kek i can't believe this shit, every fucking coin i invest in gets btfo. fuck it i'm going down with the ship. not selling

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I'm pretty sure this is a scam. I'll sell when it reaches Binance, which should happen anytime soon.

Source: friend working at Binance. He doesn't know the exact date, but JNT is going higher and higher the in priority list, currently sitting 3rd place with 15% chance of being listed vs all other coins

Never trust arabs

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JNT is one of the boring holdings right niw

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made my day

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jesus christ some of you retards are so gullible it's insane. Yeah, better trust some random FUD on Veeky Forums without any proof lmao

Prove them wrong.
>Pro tip: you can't

suck my dick nigger, if you make a claim it is up to YOU to prove your argument. There has been no update from Talal. Prove me wrong
>Pro tip: you can't

lol tfw i spoke to talal and he said stfu you smelly nigger and post proof

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