How much ETH would you pay her?

How much ETH would you pay her?

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Just imagine what her BRAPS smell like...

oh man

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shhhh... whales accumulating

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that’s some gorgeous mental illness

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my kind of thread

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1 to kys

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God dam

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Keep ‘em coming, these are sexy af

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I’d pay 1 ETH to keep her out of my sight for the rest of my life.

Human feces out there, user

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four titties? count me in

Of course it's a 56% niglet.

>goblino spawn
lel every time. Glory to the white race

It depends on how much ETH is affected by her gravitational sphere of influence.

She would probably need 3 ETH just to pay for lunch.


>these people were normal once

How would you kill that thing? This amount of fat must stop bullets

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Fuck bruhs I wonder what her tricep routine is

the prajeets though...'you bautiful' what the fuck are the planning to feed her to their extended relatives or something?


Explosive tipped harpoon, and a rowing boat full of men in oilskins

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>mental illness
Sadly, there's a ton of black guys that are really into it. It's so much easier to settle for a nigger than lose 300lbs.

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>no what?
>JUST no

I feel like you could mug her pretty easily, probably carries about .25 ETH of cash in her purse
Just grab the bag and walk away at a brisk pace and you'll be in the clear

Morbidly Obese women are the WORST.
They always have massive egos and are aweful people to be around, because they have realized that they never have to try in life, there is no negative consequences to their actions. They are like a spoiled child raised by rich parents and given everything. Even they they eat enough lard in a day to feed an entire village of african niggers for a month, and have no concern for their health or the lumps of lard hanging from their body, desperate men STILL shower them with constant attention, she;s still told daily how beautiful and great she is. The only negative consequence is her aching joints and early grave.

She could literally sit on the couch for 3 months, drink nothing but water, eat nothing - and within those 3 months be around 100 pounds lighter. Fat people have so easy compared to us /beanpoles/

>tfw thing for fat trannies
>tfw mutant

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Is this you user

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I would pay her at most 10 ETH to fuck off

Black man wasn't afraid to dick that down and cum inside.

very accurate