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get in.

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Coin is dead. Major clamp down on ICOs, they will be regulated the hardest, and no new coins will launch that will survive. Market is saturated. We now need 99% of coins to die so the 4 with actual uses remain.

One last ride lads

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Fuck I was watching Ethereum all day. Finally take a shower after a week, come back and it's popped up by more than ten bucks.

Yeah yeah - Stop-Limit order. But Ive been burned too many times by failed breakouts.

Coin can't die. It's the future of money. You can't stand in front of the course of history yelling "stop!"

Worked pretty good in Iran

>Future of money
You mean xlm?

jesus user, how much autism do you have?
hope you make it, seriously.

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Bogs are nicely done, other sucks

We coming back! 1400 speed climb

I'm in you guys

All in lads

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Scamcoins will still be available through unregulated offshore ICOs for those playing at home, but the type of money people give a shit about will finally be able to enter real projects over the safety net of regulation. For poorfag traders it's probably bad news because you will never be able to buy into the gold seal coins cheaply, so say goodbye to your 100x rockets, it will all be priced in before you're given an opportunity.

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I bought in last night at $518. Feeling super fucking comfy right now.

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some of the biggest market cap coins are still based on Ethereum: EOS, Tron, Ven, QTUM, OMG, ICX. BNB, and on and on. Ethereum aint going anywhere.

I was day trading ETH all day. My last order was a sell @ 561. Woops

Mine was 558 sell. Jumped back in at 571 when I noticed what had happened. Could be far far worse.

You are making the same mistake as i was with neo a couple days ago, when i was debating on buying and staying in with my eth. Now i hate myself.

What will Ethereum be eoy? $1000 would be nice

it will be 4k

Sounds like you need to get #beyondtokenization