Who win ufc?

who win ufc?

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Bogs have an unfair advantage


Bogs in like two seconds is this even a question

You seen the reach on that motherfucker user?

If it's a UFC standard sized cage, his reach will work against him as it will literally be touching the other side of the octagon the entire time enabling the bogs to fight inside.

In a large bar I would say Sminem has a better chance.

Sminem would triangle tf out of bog

Good point


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Did the Bogs turn on Sminem?

new rule: bogs must fight 1v1 against based sminem - no tag team

Since Sminem’s powers have awakened he is unmatched. If he wanted he could destroy both bogs using only telekenis. But he has much more vision and a grander plan. When the time comes Sminem will trigger the Link Price Singularity (LPS) and take down the bogs, the Jews, Scientology, Putin, Trump, and the NSA.

matos is ref

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You know this shit is fucking working, I'm tempted to buy some with the dream you goys would shut the fuck up about this shitcoin


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Sminem, the ultimate warrior.

I just got off the phone with Joe Rogan and he said the Bog brothers are two of the greatest fighters of all time. He said they're "Unbelievably talented" and " in peak physical condition. But people always want to see Sminem in the octogon because he's got a really interesting style, it's extremely defensive and he knows when to strike; he's got a decade and a half of jiu jitsu under his belt included in all that".

Sounds like Sminem's the underdog in this one, but he's got a greater than 0% chance of pulling it off. LET'S GO SMINEM.

>what if during this ufc match sminem launches a devastating secret attack in the form of suddenly revealing his secret twin

sminem by ko via spinning elbow

god and evil in desk.

You edgy motherfucker.

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