Now that the cryptomarket is finally recovering again I think it's time to accept that my wife cheated on me and...

Now that the cryptomarket is finally recovering again I think it's time to accept that my wife cheated on me and embrace the fact that my wife and the guys she cheated with are probably more happy than I am sad with this situation.

People make mistakes and nobody was harmed. I can finally heal.

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I'd be more happy than you to have your cryptos give em over cuck

Yeah what he said

kek what a fucking cuck, reported and saged.

Are you saying that I shouldn't forgive her? She's only human after all.

And the only guy that got harmed was me while quite a lot of people got happy. Just 1 guy got sad while a couple got happy. Seems like a net positive.

Enjoy getting walked on your entire life. Unless you aim to be Jesus or something, in which case you're doing a good job.

Your not wrong, do you want my honest opinion?

reported for a being an unman that gets off on his wife fucking other men

also sage in all fields

Actually, I don't even feel like being a dick. Your alot more valuable than you think you are. Those are small people, let them go. You will move one, just don't make the same mistake again. Know your worth, and don't settle for shit people. Even if it means being alone.

>that gets off on his wife fucking other men

I don't get off on this shit. In fact it made me depressed for a whole month. Too sad to talk about it even. The crypto pump right now makes me glad enough to try and find a way to recover.

>cryptomarket is finally recovering

kek..he is thinking its recovering. pamp it, make him fomo, damp it below 6k.

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Business and Finance, sorry

If bitcoin doesn't recover I'll genuinely kill myself or maybe even shoot up my entire house.

I had a GF man, 1 beautiful year or relationship and then she goes and fucks someone else.
We split, she then comes back a year later literally begging me to forgive her and take her back, I did so and stayed 5 more years with her, but the truth is, it was never the same again, I cheated on her countless fucking times and to this day I don't feel an ounce of remorse, we where on vacations and she left 1 week before me, the very next day I was already fucking on the same bed she told me she loved me with all her heart. Finally decided to dump her in October, she was devastated. Bitches reap what they sow man, she took my heart and I took her prime years, I do not wish her a shit life to be honest but I could not care less if she ends up being a cum dumpster either.

Realize you are worth more than any bitch and just fucking move on, just improve yourself

That's the spirit, OP

All these gay ass cuck threads are really killing my buzz right now senpaitachi

Anyways I banged out my gf tonight and she complained cause I was hitting her cervix? Is this real life lmao

I am drunk

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Fucking sucks man, but I think more people need to realize this aspect of forgiveness.

You honestly only get one fucking chance when it comes to honesty and trustworthyness. If you break it once with someone, there is literally 0 reason for that person to ever genuinely trust you again, or give a shit about your word.

I feel like you weren't in the wrong. Fuck it, she got a taste of what she did to you, and now both of you are even.

damn that was me in highschool for a time

I am the guy fucking your wife faggot and Im.not going to stop anytime soon

Yeah I really don't feel particularly proud, if someone would read what I said and called me a fucking piece of shit I would take because I know I was exactly that to her but just as you said, you have only one fucking chance when it comes to genuine trust and empathy, not to sound corny but I thought she was the one and I had the worst depressive episode of my life after knowing my "soul mate" was fucking someone else behind my back.

Call it a reality check, never depend on someone else, rely only on yourself when it comes to happiness and well being.

Eh I think the one fucking chance thing is true only of serious shit like faithfulness in relationships.

But yeah, its not like she has a lot to say if she finds out.

Why would you even say stuff like this. I guess it's normal for Veeky Forums.

>Now that the cryptomarket is finally recovering again I think it's time to accept that my wife cheated on me and embrace the fact that my wife and the guys she cheated with are probably more happy than I am sad with this situation.People make mistakes and nobody was harmed. I can finally heal.

People are shit. You won't heal until you realise this and avoid them.

>Are you saying that I shouldn't forgive her?

Absolutely. Because she's still fucking him while she plans an exit that takes every fucking thing you own. Been there. Forget it. It will never ever be the same and once a cheater always a cheater

>Why would you even say stuff like this.

Because he's fucking right. She will keep doing it

You moment of realisation

sad to hear your wife has been riding the cock carousel behind your back. I truly hope she hasnt been blacked on multiple occasions.

I hope shes sorry for getting multiple cocks stuffed in every orifice while you were busy and it takes allot of willpower to put this wanton deceit behind you.

Take comfort in that while she sucked some losers cock and took it up the ass multiple times behind your back you have taken the moral high ground.

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You didn't have to describe it in such detail, but thanks I guess.


>You didn't have to describe it in such detail, but thanks I guess.

