I know Crypto is exciting and keeps us busy, but sometimes maybe it keeps us too busy.
Don't forget to have a glass of water user.

Bump this thread if you are having a glass of water.

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I hate it when I piss and it's anything darker than light yellow. I drink 80 oz or more of water a day.

I try to drink 3 liters of water a day. It keeps my brain working at its optimal level. I have also found it makes anxiety go away.


stainless steel double wall insulated tumbler with 30 oz of water and ice keeps me hydrated enough to fuck your bitch and spread a full load on her face

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Have a drink Veeky Forums

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Don't forget your electrolytes, too.

People these days (Americans, at least) have no problem getting enough sodium, but you need potassium as a balance, and this is not well known. Eat a banana!

Personally, I take a quarter teaspoon of No Salt salt substitute in the morning with my vitamins.

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La Croix flavored, fizzy water right now as i post. Bump.

I'm the opposite of this I always continuously drink water. To the point that I go to the bathroom every 20 minutes and my piss is completely transparent like water.

That's because you drink so much water that your body can't absorb it completely so you actually are pissing out water which makes your piss slightly thicker. No wonder it feels so good!

Or diabeetus


Drink up boys.

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I stopped drinking water and switched to Powerade at the beginning of the year (for my new year's resolution). I've been on god-mode ever since. Fuck your fluoridated caveman fluid.

My man! I did a sober month in February and discovered how crisp and refreshing that shit is. Nothing makes you feel more like a twink than showing up to a super bowl party with a 6 pack of berry La Croix

Fuck off back to 9gag.

I never drink water. What kind of third world country do you live in that you drink plain water?

I am drinking my glass of water at work.
Some random drunk pajeet tried to enter our hotel saying he was a guest (UK, 5 AM)

How fat?


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Wait, so I should be eating bananas????
How about a potassium suplement?
I've had too much sodium today :(


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yeah seriously if youre not enjoying a nice coca cola you are a pajeet

Get yourself a coffee stainless steel bottle, fill it with water and keep it on your desk. Problem solved.

DAILY REMINDER: Beer is 90+% water.
The Inebriati control this world and always have.
Fermentation is the foundation of society.
Beer predates writing.

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So do demons user and that's all the company you will muster by drinking. Al ghoul, consuming spirits think about it