I think my gf is going to break up with me because I cried when I saw the Pope...

i think my gf is going to break up with me because I cried when I saw the Pope. In the Vatican the chants are haunting and beautiful and he looked right at me and I just got overwhelmed and teared up bros

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This isn't your blog. Also, that mother fucker is the antichrist

The pope is a spic (yes, I'm aware he's Argie, but a White spic is still a spic), you deserve to left for loosing it in front of a lesser being.

My wife told me today that she wants to separate and maybe divorce. Because I'm a shit husband and I don't' want to go outside and just stare at charts all day, She's a really good wife and she's hot too.

How fucked am I? SHould I sell my cryptos?

Spaniards conquered the world and you call their descendants a racial slur like it invalidates centuries and centuries of history...

>Also, that mother fucker is the antichrist

Looney protestant detected. You're the antichrist user, you are



He's probably an uneducated American that thinks that the Maria that cleans his toilet is the same people who conquered a quarter of the world, drove the Islamic Moors out of Europe and then later under the guidance of De Rivera and Franco fought tooth and nail to keep the commies out of Europe as well...

Just because they speak the same language (albeit a horrible abomination of the proud European tongue).

post your wife man. Come on

>Falling for the anti pope
>Thinking your GF isn't already cheating your sorry ass and getting proper chad dick

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what cryptos? you mean that unknown amount of monero you have?

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oh you're funny m8 but yeah that crossed my mind... I don't think she's after anything except a better life for herself. My attitude sucks and I hate going outside. I know it's hard on her bu we're really not missing anything.

what do i do user?

Obesity yuck

why would you save that pic

There we go.

only you can know if it can be saved. there's a decent chance if she's actually good and you really want to keep it together you could do it by putting forth effort to do stuff with her but really making a change. only you can know this despite the people here telling you otherwise other than than I don't see why you'd want to take a bearer asset the other parties don't know the full information on and turn it into a bank account which will be highly visible and able to be seized easily.

my ex gf's sister was baptized by the pope (like 20 years or so ago)

I don't think she wants money she just wants to be rid of me. Can't blame her honestly. Anyway thanks man I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and love her more than ever. Bless you sir.




Nope it's too late anything you thought you had never existed and is gone now. Kissing ass will just be a waste of your time and dignity.

did you cry because your butthole hurt

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>stormfront conspiracy theorist that think everything of importance in Europe was Nordics sneaking around the continent... not just diverse ethnicities of White people

Thanks just molested 100k

Deus Vult!

Deus Vult!

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Ave Maria!

more pls user-kun

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I would cry too if I saw Satan in the flesh.

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Benedict hasn't been pope for 5 years, you fucking retards

my dad is knight commander of the Order of St Gregory the Great. still hasn't bought the suit/sword. I would be larp central

who are the boots made out of?

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Look at Satan incarnate

man if that picture doesn't scream satan

The last true Pope was Pius XII.
You wept for for a heretical globalist.

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All in monero

Son the nordics were still wiping their ass with their hands and fucking their sisters while the spaniards where builing some of the most beautiful architecture in the world under Moor rule

that nigga chiseled dicks off statues

I hate the Pope so much, he often gets involved in Italian politics by promoting the open-borders agenda even though it's not his fucking business.

Devout catholics and leftists are a cancer in Italy

Catholics are the evilest!!

This is exactly what is wrong with Catholicism. They act all unified and shit but meanwhile they call each other heretics behind the screens (and anyone who is not their specific Catholic denomination is also a heretic)

Anyway OP, you are right. The Vatican is beautiful. I hope you are not a American though, they were so cringy when I went to Rome

Overheard in Roman tram:
>You know, the Lord really spoke to me today
>That's amazing, Matthew
>By the way, it's hard to get a bad meal around here isn't it?

Child sacrafices

>crying because this looked at you

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Ahh, the syaff of Baphomet. I knew they had it, just didn't think that they would actually be using it.

>yellow underwear


Thats the throne of hell!!

Saged and reported. Enjoy your ban u fucking faggot

Do the protestants that post this pic know what christianity actually is?

Normally I'd say that's a fair enough reaction if you're a serious Catholic but with this 'Pope'?

In your defence, Bergoglio is the Antipope so you probably felt Satan's gaze when he looked at you which is also acceptable reason to cry.

She’s already fucking someone else. Sorry man.

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Worshipping shitskins who rape your daughters?