Oracle Zeason 2 - part 5 - skimletongs gone

wedge continue

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Hi z


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plz go


hi non

herstory update

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nuls when

Shhh skimpletong.

Maximum shh

Wedger form

Kill self

Am I allowed to go to bed Z?

I don't follow the meme series but why you vanished during the bear market after being wrong like always only to appear after recovery being pretty much confirmed?

Really put things into perspective

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NULS z hold EOY



non v loud

go bed

come tomorrow

rest and shh

Can we ban this stupid faggots threads ?????

z have bear post on twitter

not take to biz

skimpletongs not allow

binary thought

only mono

if z ever say bear

they freak out

thread become useless

check z twitter

z use eth short

couple days go

gan xie

hey Z, should I wait for a purchase or just go with it?
t. user who asked you for a beer once

You are such a larping faggot. I hate that crypto is full of trannies and queers

Thanks just followed your twitter


any other recommendation apart from NULS?
Have you looked into SUB?

ja ja

z almost 100%

opposite marinus

z like qtum

and itc too


you are mostly into platform coins, arent you Z?

pm z tweeter if can

v case by


Is z

From asia

Or australia