I can't believe some of you idiots missed the whitelist for the best ICO of 2k18.

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These are the 3.
I promise.

That's what I was saying. If the mainnet which is coming with the ICO is really good, expect 5 billion market cap at least within a couple of months. The people here don't realize what they're doing and that they'll be the first. But of course they'll FOMO in later when he cap is already in the billions as usual.

shitcoin..no one will buy u r bags. come back after below ico and cry

Kys you pathetic pajeet. Whitelist closed in 5 minutes and the cap is 7M.

lol ill just buy at 14m


The locked up tokens will be used to mine, tho.

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Their foundation will mine like crazy. At least the more mining tokens you have, the more your gains will diminish, but still.

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Lmfao. First blockchain doing interoperability with a mainnet at 14m cap? Do you know what interoperability is and how important it is?

i'm waiting for them to release the code before the ico to see if it's legit, if it is, the best you can get it is x10 ico price and thats if the market is on a downfall, if stable this could do x50-100 right off the bat due to extremely low cap, mainnet launch and massive potential.

They said they'e been working on it for over a year and when you register it says you might have missed ethereum but you didn't miss block collider. They also said they didn't do any marketing because they think the product and code will speak for itself so they're really confident.

cu below ico prices

not important at all.

who will be the biggest users of blockchains....corporates

who will corporates use....IBM

why will they need interoperability between blockchains when they aren't even using one blockchain yet....they won't

Lol sure thing pajeet.

This is so fucking retarded. So pretty much eery coin out now including bitcoin is absolutely useless and crypto will go to zero. You're saying blockchain will only be used privately. Or are you shilling Stellar the shitcoin? By the way, interoperability is needed now for DEX's, smart contracts, ICO's just to name a few. It will be the next big thing similar to smart contracts. The stupidity of some of you on biz is astounding. Do some research.

I've got 2 emails for the whitelist with the extra 20% contribution, can't wait.

So basically that’s....ARK ? I think it IS a genuine project but they’re not interested in listing the tokens on exchanges therefore rather useless as a fast way of making money ( which we all aim for )

Its generally good to invest into ICOs biz FUD so hard on, they did it on Credits, ArcBlock and Tomocoin, called them a scam and will go below ICO prices, opposite happened. Grats to those who got in the whitelist.

Team said they're talking to exchanges. Trust me I've been in all the good icos. They always say very little regarding exchanges for legal reasons.

Finally a reasonable response. Respect.

take a look here for more details: spec-rationality.com/

and they're talking with exchanges, check their telegram.

>they’re not interested in listing the tokens on exchanges

I fudded their documents where they said that they are not going to list the main tokens, well I asked admin about it in telegram and the info was outdated, they are going to list it.

Only got in thanks to Veeky Forums shilling, well it is too early for thanks yet.

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I was the first to shill this in 6th of march, three threads no one cared to get into the early whitelist for an extra 20% contribution, and this was when the telegram was at 2000 people only. Asked their response comparing this to AION back in march 5th this is what the founder said.

I need to take a closer look at aion before commenting. I would say the key difference between Block Collider and its peers in thr interoperability space is its use of PoD as consensus methodology. This is an innovation unique to collider. As i see it there are several benefits of this approach, some of the more important ones:
1) does not require trust in validators. Thus staying true to the foundational promise of trustless blockchain technology.
2) low threshold to achieve interoperability. The collider consumes blocks from member chains it doesnt require them to make any changes
ust noticed this, met the Aion guys at Devcon. Well meaning team but its currently white labeled Ethereum instances. Will be interesting to see what the neural network (AI) deployment means when they launch it. And two btctrader' s point you and him are right they are not a multichain protocol but a platform.
asically the key difference is that AION isn't just an interoperability chain, it's more of a platform like Ethereum.

There are projects that focus solely on interoperability, ie ark, Cosmos and Polkadot. Would refer to the article in the pinned message for comparison between these 3 and BC.

Its not that no one cares. I was in the telegram when it had less than 100 members. No one wanted to talk about it before the whitelist. Now that it's over we can.

Well maybe no one else thinks like that, but thank you for your posts, so much bs here so have to appreciate if someone makes some effort, people like that are going to make it.

If i remember correctly, Aion, Icon, and Wanchain are in some kind of alliance. IMO they are important for the future, the problem is AION is not probably going to do much in short term.

>Now that it's over we can.

I too was so selfish that didn't want to get more competition before whitelist.

So I missed the whitelist ? When is the public ICO, any clues ?

28th is the KYC process, no current date for sales i think.

Ceats by dr.dre?

I'll just leave this here

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