Time to start hiding assets before it gets legal user. Plan your exit NOW.

what about herpes? nobody heals from that shit

>Get cheated on
>Seek help in moving on and making the best of the situation
>Jewish spyop

fuck off u retarded nigger faggot



I don't have herpes and I don't think my wife has it but I'm not sure.


How the fuck am I jewish if I got cheated on.

ive been through this so many times and the only word that scares me is "WIFE"

that means no matter what you do, what route you take, you will always lose because of the vows you are breaking.

im never marrying.

who paid for the vacay?

Don't forget OP every one of your partners will cheat on you because you cannot take a stand, and you'll never find true love or happiness

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Should have beated the shit out of her when u found out.

Got a m8 in aussieland who knew his wife was cheating on him but instead of confronting her about it he pretended all was fine to catch her in the act, he beated the shit out of both with with a pipe he happened to be holding when he went inside the house, he served 1 year on probation and the dude was in hospital for almost a month, his ex wife had both arms broken.
He wanted to kill em but realised it wasn’t worth it.
This happened 10 years a go tho, nowadays you would probably be castrated for yelling at her kek.

Did you get rid of the bitch?

Not yet. She is saying she is sorry and will never do it again and I'm still on the fence if I can actually trust her.

I mean what if she is telling the truth and truly sorry. Then I'm willing to forgive her if it never happens again.

just fucking kill yourself and get this pussy shit off this board already

Switch to monero and cash out of your marriage.


Not all of my assets are in crypto sadly. And I can't cryptonize my house.

Collect as much proof as you can that she cheated, in case of a divorce. Don't be afraid to call her out on her whore actions if shit hits the fan. An unfaithful wife like her should get absolutely nothing in a divorce. She fucked up, hard, remember that, and know that you owe her nothing.


That's assuming she isn't actually sorry. But if she was actually sorry why would she lose respect?

Where I live (Europe) cheating doesn't waive your wive's right to 50% of your property on breakup.

Human beings respond to incentives. Your wife already cheated on you because she knows there will be no consequences for her behavior. You are, in her eyes, a weak beta faggot who won’t get mad or do anything if she does something that bothers you. The fact that you didn’t even get angry, you got depressed for a month, is confirmation for her, that you wouldn’t do anything to her for cheating.

A few other things:
1) you’re a virtue signaler. Why else come on to some random internet board and post about your experience. You want others to see how virtuous you are by not reacting to your wife and forgiving her.
2) you’re using forgiveness to hide the fact that you CANT act in any meaningful way to affect your wife’s behavior. Spotting people like you is easy as fuck because there are so many of you nowadays. You’re like the weak soy leftists who claim to be for peace but actually they are so weak they could never fight even if they wanted to so. Their “peace,” position on world affairs is a projection of their internal weakness. In other words, they have to be for peace because if they knew war or fighting would come to their doorstep they’d be fucked.

I hope you're fucking larping OP

Go get a machete and chop the smelly fuckin fishy whore into little pieces

My part with my own earned money, her part with daddys money lol

Hey! Veeky Forums is supposed to be safe-space for all! Pipe down mister!

lol she abandons you when shit gets hard...
"life partners", my ass...

and there's the voice of light in these depths of dark that Veeky Forums is, nowadays.
listen to this man... greatness knows no jealousy...
it was her decision... now you make yours to not let her play you...

just. move on...

oh, and you better "lose" most of your crypto gains in "bad calls" that just all happen to have been investments in privacy coins and you lost the documentation...

>sorry mr. jewberg mc. lawyerstein... only 10k for you and the bitch wife

Get the fuck out OF HERE.


You didn't because this is a LARPing board.

Excuse me OP, Id like to fuck your wife if you dont care

Forgiveness when she hands over the photos of her with another man's dick in her mouth. You didn't believe her when she said there were no photos?

i used to be left side...
best friendship ever...
some chads are literally born leaders and the best friends you will ever make... (1 out of 100, tops... power does corrupt most of them, after all...)

on the off-chance you're reading this:
i love you, Ch. (yes, his name actually started with ch kek)
keyword: "G2NOTR"

now i'm semi-chad myself due to lucky late bloomer genetics, but i feel disgusted when i get interest from the average roastie, especially when they do it it's because usually they think they're more attractive than my gf and it's essentially just an ego contest...

pisses me off to no end. no honor. no love. just fucking vampires...
good for a pump and dump, nothing more...
if you're still young enough and are beginning to "chad" into your grown up body in your 20s...

heed my words: stacey is not worth it... not ever...

i'll stay with my loyal chubster, thank you.
at least they empty your balls without much fuzz, as long as they get off plenty, too...